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CNA Work – Where To Find It & Interview Prep!

September 9, 2011

CNA Work

CNA Work

First off, this article provides you with information on where to find CNA work. If you have come to this page to view the, the job description of CNA’s click here: CNA work .

If you are looking for work as a CNA in your immediate area, there are many ways that you can find it, besides the traditional ways. Being that these traditional ways have worked for millions, they are worth talking about a bit first. You can find CNA work in various spots in your area, like at nursing homes, hospitals, schools, hopice work, long term care facilities, doctors offices and more, which are all worth calling about, but there are other ways that you can get information about CNA work in your area. Here is a list of some other methods that have proved worthy of getting people work as a CNA all over the country.

CNA Work – 5 Methods To Use

  1. If you are about to be a CNA or are in classes right now, you should exchange numbers with the people who are in the class. Doing this can provide you with great resources when it comes time to find a CNA job, where you can call your fellow class mates and find out through them where they are finding work, or if they know if their place of employment is hiring more CNA’s. This can work with the teacher of who taught you the profession as well as any other professionals you can across during your training.
  2. You can also find CNA work by registering with a recruitment agency. These agencies speciailize in getting you work in your spefic profession and have all the up to date information on where the CNA employment is. If you are currently unemployed, you can also use unemployment agencies who have the same goal of getting you into the workforce.
  3. The site is an excellent resource to finding CNA work. Each day it is a great idea to check their “jobs” section which is located at the top or Craigslist where you will be taken to their jobs page. By entering in CNA is the top search bar, you will get list of all the CNA jobs in your city.
  4. The fourth method to use when looking for CNA work is to actually contact your states Nursing Aide Rgistry. They have up to date information on who is hiring and can be a valuable resource to finding work as a CNA in your area.
  5. Don’t forget the newspaper. Although the internet is taking over pretty much everything, many employers still posts in the newspaper as there are still a high enough number of readers to do so.

CNA WORK – Preparing For An Interview

These are great places to look for CNA work that can allow you to observe all there is to offer out there and get into the interviewing process. Preparing for a job interview is another great way to get your job. You can use this tool as a way to get CNA work in your area.

  • Think about question that you are going to be asked in an interview, or in other words adapt the mentalility of an interviewer, and write down the questions that you think you will be asked. Answer them and go over these questions with either a friend or family member or yourself, by relaying back and forth acting as the interviewer and the interviewee.

Don’t forget to bring the necessary documentation that you will need to bring, which can include but arene’t limited to; a copy of your CNA certification for them to keep, photo ID, social security card, and a list of references for your potential employer. Shake your interviewers hand and thank them for there time. Doing this will make you look well prepared, and better yet you will feel well prepared, and get you CNA work as soon as possible.