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CNA License Verification

September 9, 2011

CNA License Verification

CNA License Verification

Getting a CNA license happens as soon as you have passed both sections of CNA training testing, which as soon as it is verified that you have passed, your CNA license number is granted to you. The license number is to be referenced when you are applying to new jobs to prove you are certifiied.

This license will allow you to work anywhere in your area that needs CNA staff, like in hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes as well as hopice work. This license must be renewed what is usually every two years for most states, which this process is referred to a the CNA licnese verficiation process and can also be used to check if it is still valid. The process is fully detailed step by step in the following section.

CNA License Verifcation Process

The CNA license verification process can be done for expired licenses as well although do your best to not allow it to expire as you may have to take and pass the CNA testing again to get your license back. Here are the steps of verification:

  1. First off you will need to obtain the number and address to your states Nursing Aide Registry which you can easily find by doing a Google search.
  2. It is also good to know that some states allow the CNA license verification process to be done online at their main site, which will show you right on the site if your license is in fact still valid or not.  This can be done when you do the Google search and click on your states Nurse Aide Registry site.
  3. If your states registry doesn’t have the online CNA license verification, then you will need to contact them by phone to verify. They can usually do the verification process online by providing certian personal information like CNA license number, date you received it and possibly a social security number. If for some reason you have to go to a local location follow steps 4 & 5.
  4. When you go to this location you will want to have three things with you stated above; you CNA license number, the date is was given to you, as well as a copy of your old license. If for some reason you are unable to obtain this information, then you can also go through CNA license verification with a social security number as well as a photo ID.
  5. After you verify that you are actually who you are saying you are with the above information, then you will be CNA license will be verified. If you would like a new certification copy, this can be done. They will either send it to you by email which you can print out, or mail it to you which usually takes a minimum of two weeks.

If you cannot find the information you need to provide to your States Nurse Aide Registry for you Certified Nursing Aide Verification, then you can get this information by contacting the school where you first passed your training and received your license, they will give you the information you need. When doing your CNA license certification, be prepared to pay a small fee, which varies from state to state.

It also important to know that many states no longer issue out paper certifications which tell you when your license expires. When you go through the CNA license verification process, they will tell you when it needs to be renewed again, so keep this date written down so you don’t go past the next verification date.