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What Does A CNA Do – Job Description

March 5, 2012

What Does A CNA Do

What Does A CNA Do

To answer the question of what does a CNA do the simple answer would be that it is a professional in the health care profession that provides direct care assistance to patients in a variety of care settings. The CNA and patient interaction encompasses most all of the work shift, where CNA’s have the most direct contact with patient/clients than any other health care personnel. Now what does a CNA do on the job? Well, to give you an example of what a shift may encompass, below are examples of the CNA job description:

  • Testing the vitals of the patients, which vitals that need testing are their pulse and heart rate as well as blood pressure. Any abnormalities need to be reported to the nurse.
  • Maintaining good hygeine for the patients, like bathing, shaving, brushing patients teeth and more.
  • Turning patients in their beds to avoid them from getting bed sores, which develop from being sedentary to long.
  • Discharging patients who are ready to go home, which can include describing a health care plan that the patient must continue to ensure that the continue to progress.
  • Helping patients use the restroom.
  • Measuring the imput (food & liquid intake) and the outake (how much a patient uses the restroom), also known as I&O.
  • Visiting rooms when patients push their call lights.
  • Putting new supplies in the supplies cabinet.
  • Light cleaning in patients rooms.
  • Helping patients with exercises as well as helping them with personal health care regimens.
  • Basic wound care.
  • Feeding patients, both with utensils as well as with a food tub.
  • Changing bed pans.
  • Getting patients ready for appointments that they have.
  • Making patients beds and swapping out dirty for clean linens.
  • Massaging patients.
  • Moving patients with the assistance of a gait belt is also part of answering the question of what does a CNA do.

So as you can tell, most all of what a CNA does on the job consist of basic things that come up in everyday life, so what really encompasses the certified nursing assistant job description is that the CNA caring for patients who are disable in multiple forms, assisting them with daily tasks that they can no longer carry out all by themselves. The CNA job description is carried out in various health care facilities like hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes as well as in patients homes, also known as hospice CNA’s.

The last thing that needs to be touched upon to full answer the question of what does a CNA do is the aspect of a daily shift in which a CNA needs to be physically fit as the job demands one to be constantly moving and active, which shifts usually last 8 hours. But not only does one need to by physically capable, they also need to have a strong sense of compassion as this will help one mold relationships with patients which in turn will make them feel both comfortable in a foreign setting as well as comfortable with sharing information that is vital for you to know so you can monitor their progress or lack thereof.