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Nursing Aide Testing – What To Expect On Your CNA Test

August 3, 2011

Nursing Aide Testing

Nursing Aide Testing

When it all comes down to doing your nursing aide testing, everyone wonders if they have prepared enough for the test, anyone who says differently is probably lying. Because of this fact, it is a great idea to kind of get a feel for what you are going to encounter on your nursing aide testing day. This information will provide you with all the details of what one will be tested on when going for their certification to become a certified nurses asisstant so that you can be prepared for the test before hand instead of going into it hoping for the best.

Nursing Aide Testing – What to expect on testing day

You obviously have done a lot of work and read a lot of literature during your time spent in your training class, but which parts of that literature will come up on your nursing aide testing? This part of the article is dedicated to showing you what the average nursing aide test will be like so that you can familiarize yourself with these specific things before testing time comes. It is important to know that you will be usually tested on 5 different random procedures when testing.


Since the test will be a two part test, both an acted out version as well as a multiple choice test. Here is a general summary of what you should study for to prepare for you nursing aide testing dealing with the theoretical version.

  • Studying up on all the procedures you learned is an excellent way to ace the theoretical portion of your testing. The best way to prepare for this section is to get a friend to be your test patient, and peform the different saftey procedures you learned in your book. This can also be a great way of preparing because you will have to act these things out on your fellow patients during your nursing aide testing. An excellent way to get a great score on this part is to hook up with a student in your class maybe every couple of weeks and practice what you have learned when it comes to the practical portion. If one of your classmates isn’t available then ask a friend or family member.


Since your nursing aide testing will more times than not be a multiple choice test, usually 70 in totality with 10 of them being just practice, and don’t count towards your score. Here are a couple sample questions below, although these are just a few, questions like this can be found on the internet or you can order these tests if you prefer to do them at home that will be more indepth having usually around 70 to 100 different questions. Being that these are statistical questions, there isn’t a plain and simple answer to give when advising someone of what to study to ace the multiple questions section of your test. But just to give you feel for what these practice tests will offer, here are 7 different multiple choice questions, which are very similiar to what you would find on nursing aide testing practice examination.

  1. What is the purpose of side rails on a patients bed? (A: Protection from injury)
  2. If your patient happens to have left side weakness, which part of their sweater should be put on first? (A: Left sleave)
  3. If a paitent has had something cold to drink, how long should you wait before taking their temperature? (A: 10 to 20 minutes)
  4. It is important to share information pertaining to a patients status to whom? (A: the staff on the next shift)
  5. In the case of patient agitation, what should a CNA do? (A: Talk in a clam, slow reasurring voice)
  6. The Heimlich maneuver is to be performed on patients who have what impairment? (A: A blocked airway)
  7. What are the exercises that move each muscle and joint for the patient? (A: Range of Motion)

Nursing Aide Testing – Conclusion

Now you know what exactly what you need to do to prepare for you nursing aide testing. Utiliizing the exapmples above will prepare you the the fullest extent when it comes to your nursing aide testing day, allow you go ace the exam instead of having to waste time taking it over agian, this way you will be off starting you new career instead of stuck in the jail of a classroom!