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Nurses Aide Details

August 8, 2011

Nurses Aide Major Details

Nurses Aide

There are many incredible things that nurses aide will enjoy while doing their job each day, although with pretty much everything, there is always two sides to the coin. This article will provide you with both the pros and cons when it  comes to being a nuses aide so that you can wiegh your options if this profession is something that you want to make a career out of, or move onto the next option.

Nurses Aide – Pros and Cons

We will start with the positive aspects first. Other than the fulfillment that it will bring out of providing patients with the care they need, being a nurses aide can provide many wonderful things to an individual. Here is the list of some of them:


  • First off, becoming a nurses aide is pretty much the first step to take when entering into the nursing industry. By gaining the knowledge you learned in CNA class as well as becoming certified, you will have the credentials needed to advance past being a CNA and head for greener pastures like becoming an registered nurse per say. It will also provide you with a foot in the door, so you can make contacts and relationships that will help you advance in your career when you so choose.
  • When you are on the job as a nurses aide, you will get a broader view as to what the nursing industry is really all about, showing you whether or not you want to stay as a CNA or advance to a higher rank, or leave the profession.
  • Being a nurses aide will also allow you go be calm and composed around serious situations, enabling you to react instead of freeze in both on the job situations as well as of the job. You nurses aide training as well as working a CNA job will teach you this through both acted out versions as well as the real thing.
  • The nurses aide career offers a wide variety of working shift options, that range from all around the clock catering to all the different lifestyle schedules out there.
  • Compared to most careers where can spend tens of thousand just to get your degree, the tuition in most all nurses aide classes are usually around 500 to 800 dollars for complete certification.
  • You can be earning a salary paying job by becoming a nurses aide, which takes usually around 2-8 weeks, which is pretty fast considering you can complete a 4 year degree in another study and get paid about the same amount.
  • CNA jobs are available all over the place, so when looking for nurses aide employement opportunites, you are bound to find one somewhere near where you reside.


  • The first negative part about being a nurses aide is that the pay isn’t that great, although it has been documented that nurses aides have made up to 40,000, it doesn’t happen everywhere and will most likely be lower. Although it only takes usually 2-8 weeks of training to become a CNA so the salary is not bad considering.
  • Being a nurses aide is said to a bit taxing, or coming with the feeling of often times being overworked. This is because as a nurses aide you are near the bottom of the chain, so a lot of the so called dirty work is handed off to you.
  • Another con when it comes to being a nurses aide is that more often than not, it requires you to be physically active, like either standing, walking and lifting patients from areas where they need assistance.
  • Often times patients are stubborn or arguemental and it can take a lot to adjust to as well as keeping your calm when dealing with these sorts of situations.
  • You will need to have a strong stomach to be a nurses aide as some patient care situations can be, for the lack of a better word, gross.

Nurses Aide – Conclusion

Now that you know what there is to offers as far as the good and bad go of being a nurses aide, you can now weigh your options based on this information. Although this career is not for everyone, if you can envision yourself bonding with each patient as well as enjoy helping people who need the help, being a nurses aide can be an incredibly reward career as well as provide you with the knowledge and credentials you need in order to advance in the nursing profession.



Nurses Aide Job Description

August 7, 2011

Nurses aide job description

Nurses Aide Job Description

When it comes to a nurses aide job description, there is much to talk about surrounding the activities one does each day during this fulfilling career. You nurses aide job description goes far past just assisting the RN with different aspects of care so this article will show you exaclty what you will be doing when you become a certified nurses assitant enabling you to get a overview of how crucial the nurses aide job description activities are to the nursing profession and making the whole operation run as smooth as possible. On top op explaining to you what the nurses aide job description is, you will also be give detailed instructions on enrolling in schooling so you can attain your certification.

Nurses aide job description – What CNA’s do daily

On top of being paid at a career income fulfilling your nurses aide description will bring you the opportunity to advance in your career past being a CNA if you choose to do so. Here is the job description of a nurses aide:

  • The first nurses aide job description detail that it worth being mentioned first is that you will be forming a relationships with your patients in order for them to feel at home in which at first will be a foreign environment to them.
  • Another CNA job is the overall cleanliness of your patients, like bathing, hygene, etc.
  • You will be relayingy your patients information to both the RN that you are working directly with as well as the next CNA that comes on after your shift has concluded. This relayed information will be transfered to the staff using hospal language that you learned in your schooling.
  • Another part of the nursing aide job description will be assisting patients with food consumption, which will be either brining food to your patients and/or helping patients eat.
  • Turning over beadridden patients to avoid them forming bed sores.
  • The nurses aide job description also included transporting patients to and from thingsl like treatments, activities, examinations and exercise programs among many others.
  • You will also be there to help patients up as well as down to and from wheel chairs and beds.
  • Attending to signal calls when the patients are in need of help.
  • For when patients go home, you will be summarizing to the family the medical instuctions to follow for their family member.
  • General upkeep of rooms as well as the changing of the bed linens also are activities that consists in the nurses aide job description.
  • You will be testing many vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.
  • You will be also setting up medical equiptment in patients rooms along with throughout the hospital.

Nurses aide job description – Enrolling in classes

Now that you know the general overview of what the nurses aide job desription entails, there are a couple steps that one has to complete before they get on the job. If you are looking to be come a CNA the steps that you will have to complete will be first taking a CNA training class wich will be either on campus or onilne and can be found at either hopsitals, community colleges and nursing homes among many others where you will be taught everything you need to succeed when it comes to the nursing aide job description.

The best way to find training in your area is to call your locat Nurses Aide Registry and they will give you local classes as well as if there are any background or health tests that you need to complete in order to be accepted into training. After you complete your training class which only usually lasts about 75 hours and at the most 150 hours or 2-8 weeks, you will then take two tests, a multiple choice and a practical or acted out test. Upon your passing grade which is 80% or higher you will receive you CNA certificate in the mail and be able to start participating in what was mentioned in the nurses aide job description above.


Nurses Aide Registry Major Overview

August 6, 2011

The Nurses Aide Registry

Nurses Aide Registry

The Nurses Aide Registry is what comes out of you attaining your nursing aide certification, and to get a job in the nursing feild as a certified nurses assistant, it is mandatory that your name appears on the registry. When your complete your training to become a CNA and pass the two different tests, questions test and practical test, as well as any other background or health test, you will recieve your CNA certification and be admited into the Nurses Aide Registry. Being in this registry shows to employers who you are submitting you application to that you are a fully legitimate choice for hire. Being in the Nurses Aide Registry will give you all the credibility you need to get a job as a certified nurses assistant.

Nurses Aide Registry – Overview

Now that you know that you will earn a great repuation by being in the Nurses Aide Registry system when it comes to getting a job, there are other things about them them as well.  Here are some more detials so that you can familiarize yourself even more with what the nursing aide registry does for you as well as an overall overview.

  • The Nurses Aide Registry is there for you when it comes to anything related to becoming and employee as a CNA. They can be utilized for questions like who is offering schooling near where you reside, information on how to get financial aide as well as any general questions you have about going into your new profession.
  • The Nurses Aide Registry also keeps a list of certain nurses aides who have broken certain rules on the job like patient neglect, abuse and others with the goal of protecting employees from hiring a bad egg as well a keeping patients safe both in the hospital as well as in an in home care situation.
  • They are also around in order to hire based on what the specific employer is looking for based on credentials as well as past or present employement history.
  • Being part of the Nurses Aide Registry will make sure that you aren’t getting underpaid because when you register through them as well as when you advance your credentials, the registry will be notified and your qualifications as well as salary will be adjusted to what you deserve.
  • They will also protect you from being a victim of a scam. If someone trys to get a job under your name, they will make sure that they are really the person they are saying are through multiple different tests, and will catch anyone that is a fraud during the test process.
  • If you aren’t having any luck getting a job for whatever reason when you first go to apply, your name will be on the Nurses Aide Registry where all employers view when the go to hire and your name will come up when employers in your area need to hire CNA staff. So basically it is like having an application on file for all employers ot view.

Nursing Aide Registry Conclusion

Although this isn’t all that a Nurses Aide Registry does, it is a main overview of the major details when it comes to their operation. If your are looking to get a job as a CNA , being with the Nurses Aide Registry will make you look very good to employers as well as protect you from fraud and be a nurses encyclopedia when it comes to any questions you may have involving your career as a certified nurses assistant, before you start training and while your are working on the job.

Nurses Aide Salary – What Will You Get Paid?

August 3, 2011

Nurses Aide Salary Information

Nurses Aide Salary

As you may know, or maybe not for that matter, your nurses aide salary isn’t going to be like breaking into Fort Knox, but for 75 hours the salary that you will garner from the CNA profession is pretty good considering, as well as give you an excellent apspect to put on your resume if you want to further your role in the nursing profession. Although there isn’t a solid number when it comes to a nurses aide salary, there are averages as well as factors that play into that averae. This article will explain to you some of the lows medians and highs of a nurses aide salary as well a showing you what the factors are that create these lows medians and highs.

Nurses Aide Salary – What you will be getting paid

First off one must consider the fact that salaries are going to be different in the locations that you live in like the nurses aid salary is going to to higher if you leave in New York City and lower somewhere in the South. Although there are many things that factor into what the CNA salary is, statistics show the averages as follows: nurses aide salary ranges are from anywhere as low as 17, 476 to up to 31,309 with the average medium being around 25,000 per year. The hourly for a nurses aide salary ranges from 8.33 to 14.20 with overtime that can go up to over 20 dollars per hour. When considering what you will be making, just like in any other profession there is going to be a lot of aspects that factor into what you will be earning as a Certified Nurses Assistant. Here is partial list of aspects that factor into your pay scale:

  1. Like it is said before, a nurses aide salary will definetly depend on the location of the job. Busier cities are known to pay more per month than cities that are not as populated.
  2. The location of the facility also plays a big factor into what you will be getting paid, just because your entire state isn’t that populated, a city you may work in might be packed with people.
  3. Just like another other profession, the more training your have the more you will get paid.
  4. Depending on where you work, the actual size of the facility will factor into a nurses aide salary, the bigger the location, the more volume in patients which equates to you usually earning more than a CNA working at a smaller location.
  5. Another factor that dictates your nurses aide salary is what type of CNA work you do. As there is many different locations where an aide can work, like in a hospital setting, in a patients home, a nursing home or working as a CNA at a school. Each work setting will provide you with a different scale of pay.
  6. Also when you get the actual CNA job, the longer the time that you put in at the job, the higher your nurses aide salary will be. For example your first year won’t be as high as you may like it to be, but by the 4th year you can expect your income to kick up a pretty good notch.

Nurses Aide Salary – Conclusion

As you can now tell there are many factors that will determine what you get paid when it comes to your nurses aide salary. But with all this information, going into this career really offers you to earn a career salary right off the bat with a small amount of training an also gives you the training you need to further your career if your choice is to leave your nurses aide salary job for more greener pastures.



Certifed Nurses Aide – Job Description

August 2, 2011

Certified Nurses Aide

Certified Nurses Aide

Are you looking for the details of what the daily grind of being a certified nurses aide consists of? If so dont worry, this article has you covered. Either you are looking for the job description of a certified nurses aide because you are getting into the profession or are looking to get more information because you are contemplating going down the career path of a CNA, both reasons will be provided with the information you need in order to familiarize yourself with what your days will be filled with as fars as certified nurses aide activities go.

Certified Nurses Aide – Job Activities

Here is a list of what you will be doing on your job as a CNA. Although this is not a complete list, it contains most of what is involved in the job description.

  1. One of the things that you will be doing a lot as a certified nurses aide is checking vitals of patients like tempurature and heart rate among others.
  2. Turning over patients to avoid them getting bedsores.
  3. Assisting patients when they need to get up from their bed and wheel chair.
  4. Also assisting in feed activities whether it is helping a patient with eating and/or bringing a patient their food trays.
  5. Also in the food catergory, you will be monitoring the intake a noting in changes in eating habits.
  6. Often times you will be helping in the preperating of these food trays.
  7. Helping patients with changing clothes as well as swapping out bed spreading for new clean ones.
  8. Helping patients with recreational activities like bringing them to where the activities are taking place and giving patients activities that they can do in their own room.
  9. You will also be required to relay your charted information along with anything else that is noteworth to the certified nurses aide that comes in after your shift is over.
  10. Just a general upkeep of patients rooms, nothing major just minor straightening up.
  11. Assisting in the bathing and overall cleanliness as well as toilet use to patients who are in need of this help.
  12. Probably the most important activity that you will be partaking in as a certified nurses aide is that daily interaction with patients making them feel at home in the foreign enviroment for new patients, as well as developing relationships with them.

This list is a near complete list of what you will be doing each day as a certified nursing assistant. Although this may seem like a lot, it becomes pretty much second nature like anything else that you have learned in the past. during your shift which are usually around 8 hours, you will be given a total of one hour of break. This break doesn’t have to be taken all at once, it can be broken apart like taking a half an hour for lunch and then breaking up the shift with two 15 minute breaks.

Conclusion to a Certified Nurses Aide Job Description

This is pretty much what consists the certified nurses aide work environment, although there are two types of work places that CNA’s may be working in. These work places are either in the hospital or out of hosptial at for example, nursing and foster homes or care for a patient that lives at home. Though these are different environments, the list of daily activities is very similiar when it comes to what you will be doing as a certified nurses aide.