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CNA License Transfer – Exactly How To Do It

September 9, 2011

CNA License Transfer

CNA License Transfer

CNA license transfer also known as reciprocity is something you have to do in order to be able to continue your profession in the CNA industry. There are 3 main steps that you will need to complete in order to sucessfully tranfer your CNA license. Below will be a step by step process as well as other valuable information you will need to keep in mind about your CNA license transfer.

Steps of a CNA License Transfer

  1. The first step that you will want to do before any of the other steps is to contact your states Nursing Aide Registry by phone which can be found easily through a Google search. You will want to ask the person you talk to for a Application of Reprociprity which they will either send to your house through mail. or send it to the email in which you ask them to send it to. Once you fill  it out in it’s entirety, you will sent it back to your states Nursing Aide Registy which then they will send it to the states Nursing Aide Registry that you are going to move to. Make sure to verify that they are going to do this when you send it to them.
  2. Once you have sent your CNA license transfer application to Nursing Aide registy, you will want to follow up with the states registry that you are moving to, to verify that it actually made it to them. You will also need to fill out a Application of Reciprocity for the new state as well where you will need to follow the above steps with the new states Nursing Aide Registry. This isn’t madatory, as some states allow your CNA license transfer information to come from your old states registry, but others require that it comes from you personally inf the form of a new application.
  3. The person in which you speak with at your new states Nursing Aide registry will either have you fax or mail in your CNA license transfer form, as well as the other designated items that you may need to send in, some of which may be; your old states CNA approval, a copy of your social security card, a copy of your drivers license, verification that you have been working as a CNA is your old state as well as possibly a photo ID.

Other Details CNA License Transfer

In the midst of doing this CNA license transfer process, you may be informed that you need to complete certain training in order to be approved in the new state, as often times CNA requirements are different in each state, which may even go as far as you having to complete a licsensing exam that is up to par with what they expect out of CNA in their state. You will also be required to complete a new background check to verify that you are going to be a safe member to add to their CNA Registry. There may be other medical checks in which you will need to complete.

The whole process of your CNA license transfer may seem a bit overwhelming but once your come into contact with your new states Nursing Aide Registry, they will lay out steps that you need to complete, so that you can do them, check them off, and then verify that you completed them to the registry. Then you are done with the process and can both not have to worry about it again as well as be able to continure your profession as a CNA.