CNA Training Vancouver WA – Training Facilities In Vancouver

August 6, 2011

CNA Traning Vancouver WA

CNA Training Vancouver WA

CNA training Vancouver WA locations can be found all aroound the city. If you are currently residing there and are looking to further your shcooling in order to become a certified nurses assistant than it is a must to know all the locations offered to you. This article will provide you with those options as well as show youhow long they run and if there are any benefits or perks of becoming a student when you do your training at these specific CNA training Vancouver WA facilities so you know what you will be getting before you even go into a your CNA training classroom.

CNA training Vancouver WA – Training locations in Vancouver

Here are the multiple CNA training Vancouver WA facilities that you can utilize when setting out to get your nursing aide certification.

  1. The first location that provides CNA training is called CNA Training Center and is located at 6168 NE Highway 99. This CNA taining Vancouver WA option will provide you with the training you need to pass your CNA testing in as little as 4 weeks, low prices for students that enroll in their day class which is currently at 550 for your entire training as well as giving you the chance to earn 20 percent if you refer somebody you know. They also don’t require that you have a high shcool education to be able to enroll in their program.
  2. Clark College Nursing Assistant Certified is the next option when it comes to CNA training Vancouver WA locations, and is located 1800 East Mcgloughlin Blvd. This class  course will provide students the chance to complete their training in 5 weeks and is in a traditional college class setting
  3. CNA Training School of Nursing is another option in Vancouver where CNA classes are offered and is located at 5317 NE Street St. Johns Road. They offer perks to their potential students like getting 100 dollars off of your tuition if you pay in full, and being that they solely focusing on the nursing profession, their entire staff is dedicated to providing you with the most updated information on the certified nurses aide subject.
  4. The fourth option in the CNA training Vancouver WA list is the Clark County Skills Center which provides CNA classes and is located 12200 NE 28th Street. At this location students will 11606 NE 66th Street and provides CNA training in the form of a 120 hour class that runs for a 5 week duration.

CNA training Vancouver WA – Conclusion

All of the CNA training Vancover WA locations mentioned above provide you with excellent as well as reputable training for people looking to become a CNA. With them being so short both in the long run as well as a couple hours daily, you can arrange them where you can still work the job you are at now, while training for you job as a CNA. It is also important for those looking to save money on their training, which is probably everybody, to ask if they have any financial aide or scholarships as many places are always looking to help their students out financially.

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