Nurses Aide Salary – What Will You Get Paid?

August 3, 2011

Nurses Aide Salary Information

Nurses Aide Salary

As you may know, or maybe not for that matter, your nurses aide salary isn’t going to be like breaking into Fort Knox, but for 75 hours the salary that you will garner from the CNA profession is pretty good considering, as well as give you an excellent apspect to put on your resume if you want to further your role in the nursing profession. Although there isn’t a solid number when it comes to a nurses aide salary, there are averages as well as factors that play into that averae. This article will explain to you some of the lows medians and highs of a nurses aide salary as well a showing you what the factors are that create these lows medians and highs.

Nurses Aide Salary – What you will be getting paid

First off one must consider the fact that salaries are going to be different in the locations that you live in like the nurses aid salary is going to to higher if you leave in New York City and lower somewhere in the South. Although there are many things that factor into what the CNA salary is, statistics show the averages as follows: nurses aide salary ranges are from anywhere as low as 17, 476 to up to 31,309 with the average medium being around 25,000 per year. The hourly for a nurses aide salary ranges from 8.33 to 14.20 with overtime that can go up to over 20 dollars per hour. When considering what you will be making, just like in any other profession there is going to be a lot of aspects that factor into what you will be earning as a Certified Nurses Assistant. Here is partial list of aspects that factor into your pay scale:

  1. Like it is said before, a nurses aide salary will definetly depend on the location of the job. Busier cities are known to pay more per month than cities that are not as populated.
  2. The location of the facility also plays a big factor into what you will be getting paid, just because your entire state isn’t that populated, a city you may work in might be packed with people.
  3. Just like another other profession, the more training your have the more you will get paid.
  4. Depending on where you work, the actual size of the facility will factor into a nurses aide salary, the bigger the location, the more volume in patients which equates to you usually earning more than a CNA working at a smaller location.
  5. Another factor that dictates your nurses aide salary is what type of CNA work you do. As there is many different locations where an aide can work, like in a hospital setting, in a patients home, a nursing home or working as a CNA at a school. Each work setting will provide you with a different scale of pay.
  6. Also when you get the actual CNA job, the longer the time that you put in at the job, the higher your nurses aide salary will be. For example your first year won’t be as high as you may like it to be, but by the 4th year you can expect your income to kick up a pretty good notch.

Nurses Aide Salary – Conclusion

As you can now tell there are many factors that will determine what you get paid when it comes to your nurses aide salary. But with all this information, going into this career really offers you to earn a career salary right off the bat with a small amount of training an also gives you the training you need to further your career if your choice is to leave your nurses aide salary job for more greener pastures.



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