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CNA Training In Milwaukee WI – Training Facilities In Milwaukee

August 5, 2011

CNA training in Milwaukee WI

CNA training in Milwaukee WI

If you are currently living in Wisconson and are looking for CNA training in Milwaukee WI facilities that you can doing your training through, there are many choices that one can utilize. Below there will be a list provided to you about multiple different locations and their addresses that offer CNA training in Milwaukee WI as well as the benefits one will enjoy by taking your training at the specific locations.

CNA training in Milwaukee WI – CNA Training Facilities

Along with being very reputable options, these CNA training in Milwaukee WI facilities listed below have the epxerience that is needed from their programs that is needed to excel at your career as a CNA. Here is a list of CNA training locations, as well as information on them.

  1. The first location that provides CNA training in Milwaukee WI is the Community Healthcare Training Center located at 6617 West Capitol Drive. This location provides benefits to its students like providing experience at the location that has lasted over 13 years as well as being taught the most cutting edge training materail available today. They also offer you a chance for financial help when it comes to tuition, cheaper overall prices for classes as well a offering referrals when it comes to applying for jobs.
  2. Amber House Inc is another location where CNA training in Milwaukee is provided and is located at 7414 West Hampton Street. This location provides the clients with the opportunity to work on site at their long term care center where they will get the chance to follow work with residence during their training, making them more prepared for the real thing.
  3. Milwaukee Area Training College is the next option where you can get training at 700 West State Street. This option provides students some of the lowest class prices around at just under 400 dollars, has been providing education for over 100 years and provides the online option for people who are unable to attend the on campus classes. This training option also gives students who don’t speak english as the first language a chance to learn the CNA trade as well, having their English as a second language program.
  4. Auora Health care clinic is another option for you to utilize for CNA training in Milwaukee WI and is located at 180 West Grange Avenue and provides its students very good prices which start at about 500 dollars for enrollment.
  5. The next option for you to use for training is called C. Ross Education Center and can be found at 7905 West Appleton Avenue. This location offers it CNA students over 20 years of teaching experience, prices at around 600 dollars and has smaller than normal classes to provide one with more intimate training experience instead of feeling lost in the crowd.

CNA training in Milwaukee WI – Conclusion

These are 5 great options to take advantage of when looking for CNA training in Milwaukee WI. Although this isn’t the entire list, these 5 five are very accredited and have been launching many certified nursing assistant careers year in and year out, and make excellent choices to train at when you set out on your search to find the best CNA training In Milwaukee WI.