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CNA Skills Overview

September 4, 2011

CNA Skills

CNA Skills

There are many CNA skills that one must be brushed up on in order to have a flourishing career in the CNA feild. These CNA skills can be learned in the matter of weeks or months depending on how fast your want to do your training, and will give you the credentials that are needed in order to get a salary paying income job as a CNA. The easiest way to describe the skills that a CNA must possess is to expalain to you exactly what is taugh in class, which are the skills that you will learn in any CNA class, along with just overall general CNA skills.

CNA Skills – Skills Taught & Needed

CNA training classes will provide your with the certified nurses aide skills that you need to enjoy great success at your job. These classes are usually around 75 hours long, which is most states requirements to receive certification, and are taught in various locations like community colleges, locations designated by hospitals, as well as nursing homes and long term care facilities. Here are many of these CNA skills are:

  1. Verbal communication is taught in CNA training courses. This will involve the overall communication with your patient that involves both learning how to calm the patient to give you essential information that you need from them, as well providing them comfort and support in the rough time that they are going through. You will be taught to also listen to a patient as this is sometimes all that they are looking for. This also applies to non verbal skills that will be taught in your class and must be known by CNA’s as often times words aren’t needed in situations.
  2. CNA skills related in communication are also taught when it comes to communicating with the staff. This part of the training is when you learn the terminology that is to be used when talking to employees.
  3. You also will need to maintain the overall cleanliness of patients as well as learning how to prevent feelings of embarassment that patients often may feel, due to their situation.
  4. CPR is another one of the vital CNA skills as well as know all the emergency terminology to communicate in times when CPR is needed.
  5. Another CNA skill is that you will have to be on your toes when it comes to call lights that patients push when they are in need.
  6. You will also be taught the importance of turning patients to avoid besores, as well as learning how to help patients up and down from positions safely.
  7. Charting is another on of the CNA skills that one must possess. This will be taught in class, and done at the end of each shift as a way to relay the information to the RN you are working with directly as well as the CNA that is taking over after your shift is over. This skill requires that your are very attentive to changes that are taking place with your patient, some of which include, medication changes, consumption, how often they are using the restroom, sleeping habits among many others.
  8. Checking vitals is another CNA skill, which includes monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, respiration among others.
  9. Dressing wounds and containing infection are other skills that CNA’s must know how to do.
  10. Medical equiptment set up and take down is also another one of the vital CNA skills.
  11. Providing catheder care, hygene care, ensuring patient saftey, replacing dirty linens, transcribing doctors orders, teaching family memebers what to do when a patient is being  discharged and patient preperation for surgeries are some of the other CNA skills.

CNA Skills Conclusion

This is a list of many of he CNA skills that are needed to function in a care setting as a CNA. It may seem like a lot, which it is, but just like anything else you will get used to it quickly. As you probably know, compassion for your patients is the main skill that a CNA must have, no doubt, as this is what the patients need above anything. All of these CNA skills are taught in classes and after the class is done, you will be have all of these skill which will make you a strong force in the workplace.


CNA Skills Training Videos

August 5, 2011

CNA skills training videos

CNA Skills Training Videos

If you are looking for what the benefits are to CNA sills training videos, than there are many to mention when it comes to the value that these videos can provide to students studying to become a nurse aide. Some of these perks to CNA skills training videos will be discussed below to show you how these videos can help you learn as well as help you score great on your CNA tests.

CNA skills training videos – Benefits

  1. The first benefit of CNA skills training videos is that basically you have a teacher at your disposal anytime you need it. If you didn’t learn a specific technique in your class, you just pop in on of you CNA skills training videos where you can review the technique as well as pause and rewind so that you don’t miss any aspect of the material.
  2. Another benefit of having these videos is that it caters to a different learning style that differs from the learning style that they cater to in a traditional classroom setting. It has been proven that at least half of the students in a classroom are more visual learners. With CNA sills training videos, you can learn visually catering to your learning style which will help you do better when it comes to test taking time. IF you aren’t a visual learner, the vidoes will still provide you with benefit because you will be utilizing both your classroom leanring setting as well as having that extra in what you will learn in the CNA skills training videos.
  3. Another benefits of training vidoes for CNA students is that you can use them to reinact the lessons being taught on other fellow students as well as family members and friends. This is very important because in your test, you will have to take both a multiple questions test as well as a test that has you act out different aspects of being CNA, and studying these CNA skills training videos tutorials will help you be able to act out the different exercises to perfection when it comes test taking time.
  4. It is just a known fact that we all get distracted during class, no matter who your are. Between distractions and trying to get all that the teacher says down on paper in the form of notes, there is a lot we miss out on. By having CNA skills traning vidoes, you won’t have to miss the major details that you may have missed, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will be fully prepared for the test.
  5. Having these videos will also let you refer back to them later on to brush up on your skills.

If after these points, you are considering the use of CNA skills training vidoes, than the best thing to do is ask you teacher to refer you to a great program that offers these instructional videos, because your teacher will know the most reputable programs out there, avoiding your from purchasing something that won’t provide you with the value you need.

CNA skills training videos – Conclusion

These are just a few benefits that come from havign CNA skills training videos at your disposal when taking your CNA class. Utilizing these excellent educational tools will help you be totally prepared for you test day as well as give you all the major and minor details when it comes to the activities you will be perfroming when you start working your job as a CNA. So in conclusion, CNA skills training videos will help in ways that sometimes aren’t provided in a classroom setting.