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Nursing Aide Jobs – Different Jobs for CNA’s

August 3, 2011

Nursing Aide Jobs

Nursing Aide Jobs

When looking for jobs as a CNA whether you just got your certification or have had it for some time, it is always good to weigh your options when it comes to the different nursing aide jobs so that you will be happy with where you go to work every day along a hopefully being the most convenient option. There are many nursing aide jobs in different places, this article will talk about all the options avaialble to you in todays market so you can choose which one you would want to do.

Nursing Aide Jobs – All the different types

  1. The first option in the nursing aide jobs list is the most traditional and that is working in a hosptial setting. In this setting you can find jobs in various places in the hospital like the emergency room, progressive care or intensive care to name a few. In this work enviroment, you will be assigned the room numbers that you will be attending to as well as go around to the different rooms with the CNA whose shift you are relieving to get updated information on what is all going on. After this you will go on shift.
  2. The next nursing aides jobs option is working in nrusing homes or long term care centers. The job description is very similiar to the hospital setting, but these patients will be more long term, so you will be able to bond with patient morer as well as always being familiar with patients situations as you will be dealing with them on a long term basis.
  3. Home practice is another one of the nursing aide jobs at your avial. This jobs will have CNA’s helping out with just one patient. Like the others it will have similiar daily activities that involves patient care, but includes one thing that you usually won’t be doing in other nursing aide jobs situations and that is preparing food for the patient. These jobs can be applied for through different locat nursing agencies.
  4. Another option when considering nursing aide jobs that you want to apply for is being an aide at a school or physicians office. These jobs are a little more slim pickings because there is less of a staff demand but are still a great option to entertain when looking for a job. This school aide job requires the aide to maintain students health records, assist with health screenings, maintain the first aide supply among others. The pysicians office is a little less demanding than other jobs and include attending to the needs of the nurses along with maintaing records and attending to patients needs.

Nursing Aide Jobs – Conclusion

These are 4 main nursing aide jobs that are the most popular when a CNA considering a place to work. Some of the other choices are rehabilitation centers, mental care facilities, adult care facilities among others. The best thing to consider when searching for nursing aide jobs is to figure out which work environment will be best for you, like fast paced or slow paced, prefer working with kids or adults along with working in a hospital or outside a hospital.