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How To Get Your CNA License

October 12, 2011

CNA License

CNA License

If you are looking to obtain your CNA licence, there are a few thing that you must provide and accomplish in order to obtain certification, which will allow you to work at any location in your state that provides a healthcare setting, like nursing homes and hospitals along with schools and private medical practics among many more. Below will be what you need to do before enrolling, during class, and after class, requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to receive your CNA license.


  • You must provide proof of a few things before your enroll in a CNA class which are; proof that you have a highschool education or GED, proof that you are indeed at least 18 years of age, passing a criminal background check and you must not be pregnant.


  • You must first complete a certified CNA training course, which can be done through a community college as well as online. Classes last anywhere from weeks to months depending on what type of provider you are going through which will consist of at least 75 hours, which is the requirement but can last 120 hours of longer, and will be a mix of both classroom training and clinical training, or training in an actual healthcare setting. If you are looking for great online schools that provide CNA license training, click on the following link: CNA license.
  • Upon passing your class, you will need to fill out a verification form called a Verification of Training Form that will need to be sent to your states Nurse Aide Registry which provides the proof that you did your training through an accredited program, which you will fill out and your CNA license class teacher will fill out then send it to the Registry. This will either be provided in class or by contacting your states Nurse Aide Registry.


Now that you have completed your classroom and clincial training, you now need to pass the CNA license test which will either be through the organization that you completed your training through, or at a local location designated for testing. Here are the requirements for both applying for your CNA license testing as well as the testing portions that must be passed:


  • Proof that you are 18 years of age.
  • Some state require proof of a highschool dipomla or GED.
  • Passing a TB test as well as possibly other health related tests.
  • A picture ID.
  • Proof that you passed a certified training course.


  • Written Exam: 70 multiple choice questions, which 10 of them are not graded and for survey purposes. For some states this portion can include reading comprehension questions as well. Questions in the portion will consist of some of the following; nutrition, controling infections, emotional and mental needs of patients, communication with patients and staff, legal and ethical questions, appropriate conduct in the work place and hygiene.
  • Skills Exam: This is the hands on portion where you will need to demonastrate, on a live model, your knowledge of patient care tactics like; testing vital signs, talking and interacting with the patients, range of motion exercises, administering a catheder, helping a patient get dressed, the right way to wash your hands and moving patients.

After you pass the test, you will receive your CNA license in the mail along with a list of locations that you can work at.

It is also a good call to prepare for you CNA license testing so you don’t have to take it again which the requirements allow usually one to two more retakes within a 2 year period. There is a company called Prometric who are the leading CNA testing providers, and they also provide great practice tests for $30, you can find out more about them by clicking the following link: CNA license.


CNA License Transfer – Exactly How To Do It

September 9, 2011

CNA License Transfer

CNA License Transfer

CNA license transfer also known as reciprocity is something you have to do in order to be able to continue your profession in the CNA industry. There are 3 main steps that you will need to complete in order to sucessfully tranfer your CNA license. Below will be a step by step process as well as other valuable information you will need to keep in mind about your CNA license transfer.

Steps of a CNA License Transfer

  1. The first step that you will want to do before any of the other steps is to contact your states Nursing Aide Registry by phone which can be found easily through a Google search. You will want to ask the person you talk to for a Application of Reprociprity which they will either send to your house through mail. or send it to the email in which you ask them to send it to. Once you fill  it out in it’s entirety, you will sent it back to your states Nursing Aide Registy which then they will send it to the states Nursing Aide Registry that you are going to move to. Make sure to verify that they are going to do this when you send it to them.
  2. Once you have sent your CNA license transfer application to Nursing Aide registy, you will want to follow up with the states registry that you are moving to, to verify that it actually made it to them. You will also need to fill out a Application of Reciprocity for the new state as well where you will need to follow the above steps with the new states Nursing Aide Registry. This isn’t madatory, as some states allow your CNA license transfer information to come from your old states registry, but others require that it comes from you personally inf the form of a new application.
  3. The person in which you speak with at your new states Nursing Aide registry will either have you fax or mail in your CNA license transfer form, as well as the other designated items that you may need to send in, some of which may be; your old states CNA approval, a copy of your social security card, a copy of your drivers license, verification that you have been working as a CNA is your old state as well as possibly a photo ID.

Other Details CNA License Transfer

In the midst of doing this CNA license transfer process, you may be informed that you need to complete certain training in order to be approved in the new state, as often times CNA requirements are different in each state, which may even go as far as you having to complete a licsensing exam that is up to par with what they expect out of CNA in their state. You will also be required to complete a new background check to verify that you are going to be a safe member to add to their CNA Registry. There may be other medical checks in which you will need to complete.

The whole process of your CNA license transfer may seem a bit overwhelming but once your come into contact with your new states Nursing Aide Registry, they will lay out steps that you need to complete, so that you can do them, check them off, and then verify that you completed them to the registry. Then you are done with the process and can both not have to worry about it again as well as be able to continure your profession as a CNA.


CNA License Renewal – How To Renew Your License

September 9, 2011

CNA License Renewal

CNA License Renewal

Unfortunately CNA licenses do not stay active forever but you can renew them by following a few steps. The act of CNA license renewal is to be done every one to two years, which more often than not your renewal date is either close or on your birthday, but depends on which state you live and work in. The steps that you must adhere to for CNA license renewal are listed below:

CNA License Renewal Prerequisits

  • The first step to CNA license renewal that you must follow is that you must have worked a certain amount of time as a CNA during the last year or two, which is usually a minimum of 150 hours, but again this can vary as well with each state. To verify how many hours you need to complete, you can check it with your states Nursing Aide Registry who will provide you with the exact number. These work hour requirements are just to make sure that you are up to snuff on the newest skills needed in order to succeed at the CNA Profession.
  • You must also keep your information current. If there are any changes thorughout the time before your next renewal, you will have to let your states Board of Nursing know. This can be done easily as active CNA’s get documents in the mail every so often asking if any of their personal information has changed.
  • Renewal forms in some states actually require you to prove that you have furthered your education with a certain amount of credits during each renewal. This can be through schooling or other specified training and can be a great way to both get the training you need for renewal and make you look more valuable on resumes, which in turn can lead to higher pay.
  • You must also make sure to keep away from trouble in order to have the best chances of CNA license renewal. Any convictions can lead to a CNA being banned from working in the profession.
  • You must also prove that you ar either a citizen or qualifying non citizen.

CNA License Renewal – How To Renew Your License

The best thing that you can do now is to contact your states Board of Nursing and inquire about the above and if they apply to the state you are living in. You will want to take note of all the requirements you must follow so that you know the exact numbers you must acheive to be able to attain CNA license renewal. They will also give you information on where you can fill out your renewal form, which the options are either online or mailing in a form that they provide you with. After you have submitted the renewal forms, it usually takes about two weeks before your CNA license renewal is complete.

Try your best to follow these specifications to a tee because many states will require that you take and pass your CNA testing again if you didn’t stay active.


CNA License Verification

September 9, 2011

CNA License Verification

CNA License Verification

Getting a CNA license happens as soon as you have passed both sections of CNA training testing, which as soon as it is verified that you have passed, your CNA license number is granted to you. The license number is to be referenced when you are applying to new jobs to prove you are certifiied.

This license will allow you to work anywhere in your area that needs CNA staff, like in hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes as well as hopice work. This license must be renewed what is usually every two years for most states, which this process is referred to a the CNA licnese verficiation process and can also be used to check if it is still valid. The process is fully detailed step by step in the following section.

CNA License Verifcation Process

The CNA license verification process can be done for expired licenses as well although do your best to not allow it to expire as you may have to take and pass the CNA testing again to get your license back. Here are the steps of verification:

  1. First off you will need to obtain the number and address to your states Nursing Aide Registry which you can easily find by doing a Google search.
  2. It is also good to know that some states allow the CNA license verification process to be done online at their main site, which will show you right on the site if your license is in fact still valid or not.  This can be done when you do the Google search and click on your states Nurse Aide Registry site.
  3. If your states registry doesn’t have the online CNA license verification, then you will need to contact them by phone to verify. They can usually do the verification process online by providing certian personal information like CNA license number, date you received it and possibly a social security number. If for some reason you have to go to a local location follow steps 4 & 5.
  4. When you go to this location you will want to have three things with you stated above; you CNA license number, the date is was given to you, as well as a copy of your old license. If for some reason you are unable to obtain this information, then you can also go through CNA license verification with a social security number as well as a photo ID.
  5. After you verify that you are actually who you are saying you are with the above information, then you will be CNA license will be verified. If you would like a new certification copy, this can be done. They will either send it to you by email which you can print out, or mail it to you which usually takes a minimum of two weeks.

If you cannot find the information you need to provide to your States Nurse Aide Registry for you Certified Nursing Aide Verification, then you can get this information by contacting the school where you first passed your training and received your license, they will give you the information you need. When doing your CNA license certification, be prepared to pay a small fee, which varies from state to state.

It also important to know that many states no longer issue out paper certifications which tell you when your license expires. When you go through the CNA license verification process, they will tell you when it needs to be renewed again, so keep this date written down so you don’t go past the next verification date.