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CNA to RN – The Exact Steps

November 27, 2011



It may come to a point where you are getting a tired of your career as a CNA, or just need a new challenge and would like to advance in your career. Many CNA’s choose to work as an RN after a few years, which if you are looking to do the same, we have for you the steps you need to follow to go from CNA to RN, which will allow you to have more responsibility in the medical field as well as give you a substantial boost in the potential for a much better income. ¬†If you enjoy helping people, and want to continue to do so the the medical profession, you can get to know the steps you must take to go from a certified nurses aide to a registered nurse right below.

CNA to RN Steps

If you are looking to go from a CNA to an RN, keep in mind that there is the possibility that your employer may actually help you out as far as tuition goes, which they are will to do so to invest in a valuable resource, meaning you, to stay on their staff. They may also be inclined to do so because you already know the in’s and out’s of the work place as well as it is more expense to hire a new worker than it is to promote within. Anyways, below are what you will want to do to become an RN.

  • Find an accredited nursing school, which depending on what your goals and objectives are, you can either choose to complete an associates degree at a community college, which is the minimum requirement for nursing jobs, or you can attain your associates and continue on to a college that offers 4 year degrees and beyond. The best programs are certified by the likes of the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc (NLNAC).
  • In order to be accepted into one of these programs, there are always prerequisites that you must meet in order to become a student. These prerequisites may include certain classes like Anatomy & Physiology, Algebra, Psychology, English, Microbiology, Chemistry among others as well as ¬†experience in the medical field. Acceptance into a nursing school may be based off of other aspects like GPA or you standardized test scores. The best way to find out the exact requirements for acceptance is to contact or visit the nursing school that you wish to attend.
  • Pass the certification examination which is administered by the National Council of State Boards or Nursing and is referred to as the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEZX-RN).
  • Applying for licensure in the state that you live in is that last step in the transition from being a CNA to becoming an RN. You can do this by contacting your state board of nursing.
After one attains their nursing license the will have the title of RN. In order to stay certified, one must continue a certain number of continuing education hours, which are enforced for the main purposes of keeping nurses up to date on the ever changing nursing career. Now that you know the CNA to RN steps, you can go about attaining a nursing degree which will allow you to continue your passion for helping people as well as offer a very secure career as there are shortages for nurses, meaning employers are constantly needing nurses.