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Texas Nurse Aide Registry

September 4, 2011

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

The Texas Nurse Aide Registry holds a list of all the certified CNA’s according to the parameters of the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities (DADS), who are the responsible party when it comes to qualifying certified nurses assistants as well as giving work to CNA’s accross the state.  If you are looking to bocome a CNA in the state of Texas, as well as looking for come from another state to work there, is is imperative that you are registered with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. Below will be infromation on what paramters you must fulfill to become registered with teh Texas Registry as well as what to do if you are coming from out of state and are looking to continue your work as a CNA.

Texas Nurse Aide Registry Qualifications

In order to be in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry database, which will set you up for getting jobs, protecting your from fraud as well as maintaining your credendtials for potential employers to view, you will need to fufill the following:

  1. First off it is a imperative that you have completed a certfied CNA class which can be done through hospitals, long term care facilities and nursing homes as well as at local community colleges. This training must consist of at least 75 hourse of cumulative theoretical and practical training.
  2. You will need to complete you schooling as well as pass both the theoretical and practical portions of your testing.
  3. Have either a GED or provide verification that you completed at least a high school education.
  4. If you have already taken a training course in the past, you do not have to take a new CNA training class, you are able to go ahead and do your testing.

By proving the above credentials, you will be a registered client with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry which all employers go through when they need work in their work place, which will set you up for work when a local employer is seaching for employees.

After you have completed your training and are certified, you will need to verify as well as update the status of your current employement every 2 years if you intend on continuing your work as a CNA. Unlike mosts states, Texas does not require that you renew your license as it never expires.

Texas Nurse Aide Registry – Attaining Out Of State Work

There is plenty of opportunity to work as a CNA in Texas if you are coming from another state, but in order to get work as well as be registered with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry, it is required that you do the a couple of things, which are:

  1. You must apply for reciporcity which basically means a mutual exchange to the privelages or allow you to do the same job you were doing in a different state.
  2. You must verify that you have a valid CNA certification to be able to work in Texas when coming from another state, as well as register you in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry.