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CNA Test Questions – What Does The Certification Test Consist Of?

March 19, 2012

CNA Test Questions

CNA Test Questions

When it comes down to it, the CNA test questions will ultimately consist of the knowledge that you gathered during your CNA training course. There are two different portions of the test, those being a written portion where you will be asked a series of multiple choice questions, which start easy and get harder the more you answer questions correctly, also known as an adaptive test and usually consists of around 70 questions but can be more or less depending on the state that you live in.

If you answer all of the written certified nurse aid test questions, then you are aloud to take the clinical portion which is also known as the practical portion, which is where you will be asked to demonstrate anywhere from 3 to 5 different clinical skills, where 3 opportunities for each skill is given to the test taker to get it correct before they can move onto the next CNA test question. These CNA tasks questions will be given at random so it is vital that one prepares full for this portion, and become familiar with all the CNA skills.

Now as far as what types of questions are on the CNA competency exam, different test providers have different tests, but generally follow a similiar guideline, that of which is to test the applicant on their knowledge of the CNA profession and evaluate if they have the knowledge needed to provide the best care when they attain an entry level job. Below are examples of a host of different CNA exam questions subjects that you may be tested on during both the written and clinical portions of the test, as well as the best ways to prepare for your CNA test.

CNA Test Questions Examples

Multiple Choice CNA Test Questions

  • Testing vitals
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Reporting Patient Abuse
  • Signs Of Death
  • Discharging a Patient
  • Wound Care

Clinical CNA Test Questions

  • Testing Vitals
  • Making Patients Beds
  • Proper Bed Making
  • Dressing a Patient
  • Measuring input and output
  • Catheter Care
  • Repositioning Patients
  • Patient Exercises
  • Mouth Care
  • Counting Respiration
  • Measuring Blood Pressure
  • Performing a Modified Bed Bath
  • Putting Knee High Stockings on Patients
  • Feeding a Patient
  • Hand Washing

How To Prepare For The CNA Test

You can take the CNA test up to 3 times before you have to take a certification course over again, but you want to get into the profession as soon as possible and start working, so it is vital to prepare for this test way before test day. One of the best methods you can utilize that will ensure that you know the answers to the CNA test questions is to study with a classmate, which you can act out patient skills with each other which will provide you with great hands on experience when it comes time to take the clinical portion of your test. Also look into whether or not your course offers study sessions or test guides as most all CNA training courses offer to their graduates to help prepare them to answer the CNA test questions correctly.



Online CNA Classes – Benfits, Accredited Courses & Admission Requirements

March 13, 2012

Online CNA Classes

Online CNA Classes

Online CNA classes have really revolutionized the way one can learn the certified nurse aide trade. They can allow one to complete their CNA training in anywhere from 2 to at most 12 weeks, providing them with the credentials needed to enter the highly demanded CNA profession. These online CNA courses allow one to:

  • Train at any hour of the day as these classes are offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which allows one the ability to work a job and still be able to schedule their learning into their busy schedule
  • Learn at your own pace, as can learn as fast or as slow as they can, taking away from being either bored with an instructors slow speed or contantly trying to catch up, which happens all to often in a traditional CNA course.
  • The possibility of job opportunity afterwards poses itself as many online CNA classes are actually affiliated with different health care facilities and other institutions, which can allow one to do their training through these providers and then possibily come work for them after their training has concluded.
  • You will save money when it comes to gas, as you won’t be driving to and from school.

It should be known that unlike CNA classes in a real classroom, online CNA training doesn’t come with clinical training, so what will either happens is that your online CNA class will instruct you on how and where you should go about doing your clinical training which is most often times the case, or you will have to set it up yourself.

This is very important to remember as clinical training is one of the main prerequisites needed to take your states CNA competency evaluation. But on the opposite end, some states do not require you to take an accredited course in order to take the CNA exam, but doing your training through accredited online CNA classes will provide you with the most up to date training that will prepare you not only to pass the CNA exam, but will also prepare you to experience the greatest amout of success when you obtain your job as a CNA.

Accredited Online CNA Classes

When looking for online CNA classes that provide you with accredited training, it can be tough to navigate through as well as be sure whether they are credible or not. The best way to cut to the chase and find an accredited online certified nurse aide class is to contact your states nurse aide registry or even your states state board of nursing, both of which can help you find an accredited online CNA class.

Admission Requirements For Online CNA Classes

When it comes to getting accepted into online CNA classes, admission prerequisites vary but will most likely consist of:

  • A clean criminal background check.
  • At leat 16 – 18 years of age.
  • A high school diploma.

Attaining these requirements for admission will deem you eligible for becoming a student in accredited online CNA classes, which then you will be provided certified training that will make you a “certified nurse aide” unlike non formal training which designates you as a generic “nurse aide”.


What Does A CNA Do – Job Description

March 5, 2012

What Does A CNA Do

What Does A CNA Do

To answer the question of what does a CNA do the simple answer would be that it is a professional in the health care profession that provides direct care assistance to patients in a variety of care settings. The CNA and patient interaction encompasses most all of the work shift, where CNA’s have the most direct contact with patient/clients than any other health care personnel. Now what does a CNA do on the job? Well, to give you an example of what a shift may encompass, below are examples of the CNA job description:

  • Testing the vitals of the patients, which vitals that need testing are their pulse and heart rate as well as blood pressure. Any abnormalities need to be reported to the nurse.
  • Maintaining good hygeine for the patients, like bathing, shaving, brushing patients teeth and more.
  • Turning patients in their beds to avoid them from getting bed sores, which develop from being sedentary to long.
  • Discharging patients who are ready to go home, which can include describing a health care plan that the patient must continue to ensure that the continue to progress.
  • Helping patients use the restroom.
  • Measuring the imput (food & liquid intake) and the outake (how much a patient uses the restroom), also known as I&O.
  • Visiting rooms when patients push their call lights.
  • Putting new supplies in the supplies cabinet.
  • Light cleaning in patients rooms.
  • Helping patients with exercises as well as helping them with personal health care regimens.
  • Basic wound care.
  • Feeding patients, both with utensils as well as with a food tub.
  • Changing bed pans.
  • Getting patients ready for appointments that they have.
  • Making patients beds and swapping out dirty for clean linens.
  • Massaging patients.
  • Moving patients with the assistance of a gait belt is also part of answering the question of what does a CNA do.

So as you can tell, most all of what a CNA does on the job consist of basic things that come up in everyday life, so what really encompasses the certified nursing assistant job description is that the CNA caring for patients who are disable in multiple forms, assisting them with daily tasks that they can no longer carry out all by themselves. The CNA job description is carried out in various health care facilities like hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes as well as in patients homes, also known as hospice CNA’s.

The last thing that needs to be touched upon to full answer the question of what does a CNA do is the aspect of a daily shift in which a CNA needs to be physically fit as the job demands one to be constantly moving and active, which shifts usually last 8 hours. But not only does one need to by physically capable, they also need to have a strong sense of compassion as this will help one mold relationships with patients which in turn will make them feel both comfortable in a foreign setting as well as comfortable with sharing information that is vital for you to know so you can monitor their progress or lack thereof.

CNA Classes In Charlotte NC – Where To Get Training, Free Training & Requirements

February 27, 2012

CNA Classes In Charlotte NC


There are various CNA classes in Charlotte NC that can provide you with the essential training needed to have the knowledge to pass North Carolinas CNA exam. Your CNA class in Charolette will consist of learning in a classroom, skills labs and clinical training, which when they have passed both the CNA program and competency testing, you can expect to earn between $24,000 to $30,000 as well as the possibility of benefits. Below we have discussed various spots that offer CNA classes in Charolette NC, offering some of the best training in NC.

It should be known though that one is able to take the CNA exam in Charlotte withough having completed an accredited CNA course, which they will get three tries to pass, but if they fail 3 times then it will be mandatory that the individual takes an CNA course.

Facilities Offering CNA Classes In Charolette NC

Central Piedmont Community College – Healthcare Continuing Education 1201 Elizabeth Avenue Charolette, NC 28204 1-704-330-4377

Carolinas College of Health Sciences 1200 Blythe Blvd Charolette, NC 28203 1-704-335-5043

Express CNA Training 101 E. Cabarrus Avenue Concord, NC 28025 1-704-795-3197

CNA classes in Charolette NC will run anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, which courses require their applicants to have certain prerequisites for admission, those of which can include:

  • A backround check.
  • 18 years or older.
  • A high school education or GED.
  • Immunizations and a negative tuberculosis (TB) test (may only be required for taking the CNA exam).

Free CNA Classes In Charolette NC

These are various locations that offer CNA training in Charolette North Carolina, which you may be able to get free training at which you can inquire about scholarhips or grants through the program you want to attend, but other ways that may offer your free CNA training in Charolotte NC are:

  • Contacting nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities which often times set up classes through their facility at a different location which often times that offer aspiring CNA free tuition if they agree to employment at the facility when their training is over.
  • If you happen to be unemployed, free CNA classes in Charolette NC can be obtainined by visiting an unemployment office and working with one of their representatives as these places are backed by funding from the government as well as local private sources that can provide you with the money needed to go back to school.
  • You can also apply for the Pell Grant which is done by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and can offer eligible applicants up to $5660 to use towards paying for their tuition and other expenses related to their schooling.
  • You can also ask about certain grants and scholarhips at Central Peidmont Community College as they may be able to offering you financial aid to pay for your training.
  • You should also hang onto your receipt if you end up having to pay for your CNA course with your own money, as some employers offer reimbursment for some or the entire cost of CNA classes in Charolette NC.

How To Be A CNA – Exact Steps

February 14, 2012

How To Be A CNA

How To Be A CNA

When it comes to how to be a CNA, there are a certain steps that one must take that when completed will result in the attainment of their certified nursing assistant certification. But before we get into the traditaional steps, it should first be known that many states allow one to challenge the state CNA competency exam without having obtained any CNA education at all, which they get three chances to pass the competency test, in which if one fails three times then they are demanded to attend a CNA course. This can be something to keep in mind but if you want to take the most suggested route, than below are the exact steps that you need to take when it comes to how to be a CNA right below.

Exactly How To Become A CNA

  1. Find an accredited course in your area, which can be done by contacting your states nurse aide registry, which courses need to be accredited by a regional accreditation commission and/or a national commission. Accredited courses are offered through the likes of community colleges, vocational schools as well as through nursing homes, long term care facilities and hospitals which are offered at a different location.
  2. Find out what the requirements are for admission into this CNA school, which will most likely consist of; being anywhere from a minimum of 16 to 18 years old, a background check, a high school education or GED as well as a medical and physical exam.
  3. The next step to becoming a CNA is to take the course, which minimum hours for accredited courses can vary depending on the state you live in but tend to range from a minimum of 75 to 150 hours of cumulative training. Training the will consist of in class training which is taught to students by a RN or LVN, skills labratories where students learn patient care skills as well as training in a clinical setting.
  4. The next step when it comes to how to be a CNA is passing the course, which in order to do so certain grades as well as attendence are required which near perfect or perfect attendence is usually demanded.
  5. After completing an accredited CNA training course you will then need to find out what is required out of you to take your states competency evaluation, which requirements may include; a new clean background check, immunizations, a negative tuberculosis test as well as presenting both a photo ID and proof of completing your CNA training program.
  6. After you have figured out the requiremsnts, the next step you need to take to become a CNA is taking both portions of your states competency evaluation. The first portion is the written part where you will need to get a minimum of 80 percent of them correct to be able to take the second portion of the test. The second portion of the test is referred to as the practical or skills portion where you will need to act out patient skills and do them all correctly in order to successfully complete the exam, which you will get 5 chances to act the skill out correctly.
  7. After you have completed the competency test, you will either be notified right after or after a week or two depending on who you are doing your testing through, which if you pass then you will be mailed your certification within 2 weeks along with different facilities that you can apply to.
  8. The last how to be a CNA step creating a CNA application, applying and getting a job as a CNA!