Online CNA Courses – Providers & What Is Taught

October 12, 2011

Online CNA Courses

Online CNA Courses

Being that this is the age of the internet, there are many fantastic campuses that offer online courses for those looking to become a CNA. They offer you the convenience of learning from your own home, setting your own school schedule and learning pace, as well as not having to drive to and from schoo. If you are looking for online CNA courses, allow us to take the stress our of your search, and provide you with a large list of different accredited schools that you can utilize to make your dream come true.

NOTE: Before you read our list, that if you are looking to do your CNA training online, you can use your local community college as they often provide training for certification.

Top Online CNA Courses Providers

University of Pheonix

This is the top online schooling provider in the entire nation and offers online CNA courses that looks great on resumes. Their course prepares students to become a nuses aide and grants graduates with a associates degree in healthcare.

Keiser Permanente Campus Online

Keiser’s online program offers online CNA courses through their ecampus program and has very flexible class schedules, making it easy for many different people to be able to find a good enough time for them to earn their assoicateds medical degree through their online system.

Kaplan University

Nursing care, informatics and management are the main topics that are involved in their online CNA courses and those who pass their certification recieve a associates degree in healthcare as well.

California Coast

They offer learning convenience at its best when going for the AS in healthcare administration by offering a “rolling schedule”. What this means is that there are not set start and completion dates, so you can begin and end at your own pace.

Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University

These classes are taught by accredited professors and are set with a limit of 25 students that can fill their online CNA courses. They offer a ABA in healhcare administration.

Bryant & Stratton College

They offer a AAS in Medical Administration Assisting and offer online cna courses that offer a curriculm that conists of preparing students to be able to work in many CNA enviornments like; hospitals, private medical practices, clinics, hospitals, insurance firms, government agencies as well as in health departments.

Virginia College Online

If you are seeking the highest possible CNA training degree, Virginia College Online offers a BS in health services management. This degree will open up the opportuunity for CNA management if the management roll is what students are looking to attain.

What Is Taught In Online CNA Courses

In these online cna courses, you will learn a variety of information that will enable you to be able to pass both portions of your testing. Some of this information will include:

  • Patient communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, so that you know how to communication with your patients to extract the information you need for charting.
  • Physical skills like; how to bathe, groom and dress a patient properly.
  • How to measure vitals like heartrate and blood pressure along with respitory and more.
  • Language used in the care setting so that you can communicate effectively with you co-workers.
  • Both the anatomy as well as the physiology of nutrition.
  • How to set up and disassemble medical equiptment as well as keep it sterile.
  • How to clean and dress wounds as well as keep infection from spreading.
  • Your role as a CNA detailing your place in the healthcare systyem along with the ethichal and legal responsibilities that you will have.


The skills taught in online cna courses are taught through the from of multiple learning methods like through a teacher, role playing, video training, class discussions, research and more. This training will prepare you for your certifcation testing which is broken into two parts; the practical portion which is the skills portion where the student demonstates their knowledge on patient care and other tasks, as well as a written test that will consist of 70 multiple choice questions and 60 multiple choice questions and 10 reading comprehension questions



By completing a program under one of these accredited providers, you will be ready to enter the CNA feild and be earning a salary income as well as have great training that will prepare your for advancement if you choose to do so.

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