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Nursing Assistant Registration Overview

September 3, 2011

Nursing Assistant Registration

Nursing Assistant Registration

Nursing assistant registration is done through a couple of sources, the first being through your specific states nursing aide registry as well as with the federal database which is called the Health Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB). This information on nursing aide registraion with HIPDB is compiled and allocated by that non profit organization called the National Council of State Boards or Nursing (NCSBN).

Nursing Assistant Registration Purpose

You may be asking yourself why you need to register, well when you are completed with your training and have passed both the written test as well as the acted out CNA test, you will then become certified. Once you prove certification to the above organizations, you will then be in a database in which employers inquire when they are verifying if their applicants are registered. Once you do your nursing assistant registration, you will be able to apply for a job and look credible to your potential employers. Completing your nursing assistant registration will also verify your completion of trainin and certification if you choose to work in a different city or state, although different locations may call for higher levels of training. Other nursing assistant registration benefits include:

  • The database also keeps up to date information on the your credentials as well as the training in which you completed which will help you get paid what your worth, by your potential employees being able to view what you have completed training wise.
  •  Nursing assistant registration also will protect you from fraud if someone tries to pose as you and that they have your credentials, they will be caught.
  • Nursing assistant registration is also done for the purpose of keeping the workplace safe, both the employees as well as the patients. This is done by everytime there is a complaint on a CNA, it is relayed to the HIPDB and stored in their database. They make sure that if needed, an investigation may take place which will figure out what the complaint was all about and if the CNA should be alout to work on staff. This information is also available to employers to view so that they can keep from hiring someone who should be in the work place.

Nursing Assistant Registration – NCSBN CNA Practice Regulations

The NCSBN requires that certified nursing aides follow certain standards related to being one the job, those standards are:

  1. Funcition with both honesty and intergrity while providing your CNA service.
  2. Act out your nursing aide service within the parameters that are authorized in the Nurse Practice Act.
  3. Ensure the protection of private information dealing with your patients unless you are given the okay to do so.
  4. Make sure that what you do on your job is based off of what you education and training as well as adhering to what the nurse you are working with is advising you on.
  5. Also you must respect both patients and other staffs property.
  6. Accountablility of all your actions while on the clock.
  7. Contribution to the health care team that you are working with.
  8. Both observing and identifying the needs of your patients.
  9. Respect your patients in the following categories: concerns, dignity, rights as well as dscisions.
  10. Comunication of your progress, changes as well as problems in the status of your patients you are attending to.
  11. Alaways taking the most preventive approach to protecting your patients, yourself as well as all others around you.
  12. Seek out any clarification when needed on the job.
  13. When they are available, use training and education opportunities that are provided.