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California CNA Certification

September 4, 2011

California CNA Certification

California CNA Certification

California CNA certification is attained after fulfilling many prerequisits, both education related as well as personally related and will grant you the opportunity to work anywhere in your immediate area like in hosptials, nursing homes as well as hospice care among others. This is all made possibly by the California Nurse Aide Registry which keeps a database of all the certified CNA’s in California, and what all employees refer to when they are looking for employees to hire, which is basically like having a application on file for all hiring employers to view. The requirements that are demanded will be discussed in great detail in the following sections.

California CNA Certification Prequisites

Here are the requirements that one must complete that will enable them to get their California CNA certification and be added to the Registry:

  1. You will needed to complete an accredited training course, one that is listed with California State of Nursing. These classes are found in various locations and California requires that the classes be at least 75 hours which will include both practical and theoretical teaching. This also includes that you must have at least 100 hours of what is called clinical rotation, where you as a student in other words shadows and learns by observing. A phot ID is always requested on testing day.
  2. Once you complete your schooling, the next step in the California CNA certification process is that you need to go take the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam, which requires verification that you completed your schooling. These test locations will be provided by the teacher of your CNA class, if not done at the same location of your class.
  3. It is essential that you also pass a Tuberculosis test within the last 6 months, as well as provide proof that you received specific vacinations.
  4. You will also need to pass a background/criminal check with a clean record, two finger print cards.
  5. Also essential to your California CNA certification is that you have at least a high school education or have obtained a GED.

Once you have proven the above and past your testing, you will receive your California CNA certification and be entered into the California Nurse Aide Registry. It is important that you renew your certification every 24 months as this is the requirement, which will cost you 40 dollars each renewal. Processing of this renewal can take up to a few weeks so be sure to do it a month or two in advance from when the 24 months are up. If during the last 24 months you have not worked as a CNA and want to renew your California CNA Certification, you must retake and pass the certification exam.

California CNA Certification – Transfer From Another State

In the event that you are looking to further your career in California and are coming in from another state, there are requirements that you must fufill to obtain California CNA certification. Those requirements are:

  1. Apply for reciprocity if you are currently certified in the state you are coming from which can be done by contacting the California Nurse Aide Registry.
  2. You must be in good standing with on the states CNA registry that you are moving from to obtain a California CNA certification.