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Free CNA Training In PA

August 12, 2011

Free CNA Training in PA

Free CNA Training In PA

Taking time to learn all the free CNA training in PA methods can save you up to 1000 dollars or more and enable you to get your nurses aide certification at not cost. With this free training you can be on your way to your new career earning about 24000 per year salary which is the median for the state of Pennsylvania. Below will be ways in which you will be able to use to try and get free CNA training in PA.

Free CNA training in PA – Methods to get free training

  1. The first method that should be used before any of the following is that you should contact Pennsylvania’s Nurses Aide Registy. When you contact them, they will be happy to provide you with any information that they know about when it comes to free CNA training in PA. They are also a great resource for any other questions that you may have about the career.
  2. The second way to get free CNA training in PA is by going through one of over 30 nursing homes in the state. Often times nursing homes offer paid training to you if you come and work for them prior to your completion of you CNA testing. By contacting your locat nursing homes, they will tell you if and when they are having their classes. This free CNA training in PA method will go one of two ways. Either you will get the training paid for, or they will what they call “sponsor” you where they will pay you back when you are done with your training and working for them
  3. For people who either are under the category of low income or enemployed, you can contact either your local unemployment or welfare office and they will provide the funds needed to get your training completed. They are there on government funding with the main purpose of getting people back into jobs and prefer to help people who are looking to accomplish goals with the funding over people who aren’t.
  4. The next option where you will find excellent tuition prices as well as a possibly for free training is through community colleges. They are always offering grants and scholarships to people looking to further their education and can be a viable option to consider when searching for free CNA training in PA.
  5. Contacting the ACTS Health Service Institute who are affiliated with many different independent and long term care facilities allĀ around the USĀ also offer the opportunity to get free CNA training in PA. The way it works with them is that you pay for your tuition but it is reimbused once you start working at a Medicade/Medicare location.
  6. If none of the above options prove worthy of free CNA training in PA, you should contact the Red Cross because they have grant programs where they will usually pay for half of your training based on what you earn financially.

Free CNA training in PA – Conclusion

As you can now tell there are many ways to get either free CNA training in PA or ways to get it at a discounted price than what you would find at many places that offer training. It is a great plan of action to use one or more of these options before paying for your training as one of these is bound to help you get free CNA training in PA and set you up with great training the will enable you to be fully prepared for a great career.