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CNA Classes In Chicago – Providers & Free CNA Training

January 11, 2012

CNA Classes In Chicago

CNA Classes In Chicago

If you are looking for CNA classes in Chicago, good news is that there are various schools/classes that are offered that prepare aspiring CNA’s to take the certified nurses aide competency examm, where afterwards will be earning a salary which the median for the profession in Chicago is $31,000 per year. Chicago CNA courses will consist of; classroom learning, skills labratories as well as training in a clinical setting. Courses will be taught by a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and will provide the training needed to meet the state requirements set by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Below are the locations that are currently offering CNA training courses in Chicago.

Locations Offering CNA Classes In Chigago

Grace Health Care Center
5945 West Madison Street
(773) 287 – 8980

Harold Washington College
30 E Lake St
(312) 553 – 5600

Saint Anthony Hospital
2875 West 19th Street
(773) 484 – 1000

Wilbur Wright College
4300 North Narragansett
(773) – 777 – 7900

Career Training Center of Chicago
3525 W. Peterson Ave.
(772) 583 – 1433

Abbey Home Health Services
4554 N Broadway
(773) 784 – 0044

Saint Mary’s of Nazerth Hospital Center
1127 N Oakley Blvd
(312) 770 – 2391

(This CNA Chicago training location has been rumored to offer free CNA training.)

Arturo Velasquez West Side Technical Institute
2800 S. Western Avenue

Great Paragon Health Services Inc Certifed Nurses Aide School
121 W Devon Avenue
(773) 973 – 1753

Chicago Learning Community Center
4753 Broadway
(773) – 506 – 1503

Americare Home Health Group
6201 West Touhy Avenue

These programs have been said to have met requirements for accreditation, but the best thing to do when picking your CNA training in Chicago provider is to make sure that it is acredited by the Illinois Nurse Aide Registry who can be contacted by calling: 1 – 800 – 748 – 0252.

How To Get Free CNA Classes In Chicago

Taking a CNA class in Chicago at no cost is much better than paying for it, for obvious reasons. Below are various methods that you can use to get your CNA training for.

  • If you are unemployed you can go into a local unemployment agency and they can help you attain the funds needed to attend a CNA program in Chicago.
  • Nursing homes as well long term care facilities are known for actually either paying for your training or reimbursing you when you are done if you agree to an employment contract with them upon passing the certification exam.
  • The Work Force Investment Act (WIA) was established in 1998 as a way to provide means to people for schooing who had a desire to attend but couldn’t do so. It is essentially a government grant program which grants eligible candidates up to $6000 to go towards education costs which CNA courses are included in eligible education. To find out more about free CNA training through this method, contact the Illinois Workforce Development System. A similiar program that offers federal grants is the Pell Grant, which you can apply for by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • You may also be able to find free of discounted CNA classes in Chicago at community colleges if you are either a single parent, or make under a certain amount annually, which the best thing to do would be to visit a community college offering CNA courses and inquire through the front office.