Online CNA Classes – Benfits, Accredited Courses & Admission Requirements

March 13, 2012

Online CNA Classes

Online CNA Classes

Online CNA classes have really revolutionized the way one can learn the certified nurse aide trade. They can allow one to complete their CNA training in anywhere from 2 to at most 12 weeks, providing them with the credentials needed to enter the highly demanded CNA profession. These online CNA courses allow one to:

  • Train at any hour of the day as these classes are offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which allows one the ability to work a job and still be able to schedule their learning into their busy schedule
  • Learn at your own pace, as can learn as fast or as slow as they can, taking away from being either bored with an instructors slow speed or contantly trying to catch up, which happens all to often in a traditional CNA course.
  • The possibility of job opportunity afterwards poses itself as many online CNA classes are actually affiliated with different health care facilities and other institutions, which can allow one to do their training through these providers and then possibily come work for them after their training has concluded.
  • You will save money when it comes to gas, as you won’t be driving to and from school.

It should be known that unlike CNA classes in a real classroom, online CNA training doesn’t come with clinical training, so what will either happens is that your online CNA class will instruct you on how and where you should go about doing your clinical training which is most often times the case, or you will have to set it up yourself.

This is very important to remember as clinical training is one of the main prerequisites needed to take your states CNA competency evaluation. But on the opposite end, some states do not require you to take an accredited course in order to take the CNA exam, but doing your training through accredited online CNA classes will provide you with the most up to date training that will prepare you not only to pass the CNA exam, but will also prepare you to experience the greatest amout of success when you obtain your job as a CNA.

Accredited Online CNA Classes

When looking for online CNA classes that provide you with accredited training, it can be tough to navigate through as well as be sure whether they are credible or not. The best way to cut to the chase and find an accredited online certified nurse aide class is to contact your states nurse aide registry or even your states state board of nursing, both of which can help you find an accredited online CNA class.

Admission Requirements For Online CNA Classes

When it comes to getting accepted into online CNA classes, admission prerequisites vary but will most likely consist of:

  • A clean criminal background check.
  • At leat 16 – 18 years of age.
  • A high school diploma.

Attaining these requirements for admission will deem you eligible for becoming a student in accredited online CNA classes, which then you will be provided certified training that will make you a “certified nurse aide” unlike non formal training which designates you as a generic “nurse aide”.


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