Paid CNA Training – Is It Possible? Yes! Must Read

August 2, 2011

Paid CNA Training

Paid CNA Training

If you are pondering the question if paid CNA training is actually possible as in getting paid to get your training, then this article will show you exaclty how you can earn while your learn. If you are still a little unsure, well this article was written to turn skeptics into beleivers! In the next summary you will learn exactly how to get paid cna training in your area no matter where you live.

Paid CNA Training – How To Get Paid To Learn

The possiblility of getting paid CNA training is become better and better because the nurse industry is in high demand for employees. This fact alone will work to your advantage because the government is providing funding to the industry so that you can either get paid to learn your trade, or have it paid for. Here is the way that you go about finding out about earning money to get trained.

  • Getting paid for training can be done because when corporations have a need for new nurses and CNA’s they will pay you to train then you will come to work for them right after your training is done. When setting out to see if you can earn money while your train to attain your goal of becoming a certified nurses assistant the first thing you will want to do is call to different places who needed CNA’s in your area and ask them if this is an option. The best places that are usually going to be doint this are foster homes and as well as nursing homes, although hospitals will sometimes allow you to do this as well. The best part about that is your pretty much set when it comes to getting a job after your training saving your hours of applying and interviews. If this isn’t an option, don’t pay for your training as there is ways to get it for free, 4 ways to get paid CNA training are below.

Paid CNA Training – How To Get Your Training Paid For

Here are 4 different ways to go about getting your training for free:

  1. The first way which is one of the most popular ways is to contact the Red Cross. The Red Cross is always providing paid CNA training for individuals looking to get their CNA education.
  2. If you happen to be in the military or are considering entering, any training you do regarding becoming a CNA will be paid for.
  3. If doing your training at a community college fits your schedule better, you can get paid CNA training here as well by contacting the Board of Nursing and the State Nurse Aide Registry. You can also go about your training online this way and learn at your own pace because they have online classes that are exaclty the same as the ones you would take on campus.
  4. If one is unemployed but still wants to get their CNA education but don’t have money to go about doing it, unemployment agencies are always looking to help people further their education and there is an excellent chance that you will get paid CNA training through this method.
    State Nurse Aide Registry
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