Free CNA Resume Sample

September 10, 2011

CNA Resume

CNA Resume

A solid CNA resume will make you look great to your prospective employer and set you up to land an awesome job as a certified nurses aide. There are certain must haves on a CNA resume that are discussed in this article that you can basically follow step by step and apply your personal information to the likes of the template below.

CNA Resume (Example)

Contact Information

Name (You can enlarge the font on your name if you choose)

Residence Address

Phone Numbers (Cell & Home)

Email Address (If you have one)

Focus: Looking forward to providing exceptional services as a Certified Nurses Asistant, a feild in which I am incredibly passionate in.

Objective: Graduating CNA professional, looking to find a position at the entry level of certified nurses assistant care (entry level can be changed if you have multiple years of experience), in which I will use the skills I learned in my schooling and various training programs to provide the best care possible to patients.

Profile: (Where you sell yourself in the CNA resume, which can also be in summary form, and catered around the value you can provide)

  • Compassionate towards those and need.
  • Efficient.
  • Knowlegable on all the encompassing subjects of being a CNA.
  • Composed and calm during times of stress and chaos.
  • Solid knowledge in theories of nursing.
  • Excellent discision making skills.


In this section of the CNA resume you will want to provide the location that you receieved your CNA training from, as well as any other additional programs or classes that you have taken and the training that they consisted of.

Previous & Present Experience: (Specific location in which you provided, or are providing your CNA services)

  • Certified Nurses Aide – RTA Hospital, Atlanta, GA (Sept. 2006 to Nov. 2008)
  • Certified Nurses Aide -  ZFL Nursing Home, Atlanta GA (Jan. 2009 – March 2011)

Below each location of work, you will want to provide a summary of the speficic job decription that you took part in, things like tested patients vital signs, provided service in the ICU, set up and take down of medical equiptment, monitored consumption and changes in patient habits, etc.

Academic or Professional Acheivments

This is the section or the CNA resume is where you go into depth about any award that you received, or high GPA, etc.

Technical & Additional Skills

  • I can provided knowledge in computures, word microsoft, Google, spread sheets, etc. I work out 4 days a week to maintain good health which allows me to maintain the vitality and high energy needed to suceed in the high demanding CNA feild.


Optional, but if you maintained a good relationship with your teacher in your CNA training, or a professional when you did on site training, this can be a great resource to include in your CNA resume.

CNA Resume Conslusion

This CNA resume template will provide your employer with a great overview of who you are and what you have to offer. You can create a similiar CNA resume template through a Word Micorsoft, providing all the information pertaining to you where you will have the ability to save it and print it out as many times as need, as well as be able to update as you further your CNA career.






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