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CNA Certification Online – Getting Accredited Training Online

April 15, 2012

CNA Certification Online

CNA Certification Online

Doing your CNA certification online course can bring time freedom, allowing you to do your schooling at a time that fits into your own personal schedule, without having to drive to school, or worst case you may have to drive to school once or twice to take a test, worst case. Now it is kind of a contradiction to call it a CNA certification course as you cannot actually get certified online, as these courses are meant to prepare you for the certification test which is done on-site a local testing center where you need to be present during both portions of the testing.

But when it comes to doing online CNA training, you can prepare the same way you would for the certification test as you would visiting a college or any other CNA education portal like through hospitals, vocational schools and through nusing homes. The training will consist of the same type of curriculum that is taught, but it gives you a sense of freedom that comes with being able to study when you want instead of having to try to keep or not being able to learn a the speed that you want to lean at, as we all learn at different speeds.

Now these CNA certification online classes will provide you with the skillsets and knowledge that is needed to experience a high level of success on the CNA exam which the online class will really delve into the topics that will come up as questions during the multiple choice portion of the testing. But due to the fact that your states CNA competency testing includes a clinical portion, which when we refer to clinical we mean that you will be actually showing your skillsets off to the test providers of how well you can carry out patient skills, which you will be asked to show 3 to 5 skills correctly. Due to the fact that you will be tested on this, a CNA online certification class will require you to also do your clinical preperation at a place where CNA’s care for actual patients, like at a hospital or local elderly care facility, which you will need to complete a certain number of hours of clinical time in order to be able to pass you online CNA trianing course. The amount of training hours that you will need under your belt will be dictated by your states regulations, which they tend to state that you need to take a course that is around 120 hours, hours that include both the classroom training and your hands on clinical training.

When you are searching for a provider of CNA certification online courses, you want to make sure that the course is accredited by your state. Taking an accredited course will really set your apart when it comes to getting the best education there is on the CNA profession along with really preparing you to do great on your testing. To get help finding accredited CNA certification online courses, make it a point to call your state CNA registry and ask them about providers that offer you accredited training online.

Online CNA Classes – Benfits, Accredited Courses & Admission Requirements

March 13, 2012

Online CNA Classes

Online CNA Classes

Online CNA classes have really revolutionized the way one can learn the certified nurse aide trade. They can allow one to complete their CNA training in anywhere from 2 to at most 12 weeks, providing them with the credentials needed to enter the highly demanded CNA profession. These online CNA courses allow one to:

  • Train at any hour of the day as these classes are offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which allows one the ability to work a job and still be able to schedule their learning into their busy schedule
  • Learn at your own pace, as can learn as fast or as slow as they can, taking away from being either bored with an instructors slow speed or contantly trying to catch up, which happens all to often in a traditional CNA course.
  • The possibility of job opportunity afterwards poses itself as many online CNA classes are actually affiliated with different health care facilities and other institutions, which can allow one to do their training through these providers and then possibily come work for them after their training has concluded.
  • You will save money when it comes to gas, as you won’t be driving to and from school.

It should be known that unlike CNA classes in a real classroom, online CNA training doesn’t come with clinical training, so what will either happens is that your online CNA class will instruct you on how and where you should go about doing your clinical training which is most often times the case, or you will have to set it up yourself.

This is very important to remember as clinical training is one of the main prerequisites needed to take your states CNA competency evaluation. But on the opposite end, some states do not require you to take an accredited course in order to take the CNA exam, but doing your training through accredited online CNA classes will provide you with the most up to date training that will prepare you not only to pass the CNA exam, but will also prepare you to experience the greatest amout of success when you obtain your job as a CNA.

Accredited Online CNA Classes

When looking for online CNA classes that provide you with accredited training, it can be tough to navigate through as well as be sure whether they are credible or not. The best way to cut to the chase and find an accredited online certified nurse aide class is to contact your states nurse aide registry or even your states state board of nursing, both of which can help you find an accredited online CNA class.

Admission Requirements For Online CNA Classes

When it comes to getting accepted into online CNA classes, admission prerequisites vary but will most likely consist of:

  • A clean criminal background check.
  • At leat 16 – 18 years of age.
  • A high school diploma.

Attaining these requirements for admission will deem you eligible for becoming a student in accredited online CNA classes, which then you will be provided certified training that will make you a “certified nurse aide” unlike non formal training which designates you as a generic “nurse aide”.


Online Nursing Assistant Courses

December 4, 2011

Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Taking online nursing assistant courses are becoming the favored method in getting ones CNA certification, as it allows one to be able to schedule their learning around other events in their life, like work or picking their kids up from school among others. When looking for CNA courses online the most important thing your need to keep in mind is to make sure the program is certified by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) or that is accredited by other major national or regional commissions which must have been recognized by the United States Department of Education. Now these online nurse aide programs can be found either by local institutions like community colleges, as well as distance learning options which allow you to take the course no matter where you live. Once you have found a course that is suitable for your needs, the next thing you need to do is find out what the prerequisites are for acceptance into the class. These prerequisite requirements differ for each state, but to make sure you are you are both fitting the requirements for acceptance into the class, as well as requirements for certification, which can be done by contacting your states Nurse Aide Registry, which they can also help you with finding accredited programs.

Online CNA classes offer a host of degrees that range anywhere from just a basic certification course, to all the way up to a bachelors degree and higher. When looking for classes it is a good idea to assess both your short and long term goals. If you are just looking for a job as a CNA, then a basic certification course will suffice, but if you are looking to go more into managment, then you may want to consider going for a higher degree. A basic online nursing assistant course will prepare your for a job as a CNA, and if you end up choosing to advance in your carrer, to say a to an LPN or RN, you will already have the “clinical experience” that is most often required by courses that certify you as an LPN and RN.

These classes last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, which the timeframe of the class is fully dependant on how fast a student wishes to learn. The online certified nurses aide training course will consist of both didactic or training administered by a teacher as well as through other learning methods online, as well as clincal training which is where one will go to a hospital or other healthcare setting and essentially shadow working CNA’s. The minimum hours of training will consist of 75 hours classroom training a well as 16 hours of clincial training, which these are the minimum requirements set by every state.

Free Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Getting online CNA courses for free is possible, to find out if there are any programs that offer free or discounted training, the best thing to do is to contact either your local or states government Department of Health. You can also be eligible for free online nursing assistant courses if you are unemployed, which the way you go about getting your training paid for is to register with an unemployment agency.


Online CNA Courses – Providers & What Is Taught

October 12, 2011

Online CNA Courses

Online CNA Courses

Being that this is the age of the internet, there are many fantastic campuses that offer online courses for those looking to become a CNA. They offer you the convenience of learning from your own home, setting your own school schedule and learning pace, as well as not having to drive to and from schoo. If you are looking for online CNA courses, allow us to take the stress our of your search, and provide you with a large list of different accredited schools that you can utilize to make your dream come true.

NOTE: Before you read our list, that if you are looking to do your CNA training online, you can use your local community college as they often provide training for certification.

Top Online CNA Courses Providers

University of Pheonix

This is the top online schooling provider in the entire nation and offers online CNA courses that looks great on resumes. Their course prepares students to become a nuses aide and grants graduates with a associates degree in healthcare.

Keiser Permanente Campus Online

Keiser’s online program offers online CNA courses through their ecampus program and has very flexible class schedules, making it easy for many different people to be able to find a good enough time for them to earn their assoicateds medical degree through their online system.

Kaplan University

Nursing care, informatics and management are the main topics that are involved in their online CNA courses and those who pass their certification recieve a associates degree in healthcare as well.

California Coast

They offer learning convenience at its best when going for the AS in healthcare administration by offering a “rolling schedule”. What this means is that there are not set start and completion dates, so you can begin and end at your own pace.

Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University

These classes are taught by accredited professors and are set with a limit of 25 students that can fill their online CNA courses. They offer a ABA in healhcare administration.

Bryant & Stratton College

They offer a AAS in Medical Administration Assisting and offer online cna courses that offer a curriculm that conists of preparing students to be able to work in many CNA enviornments like; hospitals, private medical practices, clinics, hospitals, insurance firms, government agencies as well as in health departments.

Virginia College Online

If you are seeking the highest possible CNA training degree, Virginia College Online offers a BS in health services management. This degree will open up the opportuunity for CNA management if the management roll is what students are looking to attain.

What Is Taught In Online CNA Courses

In these online cna courses, you will learn a variety of information that will enable you to be able to pass both portions of your testing. Some of this information will include:

  • Patient communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, so that you know how to communication with your patients to extract the information you need for charting.
  • Physical skills like; how to bathe, groom and dress a patient properly.
  • How to measure vitals like heartrate and blood pressure along with respitory and more.
  • Language used in the care setting so that you can communicate effectively with you co-workers.
  • Both the anatomy as well as the physiology of nutrition.
  • How to set up and disassemble medical equiptment as well as keep it sterile.
  • How to clean and dress wounds as well as keep infection from spreading.
  • Your role as a CNA detailing your place in the healthcare systyem along with the ethichal and legal responsibilities that you will have.


The skills taught in online cna courses are taught through the from of multiple learning methods like through a teacher, role playing, video training, class discussions, research and more. This training will prepare you for your certifcation testing which is broken into two parts; the practical portion which is the skills portion where the student demonstates their knowledge on patient care and other tasks, as well as a written test that will consist of 70 multiple choice questions and 60 multiple choice questions and 10 reading comprehension questions



By completing a program under one of these accredited providers, you will be ready to enter the CNA feild and be earning a salary income as well as have great training that will prepare your for advancement if you choose to do so.

CNA Online Training – Pros and Cons

August 6, 2011

CNA Online Training

CNA Online Training

When it comes to CNA online training, the method provides some pretty awesome benefits. Although this is a true fact, it doesn’t cater to every person. This article will provide you with both the positive and negative aspects when it comes comes to doing CNA online training so that you can decide if this certified nurses assistant training method fits what you are looking for in your learning experience.

CNA online training – Pros

Here are a list of the great things that doing CNA online training will bring a student:

  • First off doing your CNA training via the web will give you the freedom when it comes to when you want to study and do your assignments. This benefit applies to many people who just can’t make it to an on site location because the class schedule doesn’t fit well with other aspects of their life. Being available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, this option allows you to log on and work when it is convenient for you.
  • You will also be enabled to learn at the speed in which you are confortable with. We all learn at different paces and with the CNA online training method, you learn however slow or fast of a speed that fits you.
  • Besides saving money on gas going to and from campus, CNA training online lets you have access to all the research information you need as the internet has all you need to complete your research projects.
  • With this method, you don’t have to struggle to get down all the information that the teachers is saying, you are able to take notes at your pace enabling you to write down everything instead of missing key points.
  • Even if you don’t have access to internet connection at your residence, you can go anywhere that supplies access and still be able to get your training done.

CNA training onine – Cons

It seems like there is always the other side of the coin when it comes to all different situations. Now that you know the positive parts of CNA online training, this section will explain to you the downside of studying in an online class.

  • Being that about 70 percent of the training is practical training, or hands on, you won’t have access to other students when acting out the different patient care methods that are taught, forcing you to either do them by yourself or find a friend or family member to work with.
  • If you are looking for one on one training, the CNA online training method lacks the more intimate learning experience which comes from being taught by a teacher.
  • If you are not familiar with the internet, CNA online training can be very difficult trying to learn the ins and outs of how a virtual classroom works.

So it is pretty much a toss up between whether you should go with the CNA online training method or not. Depending on your level of comfortablility with technology, or have used the online education option before, then CNA online training is a great way to learn the CNA trade, but if you don’t feel okay with utilizing the internet to earn your certification, than a traditional on campus setting is highly suggested to save you time and frustration.