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Prometric CNA

September 4, 2011

Prometic CNA

Prometic CNA

If you are thinking about becoming a CNA, the main requiremnt is that you become certified, and one of those ways to get registerd as well as prepare for testing is through a company called Prometic. Prometic CNA exams are provided in the US as wells as other countries around the world and are becoming the go to company when it comes to CNA competency testing as they are providing some of the most highly qualified competence testing around, that challenges their testers to become highly knowledgeable employees.

About Prometic CNA Testing

When you are finished with your classroom training, you can do your Prometic CNA testing to get certified. The CNA testing with Prometric will be all computer based testing at one of their designated locations or through their 24/7 online service, where you wil have to anwer 50 different questions involving the education that you learning in your CNA class. These questions are usually time tested meaning that you will be given a certain amount of time to complete your test. For real Prometic CNA testing, you will receive your results usually within minutes after you take your test. Also, if you have any questions about your certification, you must inquire through the sponsor of your examination directly.

The Prometic CNA Test Drive

There is a CNA practice test, known as the Prometic CNA test drive that is provide to CNA students as a way to prepare you for what is to come on testing day. To take the Prometic CNA practice test, you must pay 30 dollars, which is worth its weight in gold as it will prepare you to ace your test. The test drive will consist of a few things, here is what you will enocounter if you decide to take their practice test, all of which you will encounter on testing day.

  1. Registration
  2. You will also check-in
  3. A introduction to the basic testing surroundings as well as the testing center tutors or employees
  4. You will then complete a sample test which usually allows a 15 minute timeframe in which you can complete you test.
  5. Lastly you will ecnounter the section that will fully prepare you for what you will have to do on testing day.

The entire Prometic CNA practice test usually involves around 30 minutes of training, so it is best to set this much time out when embarking on your test drive.

Prometic CNA Conclusion

Just so you know how legitimate this program is, it is be administed by the Board of Nursing in many states all around the US as well as in other countries, as the main force in the qualification process for CNA certification. By using tthe Prometic CNA testing, both practice and real test, it will both prepare you to ace your test, as well as make your resume look excellent with the Prometic name on it.

If you are interested in participating the Prometic CNA services that they offer, you can learn more as well as take your testing at which is their main website.


CNA Requirements

September 4, 2011

CNA Requirements

CNA Requirements

If you are thinking about starting a fulfilling career as as certified nurses assistant, there are many CNA requirements that are needed to get you going. To get you familiar with what is required of you to be come a CNA, we will provide you with a major oveview of what is need, so that you can get it done, and start earning a career salary, which can be done in weeks or at most months.

Education CNA Requirements

When it comes to the education  CNA requirements, it is essential that you complete your schooling at through an accredited training program which can be found in many locations, some of which include community colleges, long term care facililities and nursing homes, the Red Cross as well as through local hospitals. One of the other CNA requirements is that you need to make sure that your class is approved by your states Board of Nursing, if it is then you have the go ahead.

At the end of your training you will need to complete to tests, both a practical version, which is basically a multiple choice section as well as what is called a theoretical portion which includes you acting out certain patient care methods. To give you a feel for what you will be learning in these  classes, here is a short list of what you will be learning:

  1. Termonology that is used in the medical profession, which will help you effectively communicate to your colleagues.
  2. You will also be learning Pharmacology which is the study of the action that the drug (pharmaceutical) is taking on the body.
  3. Calculations of the pharmaceuticals that should be given.
  4. Communication with patients, like how to effectively calm a patient to where they will provide you with the information you need.
  5. Teaching on how to report progress or lack there of the the patient is making each day, also known as charting.
  6. Checking vital signs.
  7. Teaching on how to dress wounds as well as containing and eliminating infection.
  8. How to move patients without injuring the patient as well as yourself.
  9. Medical procedure assistance.
  10. Legal aspects of being a CNA.
  11. How to exercise your patients like range of motion as well as how to take care of bedriddent patients, like turing them to avoid bedsores.

This teaching will involde the CNA requirements that you must pass on your test to become certified, and like it was said above, these CNA skills testing will be spread out on testing day between both the practical and theoretical tests.

CNA Requirements – Personal Requirements

Now that you know the testing CNA requirements as well as what you will be learning in class, there are certain aspects that you must prove to be accepted into a CNA class. Although these personal CNA requirements slightly vary in each state, these are the main personal CNA requirements you must prove before your training starts:

  1. You need to be at least 18 years of age in order to enroll in a CNA training course.
  2. You need to have attained at least a high school degree or a GED.
  3. A background check will be run or a criminal check to verify that you have a clean record.
  4. You must also need to be able to read, write and speak english fluently.
  5. Possiblilty of a drug test
  6. There are often health related tests when it comes to CNA requirements. These tests are different for each state but may include a Tuberculosis Test.

Now that you know the CNA requirements, you are now ready to enroll in classes, which usually last around 75 hours and classes can range any from up to 1200 dollars. To get better deals on your schooling, there are a few things you can do; inquire about scholarships or grants through community colleges, nursing homes often offer free training if you come work for them after you are certified, the Red Cross often offers free CNA training. Hopefully this information one the CNA requirements was exactly whaty you needed, and all the best on your CNA career!




Free & Cheap CNA Training In Michigan

September 2, 2011

CNA Training In Michigan

CNA Training In Michigan

If you are a resident of the state of Micigan and are looking for to futher your dream of attaining your CNA license, there are plenty of place to get CNA training in Michigan that are accredited and will put you on the fast track to getting into the certified nurses aide profession. Just to give you a heads up, at the end of the article there will be resources on how to get free training as well.

Being that Michigan is such a large state, it is almost impossible to list all of the specific locations, but there are places where they offer training in every area of the state. The below information will show you exactly where to look and where to get the best prices as well as free CNA training in Michigan.

Free & Cheap CNA Training In Michigan

Being that CNA training in Michigan can cost up to 1000 dollars or more, this shouldn’t keep your from getting your education, which will net you anywhere between 25,000 to 40,000 a year which is the median salary for a Michigan CNA. You can try to use these 4 free CNA training methods on your search:

  1. Red Cross – Free CNA training in Michigan can be found through the Red Cross which has its Michigan headquarters in Detroit. The Red Cross is heavily funded by the government being that the CNA profession is in high demand so this can be a great chance to get free training and get it through one of the most credited nurses aide programs around. These classes are offered out of the Detroit Red Cross branch.
  2. No Worker Left Behind – This is a new program in which you can take advantage of that offers free cna training to those who are earning 40,000 dollars or less annually, are unemployed or received a termination notice. This program alone in a little over a year since its inception has funded over 125,000 peoples education.
  3. Nursing Homes – Nursing homes as well as long term care facilities or those that are similiar offer you the chance to get free CNA training in Michigan as well. This method can yeild free training as many of these facilities offer to pay for your training in the event that you come to work for them after your training has concluded. This can be a great way to both get your training at no cost as well as have a gauranteed job as well.
  4. Unemployement Agencies – If you are currently unemployed, you can no doubt get funding through your local unemployment agency as they are federally funded as well and their main goal of operation is to get the unemployed back on the workforce. These agencies know that money is the main reason that is keeping your from training so they will provide you with the means to obtain free CNA training in Michigan.
  5. Community Colleges – This option provides classes that are just cheap in general. Community colleges also offer scholarships and financial aid that can apply to your situation. CNA training in Michigan through community colleges also often offers the chance to do your training through an online class which you can set your own learning schedule. Some great community colleges that offer CNA training in Michigan are; Henry Ford Community College, Schoolcraft College and Washtenaw Community College, Liviona College.



Free CNA Training In PA

August 12, 2011

Free CNA Training in PA

Free CNA Training In PA

Taking time to learn all the free CNA training in PA methods can save you up to 1000 dollars or more and enable you to get your nurses aide certification at not cost. With this free training you can be on your way to your new career earning about 24000 per year salary which is the median for the state of Pennsylvania. Below will be ways in which you will be able to use to try and get free CNA training in PA.

Free CNA training in PA – Methods to get free training

  1. The first method that should be used before any of the following is that you should contact Pennsylvania’s Nurses Aide Registy. When you contact them, they will be happy to provide you with any information that they know about when it comes to free CNA training in PA. They are also a great resource for any other questions that you may have about the career.
  2. The second way to get free CNA training in PA is by going through one of over 30 nursing homes in the state. Often times nursing homes offer paid training to you if you come and work for them prior to your completion of you CNA testing. By contacting your locat nursing homes, they will tell you if and when they are having their classes. This free CNA training in PA method will go one of two ways. Either you will get the training paid for, or they will what they call “sponsor” you where they will pay you back when you are done with your training and working for them
  3. For people who either are under the category of low income or enemployed, you can contact either your local unemployment or welfare office and they will provide the funds needed to get your training completed. They are there on government funding with the main purpose of getting people back into jobs and prefer to help people who are looking to accomplish goals with the funding over people who aren’t.
  4. The next option where you will find excellent tuition prices as well as a possibly for free training is through community colleges. They are always offering grants and scholarships to people looking to further their education and can be a viable option to consider when searching for free CNA training in PA.
  5. Contacting the ACTS Health Service Institute who are affiliated with many different independent and long term care facilities all around the US also offer the opportunity to get free CNA training in PA. The way it works with them is that you pay for your tuition but it is reimbused once you start working at a Medicade/Medicare location.
  6. If none of the above options prove worthy of free CNA training in PA, you should contact the Red Cross because they have grant programs where they will usually pay for half of your training based on what you earn financially.

Free CNA training in PA – Conclusion

As you can now tell there are many ways to get either free CNA training in PA or ways to get it at a discounted price than what you would find at many places that offer training. It is a great plan of action to use one or more of these options before paying for your training as one of these is bound to help you get free CNA training in PA and set you up with great training the will enable you to be fully prepared for a great career.

Free CNA Training NYC – Multiple Methods

August 11, 2011

Free CNA Training NYC

Free CNA Training NYC

If you happen to be looking for the free CNA training NYC options that are out there, there are many that you can take advantage of, you just know where to look. So you don’t have to search all around the web for ways, this article will give you 5 free CNA training NYC methods that are being used every day go obtain free training for CNA certificatin. The next section will show you how so you can get a peice of the action.

Free CNA training NYC – Free training methods

  • The first method when it comes to the free CNA training NYC options is to contact are of your local nursing homes and long term healthcare locations. When these places are looking for new staff, they often offered paid training in order that you come on as part of their staff at the conclusion of your training. It is a great way to have a job after you are done training, and if for some reason you do not like it, at the end of their mandatory 6 month work term, you can seek employment elsewhere and still be certified.
  • The second free CNA training NYC method that you can use is to goby what is called Visiting Nurse Service who offers you the opportunity to train for free.
  • If you happen to be unemployed, unemployment agencies will provide funding for you so that you can further your education. These places love people who although can’t afford training, have a drive to get back into the work force and better their employment situation.
  • Many community colleges have the option of where you can apply for grants and scholarships and have been another free CNA training NYC method that has brought free education to students.
  • Workforce 1 is another option when looking for free CNA training in New York. Altough it is suggested that you exaust the above options first before working your way to this one because it takes a while to get accpeted and the vouchers are only accepted at some locations.
  • Another way is to contact New Yorks Nurses Aide Registration and ask them if they know about any way to get free CNA training in NYC. They are there for you when you have any questions regarding the nursing profession, both before and when you are in your career. Often times they will know about grants and scholarships coming out of different training facilities.

Free CNA training NYC – Conclusion

By using any of the above free CNA training NYC methods, you will be able to obtain your training at no cost where you will learn different things related to patient care like: vital testing, how to communicate in the hospital, how to do charting, how to calm patients who are angry, basic cleanliness when it comes to patients and their living environments, and much more. All of this can be done in as little as 2-8 weeks and will be taught to you by a currently employed registered nurse who will have all the knowledge and experience that you need from a teacher. These Free CNA training NYC methods have yeilded many free certifications to individuals all around the city and can be used by you too so that you don’t have to fork over anything and still get the training you need to start your career.