North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

September 4, 2011

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

The North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry is database that holds the information of all the certified nurses aides in the state of North Carolina. They also keep information on what these certfied CNA’s have to as far as credentials go, so that when employers look for workers, they will be able to pay straight off credentials ensuring that you are not getting short changed. If you are looking to become a CNA in North Carolina, you must be registered with the NC Nurse Aide Registry, which will enable you to work anywhere in the state.

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry – Getting Registered

There are many prerequisits that the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry requires you to fulfill, those qualification in which will make you eligible are:

  1. You must have completed a accredited CNA training program, one that is certified with the states Board of Nursing. These classes can be found in various locations, some of those being through hospitals, nursing homes as well as in many community colleges.
  2. You must also have passed your CNA competency testing with a score of 70 percent on your written portion and must attain a 100 percent score when it comes to the practical part to be in the North Carolina Nuse Aide Registry, on both the written as well as the theoretical portion of your testing.
  3. Your training must consist of at least 75 hours, and at least 16 of these hours must devoted to practical teaching.
  4. You must also complete 100 hours of clinical rotation, as well as two sets of fingerprint cards and a photo ID.
  5. You must do a criminal background check and be able to pass this.
  6. You must also take a Tuberculosis test and it must come back negative, and possibly proving that you have received specific vacinations.
  7. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to enroll in CNA courses in NC.
  8. You must also have attained a schooling level of a high school education or GED.

CNA testing to get into the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry is for the most part done with Pearson Vue, where you will have to provide some of the above like a passed health check, two forms of ID as well as something that verifys that you indeed did complete an accredited CNA course. Once you provide this inforamtion, you will have to provide 96 dollars which covers testing fees.

When you fufill the above requirements, it usually takes about 4 days for your name to appear on the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry, which is when you can be eligible for a CNA job. It should be noted that your certification will be valid for 2 years, which means you will have to renew your certification every 24 months, and it is done at no charge to you. Each year be sure to update any infromation that has changed since the last time your renewed your certification. Your potential employers will verify through online methods to verify if you are with the Registry.

North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry – Out of State CNA’s

If you are coming out of state and are looking to continue your CNA career, you will need to pass a North Carolina accredited CNA training program in order for you to be registered in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry although all of your credentials will stay with you upon your transfer

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