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Nurses Aide Registry Major Overview

August 6, 2011

The Nurses Aide Registry

Nurses Aide Registry

The Nurses Aide Registry is what comes out of you attaining your nursing aide certification, and to get a job in the nursing feild as a certified nurses assistant, it is mandatory that your name appears on the registry. When your complete your training to become a CNA and pass the two different tests, questions test and practical test, as well as any other background or health test, you will recieve your CNA certification and be admited into the Nurses Aide Registry. Being in this registry shows to employers who you are submitting you application to that you are a fully legitimate choice for hire. Being in the Nurses Aide Registry will give you all the credibility you need to get a job as a certified nurses assistant.

Nurses Aide Registry – Overview

Now that you know that you will earn a great repuation by being in the Nurses Aide Registry system when it comes to getting a job, there are other things about them them as well.  Here are some more detials so that you can familiarize yourself even more with what the nursing aide registry does for you as well as an overall overview.

  • The Nurses Aide Registry is there for you when it comes to anything related to becoming and employee as a CNA. They can be utilized for questions like who is offering schooling near where you reside, information on how to get financial aide as well as any general questions you have about going into your new profession.
  • The Nurses Aide Registry also keeps a list of certain nurses aides who have broken certain rules on the job like patient neglect, abuse and others with the goal of protecting employees from hiring a bad egg as well a keeping patients safe both in the hospital as well as in an in home care situation.
  • They are also around in order to hire based on what the specific employer is looking for based on credentials as well as past or present employement history.
  • Being part of the Nurses Aide Registry will make sure that you aren’t getting underpaid because when you register through them as well as when you advance your credentials, the registry will be notified and your qualifications as well as salary will be adjusted to what you deserve.
  • They will also protect you from being a victim of a scam. If someone trys to get a job under your name, they will make sure that they are really the person they are saying are through multiple different tests, and will catch anyone that is a fraud during the test process.
  • If you aren’t having any luck getting a job for whatever reason when you first go to apply, your name will be on the Nurses Aide Registry where all employers view when the go to hire and your name will come up when employers in your area need to hire CNA staff. So basically it is like having an application on file for all employers ot view.

Nursing Aide Registry Conclusion

Although this isn’t all that a Nurses Aide Registry does, it is a main overview of the major details when it comes to their operation. If your are looking to get a job as a CNA , being with the Nurses Aide Registry will make you look very good to employers as well as protect you from fraud and be a nurses encyclopedia when it comes to any questions you may have involving your career as a certified nurses assistant, before you start training and while your are working on the job.

Nursing Aide Training – The ENTIRE Training Process

August 6, 2011

Nursing Aide Training Process

Nursing Aide Training Process

When looking to get your nursing aide training completed there are different ins and outs that one needs to do in the process. If you are looking to get your schooling done so that you can start your career as a CNA then this article will act as a guide to the whole process of what is needed to be done to get your nursing aide training complete, guiding you each step of the way. You will also be informed in this summary of how the best ways are to save as well as secrets on how to succeed in your training.

Nursing Aide Training – Pre-requisites

When it comes to your plan of attack to fulfill your goal of attaining your certified nurses assistant certification whic can be done in as little as two weeks or up to eight weeks, you will want to do a few steps before you actually start training. When thinking about enrolling in a nursing aide training course you will have to get a:

  • Background check in order to be accepted into class
  •  Second you will have to take a personality test. This test is just to make sure that your personality will mesh with patients in a care setting.

Nursing Aide Training – Different training class settings

Now that you have taken both the background check as well as the personality test and have passed both, you will need to enroll in classes where you will learn all that a CNA is to learn to succeed, like vital signs, bodily functions, patient care, hosptial terminology and much more. Now when it comes to nursing aide training classes, there are many learning environments that are offered, here is a list of the potential options that an individual can choose from when looking to complete their CNA schooling as well as a little information on the benefits of taking each specific route:

  • First is a traditional college setting, or if you aren’t able to get to the college location, there is online education. Doing your education online can let you learn at your speed as well as allow you to set your own schedule because it is available to you 24/7.
  • Nursing homes, long term care centers and facilities like this also offer nursing aide training classes, and the benefit of doing your program through this option is that sometimes they will pay you to do you training if you come work for them at your classes conclusion.
  • Onsite hospital nursing aide training classes are also available to you as well where usually a classroom setting will be on campus and usually with this option you will be able to do some minor CNA work like helping the nurse with pateint care during the time that you are training giving you a feel for what the real job is going to be like.

Although there are other ways to receive your training, these are some of the most popular methods when one sets out to do their nursing aide training. If you don’t know where to start as far as where the above options are in your area, you can call the nursing aide registry in your are, which every county and state has one, and they will give you all the information you need when it comes to places where you can do your training. This method is highly suggested as they will also give you information on if there is currently any scholarships or financial aide to be offered to help you with the cost of tuition for you nursing aide training course.

Nursing Aide Training – What to do when class is finished

Now that you have made it through steps one and two, you are almost at the finish line. There are two things you will want to do and those are:

  • You will then need to pass a test consisting of what you learned in your nursing aide training class. This test will be broken down in two parts, one beinga multiple choice test and the second being a test where you will act out many different patient  care exercises to show that you know exactly what you are doing. If you pass these tests with an 80 percent score or better then you won’t have to take them again.
  • Next, depending on your state, you will have to get a couple of health related tests, one is a tuberculosis test which is mandatory to all people looking to become a CNA.

Also, so you know where to go and what to do come testing time, your teach will give you instructions on where and when the tests are if the testing isn’t done in nursing aide training.

Nursing Aide Training Conclusion

When all of the above nursing aide training steps are completed, you will then receive your CNA certificate in the mail letting you know all of the places that hire CNA’s in your area. Although this may seem like a lot of work, it really isn’t considering that you can complete you schooling within weeks, gain education that will set you up if you want to advance further in the nursing feild as well as give you a career income right off the bat. So all considering the above steps are pretty easy once you get going and will  allow you to complete your nursing aide training and get you out in the feild where all the fun starts.



Nursing Aide Certification

August 6, 2011

Nursing Aide Certification

Nursing Aide Certification

One obtains their nursing aide certification by first off completing what is usually a 2 – 8 week class, depending on how long you want to spread your learning out, then taking two different tests, the first being a multiple choice test and the second is a test where you act different patient care methods that you have learned in class. Once you have completed and passed both of these different parts, you will be award with your nursing aide certification where you will both be able to have a fulfilling career doing something you love, as well as setting yourself up with the training you need to advance your postion in the nursing profession, no matter how far you want to go, most start as a CNA.

Nursing Aide Certification – Best ways to train

Doing this process is quick and easy, but there are even more convenient as well as cheaper or even paid ways to do things when it comes to attaining your nursing aide certification. These ways listed below will show you how to have the best training experience possible:

  1. The first way that will make getting your nursing aide certification process go a lot smoother is by taking your classes online. Taking your classes online opens you up to a 24/7 virtual classroom where you can log on and do your work any time that is convenient for you. By utilizing the internet to do you CNA class on, you will be able to set your own schedule to where you can learn as slow or as fast as you want, as well as being able to do any searchs you need for research right where you are as the internet is like your personal library.
  2. If you are looking for a more traditional way when you set out to get your nursing aide certification, there is a way that you can get the same training you would anywhere else, but at no cost to you or you will get paid to train! You can do this by calling around to both nursing homes as well as the long term healthcare facilities located near where you reside and asking them if they are paying students to go to school, either covering the cost of schooling, or paying you to get your nursining aide certification. Basically nursing homes as well as long term healthcare centers are known for paying for their students to get their nursing aide certification so that they come work for them when their training is completed. So basically its pretty good that your training will be paid for, and even better you have a job when you are done with your training which pretty much eliminates any job searches and applications that you were dreading to do in the first place. These places will usually do your training on site allow you to essentially shadow the head nurse and participate in helping patients during your class, giving your real life experience so that you will be ready to go when you attain your nursing aide certification.

Nursing Aide Certification – Conclusion

When it comes to going after your goal of getting your nursing aide certification, the ways above will take out a lot of hassle as well as provide a cheaper and overall more enjoyable way of doing things when it comes to your CNA education. By using either one of these methods, you will receive your nursing aide certification quick and be ready for you job in no time with all the training you need to both ace your test and be great at what you do.

Nursing Aide Testing – What To Expect On Your CNA Test

August 3, 2011

Nursing Aide Testing

Nursing Aide Testing

When it all comes down to doing your nursing aide testing, everyone wonders if they have prepared enough for the test, anyone who says differently is probably lying. Because of this fact, it is a great idea to kind of get a feel for what you are going to encounter on your nursing aide testing day. This information will provide you with all the details of what one will be tested on when going for their certification to become a certified nurses asisstant so that you can be prepared for the test before hand instead of going into it hoping for the best.

Nursing Aide Testing – What to expect on testing day

You obviously have done a lot of work and read a lot of literature during your time spent in your training class, but which parts of that literature will come up on your nursing aide testing? This part of the article is dedicated to showing you what the average nursing aide test will be like so that you can familiarize yourself with these specific things before testing time comes. It is important to know that you will be usually tested on 5 different random procedures when testing.


Since the test will be a two part test, both an acted out version as well as a multiple choice test. Here is a general summary of what you should study for to prepare for you nursing aide testing dealing with the theoretical version.

  • Studying up on all the procedures you learned is an excellent way to ace the theoretical portion of your testing. The best way to prepare for this section is to get a friend to be your test patient, and peform the different saftey procedures you learned in your book. This can also be a great way of preparing because you will have to act these things out on your fellow patients during your nursing aide testing. An excellent way to get a great score on this part is to hook up with a student in your class maybe every couple of weeks and practice what you have learned when it comes to the practical portion. If one of your classmates isn’t available then ask a friend or family member.


Since your nursing aide testing will more times than not be a multiple choice test, usually 70 in totality with 10 of them being just practice, and don’t count towards your score. Here are a couple sample questions below, although these are just a few, questions like this can be found on the internet or you can order these tests if you prefer to do them at home that will be more indepth having usually around 70 to 100 different questions. Being that these are statistical questions, there isn’t a plain and simple answer to give when advising someone of what to study to ace the multiple questions section of your test. But just to give you feel for what these practice tests will offer, here are 7 different multiple choice questions, which are very similiar to what you would find on nursing aide testing practice examination.

  1. What is the purpose of side rails on a patients bed? (A: Protection from injury)
  2. If your patient happens to have left side weakness, which part of their sweater should be put on first? (A: Left sleave)
  3. If a paitent has had something cold to drink, how long should you wait before taking their temperature? (A: 10 to 20 minutes)
  4. It is important to share information pertaining to a patients status to whom? (A: the staff on the next shift)
  5. In the case of patient agitation, what should a CNA do? (A: Talk in a clam, slow reasurring voice)
  6. The Heimlich maneuver is to be performed on patients who have what impairment? (A: A blocked airway)
  7. What are the exercises that move each muscle and joint for the patient? (A: Range of Motion)

Nursing Aide Testing – Conclusion

Now you know what exactly what you need to do to prepare for you nursing aide testing. Utiliizing the exapmples above will prepare you the the fullest extent when it comes to your nursing aide testing day, allow you go ace the exam instead of having to waste time taking it over agian, this way you will be off starting you new career instead of stuck in the jail of a classroom!

Nurses Aide Salary – What Will You Get Paid?

August 3, 2011

Nurses Aide Salary Information

Nurses Aide Salary

As you may know, or maybe not for that matter, your nurses aide salary isn’t going to be like breaking into Fort Knox, but for 75 hours the salary that you will garner from the CNA profession is pretty good considering, as well as give you an excellent apspect to put on your resume if you want to further your role in the nursing profession. Although there isn’t a solid number when it comes to a nurses aide salary, there are averages as well as factors that play into that averae. This article will explain to you some of the lows medians and highs of a nurses aide salary as well a showing you what the factors are that create these lows medians and highs.

Nurses Aide Salary – What you will be getting paid

First off one must consider the fact that salaries are going to be different in the locations that you live in like the nurses aid salary is going to to higher if you leave in New York City and lower somewhere in the South. Although there are many things that factor into what the CNA salary is, statistics show the averages as follows: nurses aide salary ranges are from anywhere as low as 17, 476 to up to 31,309 with the average medium being around 25,000 per year. The hourly for a nurses aide salary ranges from 8.33 to 14.20 with overtime that can go up to over 20 dollars per hour. When considering what you will be making, just like in any other profession there is going to be a lot of aspects that factor into what you will be earning as a Certified Nurses Assistant. Here is partial list of aspects that factor into your pay scale:

  1. Like it is said before, a nurses aide salary will definetly depend on the location of the job. Busier cities are known to pay more per month than cities that are not as populated.
  2. The location of the facility also plays a big factor into what you will be getting paid, just because your entire state isn’t that populated, a city you may work in might be packed with people.
  3. Just like another other profession, the more training your have the more you will get paid.
  4. Depending on where you work, the actual size of the facility will factor into a nurses aide salary, the bigger the location, the more volume in patients which equates to you usually earning more than a CNA working at a smaller location.
  5. Another factor that dictates your nurses aide salary is what type of CNA work you do. As there is many different locations where an aide can work, like in a hospital setting, in a patients home, a nursing home or working as a CNA at a school. Each work setting will provide you with a different scale of pay.
  6. Also when you get the actual CNA job, the longer the time that you put in at the job, the higher your nurses aide salary will be. For example your first year won’t be as high as you may like it to be, but by the 4th year you can expect your income to kick up a pretty good notch.

Nurses Aide Salary – Conclusion

As you can now tell there are many factors that will determine what you get paid when it comes to your nurses aide salary. But with all this information, going into this career really offers you to earn a career salary right off the bat with a small amount of training an also gives you the training you need to further your career if your choice is to leave your nurses aide salary job for more greener pastures.