Online Nursing Assistant Courses

December 4, 2011

Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Taking online nursing assistant courses are becoming the favored method in getting ones CNA certification, as it allows one to be able to schedule their learning around other events in their life, like work or picking their kids up from school among others. When looking for CNA courses online the most important thing your need to keep in mind is to make sure the program is certified by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) or that is accredited by other major national or regional commissions which must have been recognized by the United States Department of Education. Now these online nurse aide programs can be found either by local institutions like community colleges, as well as distance learning options which allow you to take the course no matter where you live. Once you have found a course that is suitable for your needs, the next thing you need to do is find out what the prerequisites are for acceptance into the class. These prerequisite requirements differ for each state, but to make sure you are you are both fitting the requirements for acceptance into the class, as well as requirements for certification, which can be done by contacting your states Nurse Aide Registry, which they can also help you with finding accredited programs.

Online CNA classes offer a host of degrees that range anywhere from just a basic certification course, to all the way up to a bachelors degree and higher. When looking for classes it is a good idea to assess both your short and long term goals. If you are just looking for a job as a CNA, then a basic certification course will suffice, but if you are looking to go more into managment, then you may want to consider going for a higher degree. A basic online nursing assistant course will prepare your for a job as a CNA, and if you end up choosing to advance in your carrer, to say a to an LPN or RN, you will already have the “clinical experience” that is most often required by courses that certify you as an LPN and RN.

These classes last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, which the timeframe of the class is fully dependant on how fast a student wishes to learn. The online certified nurses aide training course will consist of both didactic or training administered by a teacher as well as through other learning methods online, as well as clincal training which is where one will go to a hospital or other healthcare setting and essentially shadow working CNA’s. The minimum hours of training will consist of 75 hours classroom training a well as 16 hours of clincial training, which these are the minimum requirements set by every state.

Free Online Nursing Assistant Courses

Getting online CNA courses for free is possible, to find out if there are any programs that offer free or discounted training, the best thing to do is to contact either your local or states government Department of Health. You can also be eligible for free online nursing assistant courses if you are unemployed, which the way you go about getting your training paid for is to register with an unemployment agency.


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