Nurse Aide Certification – How To Get Certified!

December 15, 2011

Nurse Aide Certification

Nurse Aide Certification

You can get your nurse aide certification within weeks and at the most months, allowing you to enter into a very stable profession, as well as starting earning a salary paying job. CNA certification classes last a mimimum of 75 hours that consist of both training that is taught in the classroom by a registered nurse (RN) as well as training in a clinical setting at like a hospital or long term care facility. In order to become certified, you must complete certification course, which can be found in places like vocational schools, online, community colleges, as well as through sources like hospitals and nursing homes. Before you sign up for a course though you want to make sure that it is certified, which you can find out if it is by contacting your states nurse aide registry, or finding out if it is been given certification status by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

After you have completed a certified nurse aide course, you will then have to take the certified nurses aide exam, which will be either offered by your teacher at the same location as where you took the class, or at a designated testing location. The certification exam will consist of both a written portion which is all multiple choice questions, as well as the clinical testing, also known as the theoretical portion which tests you on different skills which CNA’s must have on the job, which basically consist of doing tasks that a nurse aide does. This portion can consist of some of the following, which the test usually consists of 5 different skills.

  1. Patient privacy.
  2. Saftey protocols.
  3. Patient communication.
  4. Cleaning dentures.
  5. Checking vitals.
  6. Making a patients bed as well as making a bed that is already occupied.
  7. Feeding a patient.
  8. Dressing a patient that has one side that is weaker than the other.
  9. Catheder administration.
  10. Measuring output.
  11. Perineal Care.
  12. Removal of gloves.
  13. Shifting a patient.
  14. Range of motion exercises.
  15. Washing your hands before beginning which a lot of test takes actually make the mistake of forgetting this.

It is also likely that you will get up to 3 chances to get what you are tested on in the clinical portion right. Which after you complete both portions, you will usually find out that day if you passed your test. If you passed you will get your nurse aide certification in the mail shortly there after, which will also provide you with a list of jobs that hire CNA’s in your area.

In order to stay certified as a nurses aide, you must apply for recertification, which the timeframe for recertification is usually every two years, but can be longer or shorter depending on the state where you live. For exact requirements the best thing to do is contact your states Nurse Aide Registry.  If you haven’t worked the mimimum amount of hours needed to become recertified, you will need to both take a certification course as well as pass the nurse aide certification test again.

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