Nurses Aide Job Description

August 7, 2011

Nurses aide job description

Nurses Aide Job Description

When it comes to a nurses aide job description, there is much to talk about surrounding the activities one does each day during thisĀ fulfilling career. You nurses aide job description goes far past just assisting the RN with different aspects of care so this article will show you exaclty what you will be doing when you become a certified nurses assitant enabling you to get a overview of how crucial the nurses aide job description activities are to the nursing profession and making the whole operation run as smooth as possible. On top op explaining to you what the nurses aide job description is, you will also be give detailed instructions on enrolling in schooling so you can attain your certification.

Nurses aide job description – What CNA’s do daily

On top of being paid at a career income fulfilling your nurses aide description will bring you the opportunity to advance in your career past being a CNA if you choose to do so. Here is the job description of a nurses aide:

  • The first nurses aide job description detail that it worth being mentioned first is that you will be forming a relationships with your patients in order for them to feel at home in which at first will be a foreign environment to them.
  • Another CNA job is the overall cleanliness of your patients, like bathing, hygene, etc.
  • You will be relayingy your patientsĀ information to both the RN that you are working directly with as well as the next CNA that comes on after your shift has concluded. This relayed information will be transfered to the staff using hospal language that you learned in your schooling.
  • Another part of the nursing aide job description will be assisting patients with food consumption, which will be either brining food to your patients and/or helping patients eat.
  • Turning over beadridden patients to avoid them forming bed sores.
  • The nurses aide job description also included transporting patients to and from thingsl like treatments, activities, examinations and exercise programsĀ among many others.
  • You will also be there to help patients up as well as down to and from wheel chairs and beds.
  • Attending to signal calls when the patients are in need of help.
  • For when patients go home, you will be summarizing to the family the medical instuctions to follow for their family member.
  • General upkeep of rooms as well as the changing of the bed linens also are activities that consists in the nurses aide job description.
  • You will be testing many vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.
  • You will be also setting up medical equiptment in patients rooms along with throughout the hospital.

Nurses aide job description – Enrolling in classes

Now that you know the general overview of what the nurses aide job desription entails, there are a couple steps that one has to complete before they get on the job. If you are looking to be come a CNA the steps that you will have to complete will be first taking a CNA training class wich will be either on campus or onilne and can be found at either hopsitals, community colleges and nursing homes among many others where you will be taught everything you need to succeed when it comes to the nursing aide job description.

The best way to find training in your area is to call your locat Nurses Aide Registry and they will give you local classes as well as if there are any background or health tests that you need to complete in order to be accepted into training. After you complete your training class which only usually lasts about 75 hours and at the most 150 hours or 2-8 weeks, you will then take two tests, a multiple choice and a practical or acted out test. Upon your passing grade which is 80% or higher you will receive you CNA certificate in the mail and be able to start participating in what was mentioned in the nurses aide job description above.


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