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Nurses Aide Registry Major Overview

August 6, 2011

The Nurses Aide Registry

Nurses Aide Registry

The Nurses Aide Registry is what comes out of you attaining your nursing aide certification, and to get a job in the nursing feild as a certified nurses assistant, it is mandatory that your name appears on the registry. When your complete your training to become a CNA and pass the two different tests, questions test and practical test, as well as any other background or health test, you will recieve your CNA certification and be admited into the Nurses Aide Registry. Being in this registry shows to employers who you are submitting you application to that you are a fully legitimate choice for hire. Being in the Nurses Aide Registry will give you all the credibility you need to get a job as a certified nurses assistant.

Nurses Aide Registry – Overview

Now that you know that you will earn a great repuation by being in the Nurses Aide Registry system when it comes to getting a job, there are other things about them them as well.  Here are some more detials so that you can familiarize yourself even more with what the nursing aide registry does for you as well as an overall overview.

  • The Nurses Aide Registry is there for you when it comes to anything related to becoming and employee as a CNA. They can be utilized for questions like who is offering schooling near where you reside, information on how to get financial aide as well as any general questions you have about going into your new profession.
  • The Nurses Aide Registry also keeps a list of certain nurses aides who have broken certain rules on the job like patient neglect, abuse and others with the goal of protecting employees from hiring a bad egg as well a keeping patients safe both in the hospital as well as in an in home care situation.
  • They are also around in order to hire based on what the specific employer is looking for based on credentials as well as past or present employement history.
  • Being part of the Nurses Aide Registry will make sure that you aren’t getting underpaid because when you register through them as well as when you advance your credentials, the registry will be notified and your qualifications as well as salary will be adjusted to what you deserve.
  • They will also protect you from being a victim of a scam. If someone trys to get a job under your name, they will make sure that they are really the person they are saying are through multiple different tests, and will catch anyone that is a fraud during the test process.
  • If you aren’t having any luck getting a job for whatever reason when you first go to apply, your name will be on the Nurses Aide Registry where all employers view when the go to hire and your name will come up when employers in your area need to hire CNA staff. So basically it is like having an application on file for all employers ot view.

Nursing Aide Registry Conclusion

Although this isn’t all that a Nurses Aide Registry does, it is a main overview of the major details when it comes to their operation. If your are looking to get a job as a CNA , being with the Nurses Aide Registry will make you look very good to employers as well as protect you from fraud and be a nurses encyclopedia when it comes to any questions you may have involving your career as a certified nurses assistant, before you start training and while your are working on the job.