Nursing Aide Training – The ENTIRE Training Process

August 6, 2011

Nursing Aide Training Process

Nursing Aide Training Process

When looking to get your nursing aide training completed there are different ins and outs that one needs to do in the process. If you are looking to get your schooling done so that you can start your career as a CNA then this article will act as a guide to the whole process of what is needed to be done to get your nursing aide training complete, guiding you each step of the way. You will also be informed in this summary of how the best ways are to save as well as secrets on how to succeed in your training.

Nursing Aide Training – Pre-requisites

When it comes to your plan of attack to fulfill your goal of attaining your certified nurses assistant certification whic can be done in as little as two weeks or up to eight weeks, you will want to do a few steps before you actually start training. When thinking about enrolling in a nursing aide training course you will have to get a:

  • Background check in order to be accepted into class
  •  Second you will have to take a personality test. This test is just to make sure that your personality will mesh with patients in a care setting.

Nursing Aide Training – Different training class settings

Now that you have taken both the background check as well as the personality test and have passed both, you will need to enroll in classes where you will learn all that a CNA is to learn to succeed, like vital signs, bodily functions, patient care, hosptial terminology and much more. Now when it comes to nursing aide training classes, there are many learning environments that are offered, here is a list of the potential options that an individual can choose from when looking to complete their CNA schooling as well as a little information on the benefits of taking each specific route:

  • First is a traditional college setting, or if you aren’t able to get to the college location, there is online education. Doing your education online can let you learn at your speed as well as allow you to set your own schedule because it is available to you 24/7.
  • Nursing homes, long term care centers and facilities like this also offer nursing aide training classes, and the benefit of doing your program through this option is that sometimes they will pay you to do you training if you come work for them at your classes conclusion.
  • Onsite hospital nursing aide training classes are also available to you as well where usually a classroom setting will be on campus and usually with this option you will be able to do some minor CNA work like helping the nurse with pateint care during the time that you are training giving you a feel for what the real job is going to be like.

Although there are other ways to receive your training, these are some of the most popular methods when one sets out to do their nursing aide training. If you don’t know where to start as far as where the above options are in your area, you can call the nursing aide registry in your are, which every county and state has one, and they will give you all the information you need when it comes to places where you can do your training. This method is highly suggested as they will also give you information on if there is currently any scholarships or financial aide to be offered to help you with the cost of tuition for you nursing aide training course.

Nursing Aide Training – What to do when class is finished

Now that you have made it through steps one and two, you are almost at the finish line. There are two things you will want to do and those are:

  • You will then need to pass a test consisting of what you learned in your nursing aide training class. This test will be broken down in two parts, one beinga multiple choice test and the second being a test where you will act out many different patient  care exercises to show that you know exactly what you are doing. If you pass these tests with an 80 percent score or better then you won’t have to take them again.
  • Next, depending on your state, you will have to get a couple of health related tests, one is a tuberculosis test which is mandatory to all people looking to become a CNA.

Also, so you know where to go and what to do come testing time, your teach will give you instructions on where and when the tests are if the testing isn’t done in nursing aide training.

Nursing Aide Training Conclusion

When all of the above nursing aide training steps are completed, you will then receive your CNA certificate in the mail letting you know all of the places that hire CNA’s in your area. Although this may seem like a lot of work, it really isn’t considering that you can complete you schooling within weeks, gain education that will set you up if you want to advance further in the nursing feild as well as give you a career income right off the bat. So all considering the above steps are pretty easy once you get going and will  allow you to complete your nursing aide training and get you out in the feild where all the fun starts.



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