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Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

February 1, 2012

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

In order to have your named placed in the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you will need to pass the Perason’s Vue Wisconsin compentency examination which consists of both a written portion, which a minimum of 80 percent need to be answered correctly, along with a patient skills test which you will need to demonstrate all of them correctly to obtain certification. In order to be able to take the competency evaluation in Wisconsin, you will want to complete an accredited certified nurse aide training course, in which the course will run a minimum of 120 cumulative hours, in which 32 of those training hours will take place in a clinical setting.

All Encompassing Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry Information

Staying Certified In Wisconsin / License Renewal

In order to remained certified, the Wisconsin CNA Registry requires that you fulfill a couple different requirements in the 2 year time frame that they are certified, as every two years one must apply for license renewal. The requirements are:

  • The individual worked for pay for a miminum of 8 hours during the 2 year timeframe in which the work was done under the direct supervision of either an LPN or RN.

Ones renewal date is based off of when they obtained their certification from the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, which it will be 2 years from the date that you became certified. Your renewal form will usually be mailed out to you within 3 to 4 months before your renewal date, which you will have to fill out and send back the the registry. In the event that one has failed to meet the minimum 8 hour work requirement, then they will have to retake and pass both portions of the competency evaluation.

Name or Address Change

For those looking to change submit a change in their address or name, you will need to fill out a Change/Correction Form and send it to the following address:

Pearson Vue
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101

To get a Change/Correction Form, you will need to call and request one at: (877) 329-8760.

Applyling For Reciprocity / License Transer

If you are going to move to wisconsin and are looking to continue your career as a CNA, you can do so by going through the license tranfer process which includes:

  • Meeting their in class requirements of taking a course that include a minimum total of 120 hours those of which included at least 32 hours of training in a clincal setting.
  • Fill out a Registry of Out of State Form which can be otained by requesting one from the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry or downloading one online, which you will want to mail the form to your old states Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Your old states registry will verify your information and send out the verification to the Wisconsin CNA Registry.

It should also be known that one cannot provide any “hands on experience” until their name has been added to the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry database.

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry Contact Information

You can contact the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry by phone, which can be done pertaining any other questions you may have about becoming a CNA or to find out about accredited CNA courses in your immediate area, which you can all them at: (877) 329-8760 or by mail at:

WI Nurse Aide Registry
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101