The Average Nursing Assistant Salary & Inhibiting Factors

February 20, 2012

Nursing Assistant Salary

Nursing Assistant Salary

The nursin assistant salary is dictated by various factors, just like with any other career out there,  but statistics show that one can expect to earn between $25,000 and $32,000.

Factors That Inhibit the Nursing Asssitant Salary

Type of Facility – Where you work will no doubt play into what ones CNA salary is, which for examples sake the lowest nursing assistant salaries are founed in long term care facilities and the highest being found in specialty types of facilities like intensive care. This also includes how busy the facilities is as a busier facility will impose more demand on the CNA, most likely bumping up their salary.

Geography – Where you work in your state as well as in the country will also play into what you a nursing assistant earns. For example the state of Michigan has a median nursing assistant salary of around $26,000 whereas the city of Detroit which is one of the major metropolitan cities in Michigan has an average certified nurse aide salary of over $33,000. This can be the case for big cities like San Francisco as well as New York among many others, where salaries will be higher to coincide with the cost of living.

Shift – Due to the fact that CNA’s work all types of hourse, the nurse assistant salary can rise and fall slightly depending on what shift you are working. For example the CNA working the night or graveyard shift will most likely earn more than the CNA working the day shift, as well as higher pay for those working the weekend shifts.

Experience – The more experience ones pick up, the higher their certified nursing assistant salary will be, which also includes the ability to negotiate a higher salary to an extent as experience will prove that you can provide the best care possible related to those who are applying for entry level CNA jobs.

Accredited Education – For the most part, education from an accredited nursing program is demanded for CNA employment, although some states allow one to work as a CNA without obtaining their certification, which the individual with an accredited education and CNA certification will earn more than one without any formal training.

Continuing Education – Continuing education actually goes hand in hand with the nursing assistant salary as most all CNA’s are required to attain a certain minimum amount of continuing education hours every 2 years, which gathering more continuing education than the minimum may play a part in increasing ones CNA pay.

How To Earn A Nursing Assistant Salary

The average nursing assistant salary may seem low, but considering the fact that you can start earning the salary in as little as a few weeks as CNA courses only run anwhere from 2 to 12 weeks, the salary is pretty good. If you are interested in working as a CNA you will want to find an accredited CNA training course in your area, which after you have completed it in it’s entirety you will have the credentials needed to take your states CNA competency exam, where you will need to pass both the written and clinical portions of the test. Once you have passed both portions, you will be mailed a your CNA certification and be able to apply for CNA employment and start earning the nursing assistant salary as well as get hands on training needed to further your career to per say a RN.


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