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Nurse Assistant Job Description – What It All Entails

April 8, 2012

Nurse Assistant Job Description

Nurse Assistant Job Description

When reviewing the subject of what the nurse assistant job description entails, the most simplistic description that can be offered is that it is one who helps individuals with ordinary daily tasks that these patients have trouble doing by theirselves. The CNA job description is also highly based off of assistant the nurse or nurses that you are working with, as CNA’s are known for doing the busy work so that the nurses can focuses upon doing what they need to do instead of being distracted by the more simplistic aspects of patient care. But as far as the tasks go, there are a wide variety of tasks that are carried out by a CNA when working, which are expanded on below for you to check out, which it is a long list but know that these are the duties that entail the nurse assistant job description, but aren’t all carried out on the same day everday.

Duties of The Nurse Assistant Job Description

  • Monitoring the vitals of patients.
  • Oral and hygeine care and maintanence.
  • Toilet assistance.
  • Replacing clean bedpans with ones that are dirty.
  • Helping patients with different exercises.
  • Maintaining clean rooms.
  • Documenting and charting patient related information, which can include things like; changes in their mood or appetite, how much they are eating and eliminating, if they are getting better or worse among others.
  • Assiting in patient activities.
  • Serving meals to patients and helping them eat food.
  • Moving patients from things like their bed to a wheel chair or vice versa, in and out of bath tubs, into their beds, etc.
  • Checking in on patients when they press their call lights.
  • Giving patients bathes.
  • Post mortem care.
  • Swapping out bandages on wounds.
  • Aspects of admitting, transferring and discharging a patient
  • Bedridden patient assistance which encompasses things like turning patients to a different position so they dont get bed sores, changing their bed sheets, making their bed either when it is unoccupied as well as when a patient is in it as well as patient massages to help with good blood circulation.
  • Providing a certain amount of emotional support to patients.
  • Updating the CNA coming on after them of vital things they need to know about the patients as well as reporting changes to the doctor or nurse on staff.

Now this is a general look inside what a CNA does on a daily basis, but one should know that the nurse assistant job description is heavily dictated off of what the patient is dealing with and what their needs are as you will be catering to what they need. The certified nurse aide job description can be carried out in a variety of different types of facilities, some of which include; hospitals, home care, assisted living centers and even in the offices of physicians. Being that CNA’s have the most intimate contact with the patients in the care facility, the nurse assistant job description is also heavily based off of bonding with them the most and forming relationships with patients that help them gain patients trust and help them feel safe and secure where they live.

The Average Nursing Assistant Salary & Inhibiting Factors

February 20, 2012

Nursing Assistant Salary

Nursing Assistant Salary

The nursin assistant salary is dictated by various factors, just like with any other career out there,  but statistics show that one can expect to earn between $25,000 and $32,000.

Factors That Inhibit the Nursing Asssitant Salary

Type of Facility – Where you work will no doubt play into what ones CNA salary is, which for examples sake the lowest nursing assistant salaries are founed in long term care facilities and the highest being found in specialty types of facilities like intensive care. This also includes how busy the facilities is as a busier facility will impose more demand on the CNA, most likely bumping up their salary.

Geography – Where you work in your state as well as in the country will also play into what you a nursing assistant earns. For example the state of Michigan has a median nursing assistant salary of around $26,000 whereas the city of Detroit which is one of the major metropolitan cities in Michigan has an average certified nurse aide salary of over $33,000. This can be the case for big cities like San Francisco as well as New York among many others, where salaries will be higher to coincide with the cost of living.

Shift – Due to the fact that CNA’s work all types of hourse, the nurse assistant salary can rise and fall slightly depending on what shift you are working. For example the CNA working the night or graveyard shift will most likely earn more than the CNA working the day shift, as well as higher pay for those working the weekend shifts.

Experience – The more experience ones pick up, the higher their certified nursing assistant salary will be, which also includes the ability to negotiate a higher salary to an extent as experience will prove that you can provide the best care possible related to those who are applying for entry level CNA jobs.

Accredited Education – For the most part, education from an accredited nursing program is demanded for CNA employment, although some states allow one to work as a CNA without obtaining their certification, which the individual with an accredited education and CNA certification will earn more than one without any formal training.

Continuing Education – Continuing education actually goes hand in hand with the nursing assistant salary as most all CNA’s are required to attain a certain minimum amount of continuing education hours every 2 years, which gathering more continuing education than the minimum may play a part in increasing ones CNA pay.

How To Earn A Nursing Assistant Salary

The average nursing assistant salary may seem low, but considering the fact that you can start earning the salary in as little as a few weeks as CNA courses only run anwhere from 2 to 12 weeks, the salary is pretty good. If you are interested in working as a CNA you will want to find an accredited CNA training course in your area, which after you have completed it in it’s entirety you will have the credentials needed to take your states CNA competency exam, where you will need to pass both the written and clinical portions of the test. Once you have passed both portions, you will be mailed a your CNA certification and be able to apply for CNA employment and start earning the nursing assistant salary as well as get hands on training needed to further your career to per say a RN.


Florida Certified Nursing Assistant – Free Classes & Requirements

December 16, 2011

Florida Certified Nursing Assistant

Florida Certified Nursing Assistant

If you are looking to become a Florida certified nursing assistant, you can do so at various locations throughout the state, which some training facilities include; vocational schools, nursing homes, long term racre facilities, hospitals, community colleges and more. When looking for a nurse aide course in Florida, the best thing to remember is to find one which is actually certified, which although is not required for CNA employment, but will set you apart from other applicants as these courses have the best and most up to date CNA training around. You can find out if it is certified by either checking if it is approved by the National League For Nursing Accredited Commission, or contact your states Board of Nursing which they can give you more information on local certified classes.

Free Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Courses

By completing a certified nurse aide course you will be able to enter a field which in the state of Florida has an average salary of $28,000 per year as well as can come with excellent beneifts. CNA courses in Florida can run one in the low hunreds to a couple thousand dollars, which is a pretty good chuck of change to have to come up with. There are ways that you can get your nurse aide training at no cost, which below are a couple methods.

  • Nursing homes, long term care facilities and hospitals often times will pay for their students to get their certification if they come work for them afterwards. They also sometimes offer the opportunity for “tuition reimbursement” which you pay for your training out of pocket and they will reimburse you for all the expenses when you have passed your certification exam. Three nursing homes that have been shown to provide free training include; Bay Creek Nursing Center in East Hudson, Carnagie Gardens Nursing Center in Melbourne as well as Lake Harris Health Center in Leesburg. The best hing to do is to contact local facilities in your area and inquire through them about if they provide paid or reimbursed training.
  • The Red Cross often times offers free Florida certified nursing assistant courses, which will both allow you to train for free as well as get your certification from one of the best training organizations in the world. There are 4 different Red Cross Chapters in Florida, which the locations are: Jacksonville, Panama City, Tamba Bay and Rockeledge.
  • Applying for scholarships can be another way to go, for instance the Pell Grant as well as a host of other government loan, grant and scholarship programs can be applied or by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aide (FAFSA).
  • The state of Florida actually doesn’t require that an individual takes a certified class to become eligible for employment, which if you feel like you can pass the certification exam without official training, you are able to sit for it without showing that completed a nurse aide schooling program.

Florida CNA Requirements

In order to get into a certified cna program in Florida, you must meet certain requirements, which can consist of:

  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • Not Pregnant.
  • A  stable and good standing record of employment.
  • No infectious diseases.
  • Pass a backround check.
  • Finger Prints.
  • Have not been terminated from a Medicaid program in Florida.

After being admitted to a CNA program, you will be administered knowledge by a Registered Nurse (RN) as well as learning in a clinical setting. After you have completed the course, you will then take your certifcation exam, which will consist of both a written or multiple choice portion as well clincal portion where you will need to demonstate a host of CNA skills. You will have to pay a $93 dollar fee in order to take the examination.

Applying For CNA Reprocity In Florida

If you happen to be moving to Florida from another state, you can work as a CNA without having to take the certification exam, but must apply for reciprocity which can be done through Florida’s Nurse Aide Registry. For more information on obtaining reciprocity, you can visit the following link which will take you to a page created by the Florida Board of Nursing which states all the instructions: Florida Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nurses Assistant Classes

December 4, 2011

Certified Nurses Assistant Classes

Certified Nurses Assistant Classes

There is no better time to be looking for certified nurses assistant classes as the demand for CNA’s is extremely high. Not only do you give yourself an excellent shot at getting work, you can complete your training within weeks and at the most months and start earning a career salary which is at an average of 23,300 per year and can scale as high as $40,000. When looking for a certified CNA class, you will want to find one that is accredited which is a main requirement when it comes time to take the Certified Nurses Aide Examination. Now to make sure that the CNA course is accredited, you will want to find one that has been given accreditation status by the likes local as well as national boards that are recognized by the US Department of Education, or better yet the National Leauge of Nursing Accredited Commision(NLNAC). The next step you will need to do is to figure out what the requirements are for your state in order to become accepted into a certfied nurses assistant class which can be done through your states Nurse Aide Registry. Some of the requirements for CNA classes can include:

  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • A clean background report.
  • A picture ID.
  • English and Math competency exams.

It is also a good idea to ask your states Nurse Aide Registry what your states certification requirements are as these also vary for each state, which besides completing an accredited program, other requirements can include the points below, which all need to be done in order to take the certification exam administered by the National Nurse Aide Assesment Program (NNAAP):

  • A drug and background test.
  • Fingerprint testing.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • A Tuberculosis Test (TB).
  • A physical examination.
  • Certain immunizations.

Certified Nurses Assistant Classes Curriculum

A certified CNA training course is dedicated to teaching its students the exact skills that will be needed to to the best job that can be done when they start working. Below are a myriad of examples of what is taught in class:

  • How to test vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and more.
  • Both verbal and non verbal patient communication.
  • How to chart information correctly.
  • Language used in healthcare settings.
  • How to turn patients to avoid bedsores.
  • The Heimlich Maneuver.
  • How to properly move patients to avoid injury.
  • The rights that patients have.
  • Dressing patients and insuring good hygene.
  • How to remove catheders.
  • The proper way to make patients beds.
  • How to care for wounds to avoid infection from spreading.
  • Setting up medical equiptment.
  • How the body functions, especially anatomy of organs and the circulatory system.
  • The role of the CNA as well as good conduct is also taught in certified nurses assistant classes.

This is an overview of what will be taught in certified nursing assistant courses, which the training will be broken down into two categories, which are in class training as well as clinical training.

Where Certified Nurses Assistant Classes Are Found

There are various different options that one can consider when searching for nurse aide classes, below are some of the most favored methods as far as schooling goes:

  • Community colleges.
  • Long term care facilities and nursing homes.
  • Vocational schools.
  • Red Cross CNA Classes.
  • Online through schools like Kaplan or University of Pheonix among others.


Online Nursing Assistant Courses

December 4, 2011

Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Taking online nursing assistant courses are becoming the favored method in getting ones CNA certification, as it allows one to be able to schedule their learning around other events in their life, like work or picking their kids up from school among others. When looking for CNA courses online the most important thing your need to keep in mind is to make sure the program is certified by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) or that is accredited by other major national or regional commissions which must have been recognized by the United States Department of Education. Now these online nurse aide programs can be found either by local institutions like community colleges, as well as distance learning options which allow you to take the course no matter where you live. Once you have found a course that is suitable for your needs, the next thing you need to do is find out what the prerequisites are for acceptance into the class. These prerequisite requirements differ for each state, but to make sure you are you are both fitting the requirements for acceptance into the class, as well as requirements for certification, which can be done by contacting your states Nurse Aide Registry, which they can also help you with finding accredited programs.

Online CNA classes offer a host of degrees that range anywhere from just a basic certification course, to all the way up to a bachelors degree and higher. When looking for classes it is a good idea to assess both your short and long term goals. If you are just looking for a job as a CNA, then a basic certification course will suffice, but if you are looking to go more into managment, then you may want to consider going for a higher degree. A basic online nursing assistant course will prepare your for a job as a CNA, and if you end up choosing to advance in your carrer, to say a to an LPN or RN, you will already have the “clinical experience” that is most often required by courses that certify you as an LPN and RN.

These classes last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, which the timeframe of the class is fully dependant on how fast a student wishes to learn. The online certified nurses aide training course will consist of both didactic or training administered by a teacher as well as through other learning methods online, as well as clincal training which is where one will go to a hospital or other healthcare setting and essentially shadow working CNA’s. The minimum hours of training will consist of 75 hours classroom training a well as 16 hours of clincial training, which these are the minimum requirements set by every state.

Free Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Getting online CNA courses for free is possible, to find out if there are any programs that offer free or discounted training, the best thing to do is to contact either your local or states government Department of Health. You can also be eligible for free online nursing assistant courses if you are unemployed, which the way you go about getting your training paid for is to register with an unemployment agency.