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How To Obtain Your Home Health Aide Certification

April 29, 2012

Home Health Aide Certification

Home Health Aide Certification

Getting your home health aide certification has never been easier as well as there has never been a better time considering home health aides are high in demand and will be in the future. Getting certified as a home health aide will present you with the prerequisites needed to get your first job and allow you to build a reputation as a specialist as employers see dedication to the profession out of those who have passed the certification exam.

HHA certification courses don’t last to long either, ranging from 75 to 120 hours of training that includes both traditional course work in a classroom along with doing a set amount of hours of practical training. At the end of ones home health aide certification training they will need to take a certification exam which they will be tested in the form of both a written state test and a practical skills test which you will need to pass both portions in order to become certified. During this time, the students will learn about 17 different types of skills that will come up in the test as well as be needed when one starts working as a home health aide.

As far as the course length as well as the pass rates for your states HHA certification exam, the numbers will be dictated by your states minimum requirements, which can vary from state to state.

Who Offers Home Health Aide Certification Courses?

There are home health aide training courses all over the world, but the best classes are state accredited, which the most recognized providers of home health aide certification training courses are; The National Association for Home Care (NAHC) which is the most popular that most working HHA’s have done their training through, along with the Red Cross who offers accredited HHA courses as well. Another great method that can help you find accredited training courses is to call around at home health aide agencies and ask them about doing your training through them as this can help you find approved training, often times get it for free along with have a guaranteed job through the agency after you receive your home health aide certification.

After one has completed all the steps it takes to get their home health aide certifcation they will we certified as a HHA and will be able to work under hospice nurses carrying out the home health aide job description that offers a gratifying career to those who do so. Getting your home health aide certification will also give you a good feel for what the nursing profession is really like which can help you decide whether or not you will want to go to school and become a nurse, which your HHA experience will provide you with a great credential that looks incredible on school applications as well is often required as an admission prerequisite by many nursin degree programs, allowing you to have what is needed to get into the program over those with no experience.


CNA Certification Test – What You Will Be Tested On

April 22, 2012

CNA Certification Test

CNA Certification Test

Getting a passing score on your CNA certification test is the final barrier that you need to break through to be able to start working as a certified nursing assistant. Depeding on which state you live in, the minimum score can vary but the general standards for pass rates include answering 80% of the questions on your written test and performing correctly all the practical skills test demonstrations that you are asked to give.

Written CNA Certification Test

Now when it comes to the written or also known as the multiple choice section of your CNA testing, you will be required to take it on a computer, which the test goes two directions, one being that if you answer questions correctly then the test will get more difficult, challenging your knowledge more and more with every question, the second way being when one doesn’t answer the CNA test questions right which the test actually gets easier. So essentially the harder your CNA certification test gets, the better you are doing which means the more of a chance you have to pass the test and earn your CNA certification. This part of your testing will have to do with all the theoretical knowledge that you learned as well as other information pertaining to providing optimal care for the patient.

Practical CNA Certification Test

It should be known that in order to be aloud to partake in the practical part of your CNA competency exam, it is a must that you first pass the written part. After it has been verified that you got at leat the minimum correct to suffice the pass rate, you will then go up in front of either one person or a panel of people where they will ask you to show them certain skills that related to caring for patients, skills that will be vital for you to have on the job. This part usually includes 3 and at most 5 questions that you will need to show, which like it was said above they all need to be carried out successfully. Although this may seem extreme, you will get 3 tries on each to show that you can do it the right way.

Who Can Take the CNA Certification Test?

Technically anyone can take it if your state permits anyone to challenge the CNA certification exam without doing your CNA training through an accredited school, which some states do. But even through this may be the case for your state, it is still suggested that one does their training through an accredited training course as doing so will give you the main credential needed to qualify for being able to take the exam and optimally prepare you for experiencing success on the exam, keeping your from having to take it again and again, which you are aloud to take the CNA certification test 3 times before you have to repeat an accredited training course. Now you may be asking yourself how you can find accredited courses, which the easiest way find them in your area is to phone your states CNA registry as they hold knowledge of the whereabouts of all the accredited training classes in your area.


CNA Certification Online – Getting Accredited Training Online

April 15, 2012

CNA Certification Online

CNA Certification Online

Doing your CNA certification online course can bring time freedom, allowing you to do your schooling at a time that fits into your own personal schedule, without having to drive to school, or worst case you may have to drive to school once or twice to take a test, worst case. Now it is kind of a contradiction to call it a CNA certification course as you cannot actually get certified online, as these courses are meant to prepare you for the certification test which is done on-site a local testing center where you need to be present during both portions of the testing.

But when it comes to doing online CNA training, you can prepare the same way you would for the certification test as you would visiting a college or any other CNA education portal like through hospitals, vocational schools and through nusing homes. The training will consist of the same type of curriculum that is taught, but it gives you a sense of freedom that comes with being able to study when you want instead of having to try to keep or not being able to learn a the speed that you want to lean at, as we all learn at different speeds.

Now these CNA certification online classes will provide you with the skillsets and knowledge that is needed to experience a high level of success on the CNA exam which the online class will really delve into the topics that will come up as questions during the multiple choice portion of the testing. But due to the fact that your states CNA competency testing includes a clinical portion, which when we refer to clinical we mean that you will be actually showing your skillsets off to the test providers of how well you can carry out patient skills, which you will be asked to show 3 to 5 skills correctly. Due to the fact that you will be tested on this, a CNA online certification class will require you to also do your clinical preperation at a place where CNA’s care for actual patients, like at a hospital or local elderly care facility, which you will need to complete a certain number of hours of clinical time in order to be able to pass you online CNA trianing course. The amount of training hours that you will need under your belt will be dictated by your states regulations, which they tend to state that you need to take a course that is around 120 hours, hours that include both the classroom training and your hands on clinical training.

When you are searching for a provider of CNA certification online courses, you want to make sure that the course is accredited by your state. Taking an accredited course will really set your apart when it comes to getting the best education there is on the CNA profession along with really preparing you to do great on your testing. To get help finding accredited CNA certification online courses, make it a point to call your state CNA registry and ask them about providers that offer you accredited training online.

CNA Certification Requirements – All That You Need

March 25, 2012

CNA Certification Requirements

CNA Certification Requirements

Becoming a CNA cna be one of the best decisions one can make as the the demand for new CNA’s has never been higher than it is now. Obtaining the CNA certification requirements will allow on to enter into the CNA profession as well as gain valuable hands on training that can be helpful when it comes to furthering their career in the medical feild to a career as an LPN or even RN. Attaining the CNA certification prerequisites cna acutally be done is as little as weeks and at most months, which the main things that are included in what you will need to get certified are:

  1. Completing a CNA training through a course that has been accredited by your state, which you will need to suffice the requirements needed for admission into the course which the best method of doing this is simply contacting that CNA training program that you wish to attend and asking them what they are. The main requirements for admission include things like; being over 18, a clean criminal background check, having your high school diploma or GED among others.
  2. Passing your states CNA competency evaluation which the test is given to test takers in two forms which are a written form which where students will take a multiple choice exam that ranges anywhere from 80 to 120 questions as well as a clinical part where one will act out patient care skills, which must be done correctly, which this portion will come in the form of anywhere from 3 to 5 patient skills.

Completing step #1 will prepare you for passing step #2 and allow you to have all the CNA certification requirements as once you pass your CNA test, you will be mailed your CNA certification and be able to work as a certified nurse aide in your area as soon as you do. You CNA certification will be active for 2 years, allowing you to legally work in any place where CNA’s assistant the working nurses. It should be known that CNA certification requirements for being aloud to take your states CNA certification exam can range as well when it comes to what you need to provide to be eligible to take the test, those of which will most likely include; passing an accredited course, negative tuberculosis (TB) test, multiple forms of ID as well as the possibility of you having to provide another clean backgound check.


These are the general CNA certification requirements but it should be known that one can actually become certified in their state as a CNA without even taking an accredited course if their state allows them, which the individual can choose to challege the the CNA test without official training. For more information about the CNA certification requirements in your state, the best thing to do would be to contact your states nurse aide registry who can provide you with ample information on your states particular certified nursing assistant certification requirements as well as helping you locate an accredited course to do your training through in your area.

Exact Steps To Attaining Your CNA Certification

February 7, 2012

CNA Certification

CNA Certification

Obtaining your CNA certification will allow you to become part of a highly damanded profession as well as be able to earn a salary of around $27,000 a year, which you can start earning right after the completion of your certified nurse aide certification course, which last anywhere from 2 to at the most 12 weeks.

  1. The first step towards attainin your nurse aide certification is to contact your states nurse aide registry, as they maintain a database of all the accredited courses that are being offered in your state. Once you have contact them, there is likely to be a host of different options in your immediate area which CNA certification courses are offered in places like community colleges and vocational schools as well as through nursing homes and hospitals along with long term care facilities, which the training is offered at a different location. Also if a course is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, then it will no doubt qualify one to be able to take the competency evaluation.
  2. Next, you will want to enroll in the course, which admittance will depend on having certain prerequisites like a clear medical and physical exam, a clean background check, be a certain age which can range from a minimum of 16 to 18 depending on the state as well as a high school diploma or GED. All CNA certification programs demand different admission requirements so it is best to contact the program you wish to attend and inquire through them about the prerequisites needed.
  3. The third step is taking the course, which you will want to verify what type of attendence is needed to pass the course, which most often than not perfect or near perfect attendence is needed. In your course you will learning the skills and knowledge that is necessary to pass your states CNA certification test, which the curriculum is taught through in class training administered by a RN or LVN, skills labratories as well as training in a clinical setting. Depending on your states rules and regulations for minimum hours, your accredited CNA certification course will last a minimum of 75 to 150 total hours.
  4. The next step is to take the CNA certification examination, which will either be offered at the same place that you did your training like if you do it through the Red Cross, or at a designated location which is provided after you have successfully completed your nursing aide certification course. The test will consist of two portions, the first being a written test which one will have to answer at leat 80 percent of them correctly in order to move onto the skills test portion which will consist of a host of different patient skills that the test take must demonstrate correctly, which all must be done correctly in which 3 chances are give for each skill demonstration. It should be known that there are also requirements to take the CNA exam, which can consist of providing another clean background check as well as a negative tuberculosis (TB) test among others. One gets three chances to pass both portions of the CNA certification exam, in which if one doesn’t pass after the third attempt they must take a certification course again before they are able to take the CNA test again. A couple major competency evualation providers are Pearson Vue as well as Prometric, which often times offer free practice tests that can help you prepare for your CNA testing, which is highly suggested that one utilizes.
  5. Once you have passed both portions of the CNA test, you will be awarded your CNA certification which will come in the the mail, usually within a maximum of 2 weeks, also coming with locations in your immediate area that hire CNA’s that you can apply to.

Now these are the steps one takes to obtain their certified nursing assistant certification, which this is the suggested route as going through an accredited course is both advised as well as provide you the best skillsets and knowledge that will equate to the student having the ability to provide to best care possible. Now a more indirect way would be to challenge the CNA certification competency test in your state without having compelete a certified nursing aide certification course, which some states do allow which if you want to go this route, then the best thing to do is to contact your states nurse aide registry to see if this is valid option or not. The other thing is that many states demand that you obtained training from an accredited CNA certification course to be able to obtain employment in your state.