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CNA Recertification

September 11, 2011

CNA Recertification

CNA Recertification

The Act of CNA recertification is when you renew either an expired or close to expired CNA license which is required generally every one to two years depending on which state that you reside in. It is an easy date to remember because it is usually on the month of your birthday, most of the time being near the end of the month. In order to recertify your CNA license, you must follow a few requirements which are discussed directly below.

CNA Recertification Requirements

Although the numbers vary for each state, the below CNA recertification requirements what you need to follow and prove once it comes time to recertify.

  • A minimum of 150 to 200 hours, some more some less, on the job as a CNA. This is a requirement as they want to make sure that you are up to date on your techniques and prepared to work in a care enviornment.
  • Proof that you are a citizen of the United States as well as eligble to work in the country, or a qulaifying non resident.
  • You must not have received a felony since the last time you completed CNA recertification or first became certified. If one does, then it must be communicated to the states Board of Nursing.
  • Proof of negative health tests may also be required, like TB.

Expired CNA Recertification

If your nurse aide license happens to be expired, then the CNA recertification process is a little different from on expired licenses. Again this can vary from state to state, but simliar guidelines are found in each state. Here are the requirements you must fit in for expired CNA recertification:

  • You will either need to take and pass the CNA test again (usually if it has been over 2 years since you last passed testing)
  • Or you may need to go through a full training course once more and pass the test (usually if it has been over 5 years since you last passed testing)
  • You must also provide proof that you were once a certified CNA.

Like it was said above, these guidlines vary from state to state so the best thing to do to find out what your states requirements are is to call your states Nursing Aide Regisy who will have all the up to date prerequisits you must fit.

Applying for CNA Recertification

You can either get an application through the website of your states Board of Nusing registry or you can get an application for CNA recertification through your current employer, or your past employer if you are unemployed, or haven’t work as a CNA for a while. This application will be filled out by you as well as a section where your employer fills out to verify that you indeed did complete the amount of hours needed to qualify for recertifcation.

You will then need to mail your application into your states Board of Nursing or Nurse Aide Registry who will then determine whether you qualify for CNA recertification. Be sure to mail this in about a month before your expiration date is up for CNA recertification as it usually takes a couple weeks for them to go over your information.