Nurse Assistant Job Description – What It All Entails

April 8, 2012

Nurse Assistant Job Description

Nurse Assistant Job Description

When reviewing the subject of what the nurse assistant job description entails, the most simplistic description that can be offered is that it is one who helps individuals with ordinary daily tasks that these patients have trouble doing by theirselves. The CNA job description is also highly based off of assistant the nurse or nurses that you are working with, as CNA’s are known for doing the busy work so that the nurses can focuses upon doing what they need to do instead of being distracted by the more simplistic aspects of patient care. But as far as the tasks go, there are a wide variety of tasks that are carried out by a CNA when working, which are expanded on below for you to check out, which it is a long list but know that these are the duties that entail the nurse assistant job description, but aren’t all carried out on the same day everday.

Duties of The Nurse Assistant Job Description

  • Monitoring the vitals of patients.
  • Oral and hygeine care and maintanence.
  • Toilet assistance.
  • Replacing clean bedpans with ones that are dirty.
  • Helping patients with different exercises.
  • Maintaining clean rooms.
  • Documenting and charting patient related information, which can include things like; changes in their mood or appetite, how much they are eating and eliminating, if they are getting better or worse among others.
  • Assiting in patient activities.
  • Serving meals to patients and helping them eat food.
  • Moving patients from things like their bed to a wheel chair or vice versa, in and out of bath tubs, into their beds, etc.
  • Checking in on patients when they press their call lights.
  • Giving patients bathes.
  • Post mortem care.
  • Swapping out bandages on wounds.
  • Aspects of admitting, transferring and discharging a patient
  • Bedridden patient assistance which encompasses things like turning patients to a different position so they dont get bed sores, changing their bed sheets, making their bed either when it is unoccupied as well as when a patient is in it as well as patient massages to help with good blood circulation.
  • Providing a certain amount of emotional support to patients.
  • Updating the CNA coming on after them of vital things they need to know about the patients as well as reporting changes to the doctor or nurse on staff.

Now this is a general look inside what a CNA does on a daily basis, but one should know that the nurse assistant job description is heavily dictated off of what the patient is dealing with and what their needs are as you will be catering to what they need. The certified nurse aide job description can be carried out in a variety of different types of facilities, some of which include; hospitals, home care, assisted living centers and even in the offices of physicians. Being that CNA’s have the most intimate contact with the patients in the care facility, the nurse assistant job description is also heavily based off of bonding with them the most and forming relationships with patients that help them gain patients trust and help them feel safe and secure where they live.

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