Facilities Offering CNA Training Jacksonville FL

August 5, 2011

CNA Training Jacksonville FL

CNA Training Jacksonville FL

If you are looking for locations when it comes to CNA training Jacksonville FL locations, there are many places that offer one excellent education when wanting to learn the trade of becoming a certified nurses assistant. Listed below will be multiple different locations each provide a different learning environment for its students, that way you can pick and choose exactly where you want to train. This list of CNA training Jacksonville FL locations will also provide you with a little information pertaining the the specific locations so that you can familiarize yourself with them.

CNA training Jacksonville FL – Training Locations

Although this isn’t a complete list of the CNA training Jacksonville FL options, the 4 locations listed below are spread out enough across the town so that you should be able to find one near your location if you are not looking to travel to far. Here is teh list of CNA training locations in the city of Jacksonville.

  1. The first location is called Affordable Training which is located on 23 Jackson Avenue North. With the name like that they better be able to back it up, and they most certainly do as their training is very affordable. They also allow you many other benefits like being able to stay and study after class at no cost, and pride themselves on being a little longer because they believe it helps their students retain the information better so that they can do better in their career.
  2. The next CNA training Jacksonville FL location is the PERFECT CNA Training Academy located on 8576 Arlington Expressway. This training location boastes statistics like their student pass rate of both the written test and the clinical test portion is at 97 percent. PERFECT has over 30 years of experience in providing their students with CNA training and offer you the chance to continue your training a week to insure that you past the test. Also at this location, they also offer tuition reimbursement to certain studetns that are either working as a cook, babysitter, sercurity officers and housekeepers.
  3. The next CNA training Jacksonville FL location that you can get your CNA education Training Future Nurses which you will find situated at 358-1 Stiles Avenue. Training at this location will provide the student benefits like smaller than average classes so that you can enjoy more one on one training helping you learn more, offering a 96 percent first time test taking success rate as well as offering you the opportunity to taked their CNA excelled class where you can learn all you need to learn in a shorter amount of time.
  4. STS CNA Training Center is another option when looking for a location to complete your CNA training. This center is located at 115 College Drive and offers students perks like having multiple choices of the class times throughout the day as well as different options to pick from for how long you want you class to run like either 3 weeks or 5 weeks. With them you won’t have to worry about scheduling your testing as they do it for you and they offer you a guarantee that you will pass if you attend all their classes or you get a free practice session before your second test date to ensure that you pass that time.
  5. If you are looking to do your training at a campus or online, this option is available to your through Florida Community College which is located on 4501 Caper Road.

CNA Training Jacksonville FL – Conclusion

This is a majority of the CNA training Jacksonville FL options that are at your avail that are all known for having high success rates along with being affordable quick and acccredited, this way you can get your training done sooner and cheaper as well as have very a very reputable name to put on your resume when applying.

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