CNA Training Program – What You Learn and How To Find Classes

November 15, 2011

CNA Training Program

CNA Training Program

If you are looking to enroll in a CNA training program, there is no better time as the demand for CNA’s just keep going up. These certified nurses aide training programs usually last anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months and teach you all you need to know to have a successful career in the CNA field. If you are serious about enrolling in a CNA training program, you can find them in your local area by using one of the following methods:

  1. Nursing Homes & Long Term Care Facilities – This is offered as the first resource as often times an aspiring CNA can take training courses through a local nursing home or long term care facility and receive their training for free in the event that they come work for them after their CNA training program has concluded.
  2. Red Cross – You can use the Red Cross if you are near one of their chapters, which there are currently over 30 chapters across the US offering on-site CNA training courses.
  3. Community Colleges – Either on campus or online.
  4. Hospitals
  5. Nurse Aide Registry – You can also call you states nurse aide registry, which they can give you more information on CNA training programs in your areas as well as getting both discounted and free training.

CNA Training Program Curriculum

As far as what you will be learning in a CNA training school program, below are many examples what will be taught by your instructor:

  • Education on organs and body function like the circulatory system.
  • Both verbal and non verbal patient communication, as well as observation which will allow one to assess a patient and find out what the problem is when a patient isn’t communicating.
  • Testing vitals such as; blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, temperature and pulse rate.
  • The rights of patients as well as the CNA.
  • The Heimlich Maneuver.
  • Proper way to turn patients over in order to avoid them from getting bedsores, as well as how often this must be done.
  • Mental and emotional needs of your patients, through evaluation.
  • Containing as well as eliminating infection as well as wound care.
  • Range of Motion Exercises.
  • Appropriate conduct on the job.
  • Proper charting methods.
  • The correct way to move patients so you avoid injuring either yourself or the patient.
  • Correct ways to feed patients both manually as well as through food tubes.
  • Overall cleanliness of patients like bathing and good hygiene.
  • Catheter insertion and removal.
  • The proper way to make a patients bed to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Caring for patients with special needs.
After you have completed you CNA training program, the last step before you are able to start working is becoming certified. You will have to take a certification test, which will be administered either where you completed your CNA training class, or at a different location where you will be tested upon what you learned in class through both a written portion as well as a portion where you act out different patient care methods. Once you have passed the certification examination, you will be able to start working as a nurse aide, which the profession itself currently has an average salary of anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 or higher.
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