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What Your CNA Training Class Will Consist Of & Accredited Course

August 3, 2011

CNA Training Class

There are many activities that a cna training class encomposes with the end goal of educating its students with the knowledge needed to succeed into the certified nursing feild once they aquire a job in the profession. This article will give you all the details if you were take a CNA training class so you will be prepared if you do choose to follow through with attaining your certification.

CNA Training Class – Class Activities

The following activities that you will learn in class will consist of learning through books, lectures, hand on experience and more. Here is a details in what you will learn in a CNA training class, that of which will consist of about 75 hours of class time:

  • Right off the bat the student will learn how to relay information pertaining progress as well as the daily development of their assigned patients.
  • When obtaining this information it is crucial that you know how to approach a patient when obtaining the information needed to be relayed. You will be taught to you in a certified nursing assistant training class how to develope this right approach so that patients feel sucure enough to confide in you their information. Communication methods will consist of basic communication skills, stress management, non verbal skills, as well as the right way to break it to family members when an unfortunate death has occured.
  • You will also be taught your overall role in the hospital or choosen work setting as a CNA, as well as learning basic terminology that is used so people understand what you are trying to communicate on he job. This part will really reveal how big of a role a CNA actually plays in the health care system
  • A CNA training class will also offer you the information you need in order to know how to move or maneuver a patient the safe way. As patient moving can be tough, class literature will show you exactly how you will move patients from their bed to their wheel chair or turning them over to avoid bed sores among others, the safe way so that you can protect yourself from injury at all times. Also this part will show you how to dress wounds and bed sores if they occur so that they are clean and sanatized
  • Along with learning how to move patients or assist them in the process, you will also be learning how to help them walk
  • You will also be thoroughly taught the different vital testing techniques like measuring blood pressure, heart rate, patients temperature as well as their respiration.
  • A lot of physical skills education will take up a large majority of your time in your CNA training class. Some of the pysical skills that you will learn will be as follows: assiting with patient cleanliness and dressing, dealing with multiple different special needs patients, as well as managing and eliminating infection.
  • Learning how to keep track of patients records as well as the protection of your patients privacay

CNA training class – Conclusion

This may seem like a lot to learn, but CNA training class work is spaced out in a way where the student will learn in a step by step process and won’t move on until you are familiar with how to do what is being taught. Now you know what you classroom envioronment will be like, it is time to enroll yourself at a place that offers a CNA training class. There are multiple options that offer you these classes as well as helping you get them paid for, and some of these options that offer a CNA training class is, going through the Red Cross, taking your class at a community college campus or online and taking it at on site location like at a hosptial. When exausting these options, always make sure to ask what kind of funding is available, because more times than not many students have received fully paid education while completing their CNA training class.

If you are interested in finding an accredited CNA training class in your area then the best thing to do is to contact your states nurse aide registry who can provide with information on accredited schools in your area.