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CNA Training Portland Oregon – Training Locations In Portland

August 5, 2011

CNA Training Portland Oregon

CNA Training Portland Oregon

When it comes to CNA traning Portland Oregon options, there are multiple for you to choose from. If you happen to be living in Portland and are eager to start a career as a CNA, then you are in luck as your city provides a multitude of options for CNA hopefuls. This article will give you a list of 5 CNA training Portland Oregon options for you so that you can find one near where you live. If perhaps your residence isn’t near one of these locations, no worries as on can take an online class living in Portland at any coummunity college in the area, and still get the same training on the online class that you would have gotten going to campus.

CNA Training Portland Oregon – 5 different locations in Oregon

Being that Portland is a provider to many very accredited CNA training schools, it is a great city for you to do your training and then hop quickly into your career as a certified nurses assistant. Here is a list of CNA training Portland Oregon classes along with a small bit of information on each, so that you can pick and choose from when deciding where to do your schooling.

  1. The first place that offers your CNA training in Portland is American Healthcare Training which is located on 9101 East Burnside Street . This location provides free orientation as well as a very cheap schooling compared to other CNA classes and allows you to become certified within 4 weeks.
  2. The next options when it comes to CNA training Portland Oregon is the Caregiver Training Institute which you can find at 13909 Southeast Stark Street. Here a CNA student can get training either by going to bi weekly classes or going once a month offering different times from early morning to early night time for people to do their learning allowing every persons schedule to fit one of their classroom times.
  3. The next option that you can use for your training is Cascade Medical School located on 4620 Southeast 67th Avenue. Here you will be given many benefits like being directed towards financial aide, along with catering to all different types of learning styles as well as different languages.
  4. Portland Community College is the next CNA training Portland Oregon option that you can use and is located on 1626 SE Water Avenue. Here you will be offered the choice of either taking classes on campus, or taking their online CNA class.
  5. Next is Pacific Healthcare School and their location can be found at 1640 Southeast Tacoma Street and provides excellent training programs for CNA enrollment in Portland. they have quick and easy enrollment options either through their direct telephone number as well as being able to do it through their guided system online, or feel free to walk in and register as that is allowed too. They as well have very affordable prices for their classes as well as having some of the materials you will need in the classroom included in your tuition cost.

CNA Training Portland Oregon

Now tha you know what your options are as far as the CNA training Portland Oregon choices, you can no decipher which one you want to go to, whether you prefer a traditional setting or doing your training online. Either option will get your excellent training as all of the CNA training Portland Oregon options above have launched thousands of new careers in the CNA feild and are continue to launch more daily.