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CNA Certification Requirements – All That You Need

March 25, 2012

CNA Certification Requirements

CNA Certification Requirements

Becoming a CNA cna be one of the best decisions one can make as the the demand for new CNA’s has never been higher than it is now. Obtaining the CNA certification requirements will allow on to enter into the CNA profession as well as gain valuable hands on training that can be helpful when it comes to furthering their career in the medical feild to a career as an LPN or even RN. Attaining the CNA certification prerequisites cna acutally be done is as little as weeks and at most months, which the main things that are included in what you will need to get certified are:

  1. Completing a CNA training through a course that has been accredited by your state, which you will need to suffice the requirements needed for admission into the course which the best method of doing this is simply contacting that CNA training program that you wish to attend and asking them what they are. The main requirements for admission include things like; being over 18, a clean criminal background check, having your high school diploma or GED among others.
  2. Passing your states CNA competency evaluation which the test is given to test takers in two forms which are a written form which where students will take a multiple choice exam that ranges anywhere from 80 to 120 questions as well as a clinical part where one will act out patient care skills, which must be done correctly, which this portion will come in the form of anywhere from 3 to 5 patient skills.

Completing step #1 will prepare you for passing step #2 and allow you to have all the CNA certification requirements as once you pass your CNA test, you will be mailed your CNA certification and be able to work as a certified nurse aide in your area as soon as you do. You CNA certification will be active for 2 years, allowing you to legally work in any place where CNA’s assistant the working nurses. It should be known that CNA certification requirements for being aloud to take your states CNA certification exam can range as well when it comes to what you need to provide to be eligible to take the test, those of which will most likely include; passing an accredited course, negative tuberculosis (TB) test, multiple forms of ID as well as the possibility of you having to provide another clean backgound check.


These are the general CNA certification requirements but it should be known that one can actually become certified in their state as a CNA without even taking an accredited course if their state allows them, which the individual can choose to challege the the CNA test without official training. For more information about the CNA certification requirements in your state, the best thing to do would be to contact your states nurse aide registry who can provide you with ample information on your states particular certified nursing assistant certification requirements as well as helping you locate an accredited course to do your training through in your area.

CNA Requirements

September 4, 2011

CNA Requirements

CNA Requirements

If you are thinking about starting a fulfilling career as as certified nurses assistant, there are many CNA requirements that are needed to get you going. To get you familiar with what is required of you to be come a CNA, we will provide you with a major oveview of what is need, so that you can get it done, and start earning a career salary, which can be done in weeks or at most months.

Education CNA Requirements

When it comes to the education  CNA requirements, it is essential that you complete your schooling at through an accredited training program which can be found in many locations, some of which include community colleges, long term care facililities and nursing homes, the Red Cross as well as through local hospitals. One of the other CNA requirements is that you need to make sure that your class is approved by your states Board of Nursing, if it is then you have the go ahead.

At the end of your training you will need to complete to tests, both a practical version, which is basically a multiple choice section as well as what is called a theoretical portion which includes you acting out certain patient care methods. To give you a feel for what you will be learning in these  classes, here is a short list of what you will be learning:

  1. Termonology that is used in the medical profession, which will help you effectively communicate to your colleagues.
  2. You will also be learning Pharmacology which is the study of the action that the drug (pharmaceutical) is taking on the body.
  3. Calculations of the pharmaceuticals that should be given.
  4. Communication with patients, like how to effectively calm a patient to where they will provide you with the information you need.
  5. Teaching on how to report progress or lack there of the the patient is making each day, also known as charting.
  6. Checking vital signs.
  7. Teaching on how to dress wounds as well as containing and eliminating infection.
  8. How to move patients without injuring the patient as well as yourself.
  9. Medical procedure assistance.
  10. Legal aspects of being a CNA.
  11. How to exercise your patients like range of motion as well as how to take care of bedriddent patients, like turing them to avoid bedsores.

This teaching will involde the CNA requirements that you must pass on your test to become certified, and like it was said above, these CNA skills testing will be spread out on testing day between both the practical and theoretical tests.

CNA Requirements – Personal Requirements

Now that you know the testing CNA requirements as well as what you will be learning in class, there are certain aspects that you must prove to be accepted into a CNA class. Although these personal CNA requirements slightly vary in each state, these are the main personal CNA requirements you must prove before your training starts:

  1. You need to be at least 18 years of age in order to enroll in a CNA training course.
  2. You need to have attained at least a high school degree or a GED.
  3. A background check will be run or a criminal check to verify that you have a clean record.
  4. You must also need to be able to read, write and speak english fluently.
  5. Possiblilty of a drug test
  6. There are often health related tests when it comes to CNA requirements. These tests are different for each state but may include a Tuberculosis Test.

Now that you know the CNA requirements, you are now ready to enroll in classes, which usually last around 75 hours and classes can range any from up to 1200 dollars. To get better deals on your schooling, there are a few things you can do; inquire about scholarships or grants through community colleges, nursing homes often offer free training if you come work for them after you are certified, the Red Cross often offers free CNA training. Hopefully this information one the CNA requirements was exactly whaty you needed, and all the best on your CNA career!