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CNA Test Questions – What Does The Certification Test Consist Of?

March 19, 2012

CNA Test Questions

CNA Test Questions

When it comes down to it, the CNA test questions will ultimately consist of the knowledge that you gathered during your CNA training course. There are two different portions of the test, those being a written portion where you will be asked a series of multiple choice questions, which start easy and get harder the more you answer questions correctly, also known as an adaptive test and usually consists of around 70 questions but can be more or less depending on the state that you live in.

If you answer all of the written certified nurse aid test questions, then you are aloud to take the clinical portion which is also known as the practical portion, which is where you will be asked to demonstrate anywhere from 3 to 5 different clinical skills, where 3 opportunities for each skill is given to the test taker to get it correct before they can move onto the next CNA test question. These CNA tasks questions will be given at random so it is vital that one prepares full for this portion, and become familiar with all the CNA skills.

Now as far as what types of questions are on the CNA competency exam, different test providers have different tests, but generally follow a similiar guideline, that of which is to test the applicant on their knowledge of the CNA profession and evaluate if they have the knowledge needed to provide the best care when they attain an entry level job. Below are examples of a host of different CNA exam questions subjects that you may be tested on during both the written and clinical portions of the test, as well as the best ways to prepare for your CNA test.

CNA Test Questions Examples

Multiple Choice CNA Test Questions

  • Testing vitals
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Reporting Patient Abuse
  • Signs Of Death
  • Discharging a Patient
  • Wound Care

Clinical CNA Test Questions

  • Testing Vitals
  • Making Patients Beds
  • Proper Bed Making
  • Dressing a Patient
  • Measuring input and output
  • Catheter Care
  • Repositioning Patients
  • Patient Exercises
  • Mouth Care
  • Counting Respiration
  • Measuring Blood Pressure
  • Performing a Modified Bed Bath
  • Putting Knee High Stockings on Patients
  • Feeding a Patient
  • Hand Washing

How To Prepare For The CNA Test

You can take the CNA test up to 3 times before you have to take a certification course over again, but you want to get into the profession as soon as possible and start working, so it is vital to prepare for this test way before test day. One of the best methods you can utilize that will ensure that you know the answers to the CNA test questions is to study with a classmate, which you can act out patient skills with each other which will provide you with great hands on experience when it comes time to take the clinical portion of your test. Also look into whether or not your course offers study sessions or test guides as most all CNA training courses offer to their graduates to help prepare them to answer the CNA test questions correctly.