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Illinois Nurses Aide Registry

September 4, 2011

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry

If you are a resident in the state of Illinois and are looking for infromation on your Illiinois Nurses Aide Registry, we have you covered! Discussed in this article will be the preqrequisits that are required of you to be come certified with the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry as well as information on what to do if you are tranferring from another state to come and be a CNA in Illinois.

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry Prerequisits

The major requirements that you need to verify to the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry to a registered CNA with them are the following:

  1. First off one must have finished an accredited CNA training course, which can be done through community colleges or online, nursing homes as well as through local hosptials. In Illinois, you can be as young as 16 years old when you enroll in your training.
  2. You must also be able to pass the background check to enable you to be a part of the Illinois Nursing Aide Registry. Past convictions weigh heavily on whether you get acccepted or not, so the person should have a clean record.
  3. It is a necessity that you know how to speak, read as well as write fluent and understandable english.
  4. You must also provide verfication that you have at least an 8th grade education.
  5. There is also a CNA compentency test that you must have passed to be part of the Illinois Nursing Aide Registry.

To become registered, among the above requirements, you must have completed your CNA training classes as well as past your CNA testing in order to become registered with the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry.  As soon as you get hired for a job as a certified nurses aide, you will have a 4 month period where you will need to get registered with the Illinois Registry. This is a short amount of time so it is highly suggested that after your complete the above spefications, you immediately get registered.

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry – CNA’s From Out Of State

In order to be able to work in Illinois as a CNA if you are coming from another state in the US, you must supply the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry with two things, which are:

  1. Providing proof that you were working as a certified nurses assistant in the state in which you moved from, which can be done with pay stubs, employer references or something similiar.
  2. You must also have an active CNA certification.

Illinois Nurses Aide Registry – What Else They Do

Aside from the above information, the Illinois Nurses Aide Registry is also there for other reasons, like:

  1. Keeping records of any abuse or negative work by patients, where employers can see this information and be able to keep from hiring a bad worker
  2. Keeping on file all of your credentials as well as any other higher education you have attained, making sure that the employer is paying your based of what you are worth.
  3. Keeping you safe from fraud, if someone tries to claim that they are you.