How To Be A CNA – Exact Steps

February 14, 2012

How To Be A CNA

How To Be A CNA

When it comes to how to be a CNA, there are a certain steps that one must take that when completed will result in the attainment of their certified nursing assistant certification. But before we get into the traditaional steps, it should first be known that many states allow one to challenge the state CNA competency exam without having obtained any CNA education at all, which they get three chances to pass the competency test, in which if one fails three times then they are demanded to attend a CNA course. This can be something to keep in mind but if you want to take the most suggested route, than below are the exact steps that you need to take when it comes to how to be a CNA right below.

Exactly How To Become A CNA

  1. Find an accredited course in your area, which can be done by contacting your states nurse aide registry, which courses need to be accredited by a regional accreditation commission and/or a national commission. Accredited courses are offered through the likes of community colleges, vocational schools as well as through nursing homes, long term care facilities and hospitals which are offered at a different location.
  2. Find out what the requirements are for admission into this CNA school, which will most likely consist of; being anywhere from a minimum of 16 to 18 years old, a background check, a high school education or GED as well as a medical and physical exam.
  3. The next step to becoming a CNA is to take the course, which minimum hours for accredited courses can vary depending on the state you live in but tend to range from a minimum of 75 to 150 hours of cumulative training. Training the will consist of in class training which is taught to students by a RN or LVN, skills labratories where students learn patient care skills as well as training in a clinical setting.
  4. The next step when it comes to how to be a CNA is passing the course, which in order to do so certain grades as well as attendence are required which near perfect or perfect attendence is usually demanded.
  5. After completing an accredited CNA training course you will then need to find out what is required out of you to take your states competency evaluation, which requirements may include; a new clean background check, immunizations, a negative tuberculosis test as well as presenting both a photo ID and proof of completing your CNA training program.
  6. After you have figured out the requiremsnts, the next step you need to take to become a CNA is taking both portions of your states competency evaluation. The first portion is the written part where you will need to get a minimum of 80 percent of them correct to be able to take the second portion of the test. The second portion of the test is referred to as the practical or skills portion where you will need to act out patient skills and do them all correctly in order to successfully complete the exam, which you will get 5 chances to act the skill out correctly.
  7. After you have completed the competency test, you will either be notified right after or after a week or two depending on who you are doing your testing through, which if you pass then you will be mailed your certification within 2 weeks along with different facilities that you can apply to.
  8. The last how to be a CNA step creating a CNA application, applying and getting a job as a CNA!
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