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Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

February 1, 2012

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

In order to have your named placed in the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you will need to pass the Perason’s Vue Wisconsin compentency examination which consists of both a written portion, which a minimum of 80 percent need to be answered correctly, along with a patient skills test which you will need to demonstrate all of them correctly to obtain certification. In order to be able to take the competency evaluation in Wisconsin, you will want to complete an accredited certified nurse aide training course, in which the course will run a minimum of 120 cumulative hours, in which 32 of those training hours will take place in a clinical setting.

All Encompassing Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry Information

Staying Certified In Wisconsin / License Renewal

In order to remained certified, the Wisconsin CNA Registry requires that you fulfill a couple different requirements in the 2 year time frame that they are certified, as every two years one must apply for license renewal. The requirements are:

  • The individual worked for pay for a miminum of 8 hours during the 2 year timeframe in which the work was done under the direct supervision of either an LPN or RN.

Ones renewal date is based off of when they obtained their certification from the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, which it will be 2 years from the date that you became certified. Your renewal form will usually be mailed out to you within 3 to 4 months before your renewal date, which you will have to fill out and send back the the registry. In the event that one has failed to meet the minimum 8 hour work requirement, then they will have to retake and pass both portions of the competency evaluation.

Name or Address Change

For those looking to change submit a change in their address or name, you will need to fill out a Change/Correction Form and send it to the following address:

Pearson Vue
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101

To get a Change/Correction Form, you will need to call and request one at: (877) 329-8760.

Applyling For Reciprocity / License Transer

If you are going to move to wisconsin and are looking to continue your career as a CNA, you can do so by going through the license tranfer process which includes:

  • Meeting their in class requirements of taking a course that include a minimum total of 120 hours those of which included at least 32 hours of training in a clincal setting.
  • Fill out a Registry of Out of State Form which can be otained by requesting one from the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry or downloading one online, which you will want to mail the form to your old states Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Your old states registry will verify your information and send out the verification to the Wisconsin CNA Registry.

It should also be known that one cannot provide any “hands on experience” until their name has been added to the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry database.

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry Contact Information

You can contact the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry by phone, which can be done pertaining any other questions you may have about becoming a CNA or to find out about accredited CNA courses in your immediate area, which you can all them at: (877) 329-8760 or by mail at:

WI Nurse Aide Registry
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

September 4, 2011

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

The North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry is database that holds the information of all the certified nurses aides in the state of North Carolina. They also keep information on what these certfied CNA’s have to as far as credentials go, so that when employers look for workers, they will be able to pay straight off credentials ensuring that you are not getting short changed. If you are looking to become a CNA in North Carolina, you must be registered with the NC Nurse Aide Registry, which will enable you to work anywhere in the state.

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry – Getting Registered

There are many prerequisits that the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry requires you to fulfill, those qualification in which will make you eligible are:

  1. You must have completed a accredited CNA training program, one that is certified with the states Board of Nursing. These classes can be found in various locations, some of those being through hospitals, nursing homes as well as in many community colleges.
  2. You must also have passed your CNA competency testing with a score of 70 percent on your written portion and must attain a 100 percent score when it comes to the practical part to be in the North Carolina Nuse Aide Registry, on both the written as well as the theoretical portion of your testing.
  3. Your training must consist of at least 75 hours, and at least 16 of these hours must devoted to practical teaching.
  4. You must also complete 100 hours of clinical rotation, as well as two sets of fingerprint cards and a photo ID.
  5. You must do a criminal background check and be able to pass this.
  6. You must also take a Tuberculosis test and it must come back negative, and possibly proving that you have received specific vacinations.
  7. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to enroll in CNA courses in NC.
  8. You must also have attained a schooling level of a high school education or GED.

CNA testing to get into the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry is for the most part done with Pearson Vue, where you will have to provide some of the above like a passed health check, two forms of ID as well as something that verifys that you indeed did complete an accredited CNA course. Once you provide this inforamtion, you will have to provide 96 dollars which covers testing fees.

When you fufill the above requirements, it usually takes about 4 days for your name to appear on the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry, which is when you can be eligible for a CNA job. It should be noted that your certification will be valid for 2 years, which means you will have to renew your certification every 24 months, and it is done at no charge to you. Each year be sure to update any infromation that has changed since the last time your renewed your certification. Your potential employers will verify through online methods to verify if you are with the Registry.

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry – Out of State CNA’s

If you are coming out of state and are looking to continue your CNA career, you will need to pass a North Carolina accredited CNA training program in order for you to be registered in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry although all of your credentials will stay with you upon your transfer

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

September 4, 2011

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

The Texas Nurse Aide Registry holds a list of all the certified CNA’s according to the parameters of the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities (DADS), who are the responsible party when it comes to qualifying certified nurses assistants as well as giving work to CNA’s accross the state.  If you are looking to bocome a CNA in the state of Texas, as well as looking for come from another state to work there, is is imperative that you are registered with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. Below will be infromation on what paramters you must fulfill to become registered with teh Texas Registry as well as what to do if you are coming from out of state and are looking to continue your work as a CNA.

Texas Nurse Aide Registry Qualifications

In order to be in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry database, which will set you up for getting jobs, protecting your from fraud as well as maintaining your credendtials for potential employers to view, you will need to fufill the following:

  1. First off it is a imperative that you have completed a certfied CNA class which can be done through hospitals, long term care facilities and nursing homes as well as at local community colleges. This training must consist of at least 75 hourse of cumulative theoretical and practical training.
  2. You will need to complete you schooling as well as pass both the theoretical and practical portions of your testing.
  3. Have either a GED or provide verification that you completed at least a high school education.
  4. If you have already taken a training course in the past, you do not have to take a new CNA training class, you are able to go ahead and do your testing.

By proving the above credentials, you will be a registered client with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry which all employers go through when they need work in their work place, which will set you up for work when a local employer is seaching for employees.

After you have completed your training and are certified, you will need to verify as well as update the status of your current employement every 2 years if you intend on continuing your work as a CNA. Unlike mosts states, Texas does not require that you renew your license as it never expires.

Texas Nurse Aide Registry – Attaining Out Of State Work

There is plenty of opportunity to work as a CNA in Texas if you are coming from another state, but in order to get work as well as be registered with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry, it is required that you do the a couple of things, which are:

  1. You must apply for reciporcity which basically means a mutual exchange to the privelages or allow you to do the same job you were doing in a different state.
  2. You must verify that you have a valid CNA certification to be able to work in Texas when coming from another state, as well as register you in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry.



Illinois Nurses Aide Registry

September 4, 2011

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry

If you are a resident in the state of Illinois and are looking for infromation on your Illiinois Nurses Aide Registry, we have you covered! Discussed in this article will be the preqrequisits that are required of you to be come certified with the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry as well as information on what to do if you are tranferring from another state to come and be a CNA in Illinois.

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry Prerequisits

The major requirements that you need to verify to the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry to a registered CNA with them are the following:

  1. First off one must have finished an accredited CNA training course, which can be done through community colleges or online, nursing homes as well as through local hosptials. In Illinois, you can be as young as 16 years old when you enroll in your training.
  2. You must also be able to pass the background check to enable you to be a part of the Illinois Nursing Aide Registry. Past convictions weigh heavily on whether you get acccepted or not, so the person should have a clean record.
  3. It is a necessity that you know how to speak, read as well as write fluent and understandable english.
  4. You must also provide verfication that you have at least an 8th grade education.
  5. There is also a CNA compentency test that you must have passed to be part of the Illinois Nursing Aide Registry.

To become registered, among the above requirements, you must have completed your CNA training classes as well as past your CNA testing in order to become registered with the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry.  As soon as you get hired for a job as a certified nurses aide, you will have a 4 month period where you will need to get registered with the Illinois Registry. This is a short amount of time so it is highly suggested that after your complete the above spefications, you immediately get registered.

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry – CNA’s From Out Of State

In order to be able to work in Illinois as a CNA if you are coming from another state in the US, you must supply the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry with two things, which are:

  1. Providing proof that you were working as a certified nurses assistant in the state in which you moved from, which can be done with pay stubs, employer references or something similiar.
  2. You must also have an active CNA certification.

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry – What Else They Do

Aside from the above information, the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry is also there for other reasons, like:

  1. Keeping records of any abuse or negative work by patients, where employers can see this information and be able to keep from hiring a bad worker
  2. Keeping on file all of your credentials as well as any other higher education you have attained, making sure that the employer is paying your based of what you are worth.
  3. Keeping you safe from fraud, if someone tries to claim that they are you.

The Nursing Aide Registry

August 10, 2011

The Nursing Aide Registry

Nursing Aide Registry

There is a Nursing Aide Registry in every state of the United Staes of America. They are there for many reasons that will be explained the the following section. If you need more information about your Nursing Aide Registry to see what they can do for you and your CNA career, whether before and during your start you training, as well as when you are on the job as a CNA, the list that follows will detial many aspects of what your Nursing Aide Registry is there for.

The Nursing Aide Registry – What they do

For an individual to be in the Nursing Aide Registry, you need to have recieved your certification as a CNA which you get at the conclusion of your schooling and testing. The next section will give you all the details on what the Nursing Aide Registry does for you, just by being in their system.

  • First off, the Nursing Aide Registry has every single person that has gotten their CNA certification, and these people are categorized by where they live in. When facilities need CNA staff, the first thing they usuall do is contact the locat Nursing Aide Registry and get information to who is certified in their area, which equates to you pretty much having a application to look at for every single hiring employer out there without even submitting an actual application in person.
  • One of the main things that a Nursing Aide Registry does is answer any questions that you may have when it comes to being a certified nurses assistant. This can range from giving your resources on where to get the cheapest training as well as letting you know where the work opportunities exist in your area.
  • Another thing that your Nurses Aide Registry can do for you when you become a CNA is to protect you from anyone trying to use your name in a fraudulent manner. If someone tries to present your certification information and tries to use your name, there is multiple different aspects of hiring and one of them is contacting the Nurses Aide Registry to verify that the person applying is actually you, and if it not, they will be caught.
  • Your qualifications are also document through them which makes sure that you are going to get paid for what your worth and not be underpaid by the employee looking to hire.
  • Another aspect of your Nursing Aide Registry operation is to keep employers safe when it comes to hiring someone who has bad history in their CNA career. This will keep both the facility safe as well as keeping your  from having deal with someone who shouldn’t be there in the first place.

The Nursing Aide Registry – Conclusion

This is a basic overview of your Nursing Aide Registry operation sparing you with the minor details that are irrelevant anyways. As you can tell, they can be contacted for help throughout your entire CNA career as well as be there to assist you in many different aspects of you becoming hired and getting paid what you deserve. Being in the Nursing Aide Registry will not only show that you are a great option for hire, as you can only get hired if you are in the registry as well as give you the peace of mind that you are protected from any fraudulant activity as well.