CNA Training Indianapolis Locations And Information

August 6, 2011

CNA Training Indianapolis

CNA Training Indianapolis

There are multiple different CNA training Indianapolis locations that are at your avial when looking to get certified as a nurses aide.  If you are living in the states capitol and are looking to get into the CNA job feild then this article will give you the different locations where you can find CNA training Indianapolis facilities as well as major details of the specific training programs so you can get familiar with them and be able knock out your training and get into a career in no time.

CNA training Indianapolis – Training locations

Although there are 15 differnt locatiosn wherer you can go for training, this section will list 5 different locations that are are very accredited, giving you a feel for the differtn types of setting that are out there when it comes to the CNA training Indianapolis locations:

  1. The first CNA training Indianapolis location is the CNA Institute of Indiana which is located at 3901 West 86th Street. This location has relatively low prices for training compared to others, at 650 but allow you to make two payments of 325 to help you spread out the fee a bit, and they also do not require a high shcool education in order to get trained.
  2. J. Everett Light Career Center at East 86th Street offers you education to become as CNA as well. They provide their students with both 30 hours of classroom study along with 75 hours of clinical participation and gives you the choice to complete your training on a full time basis or part time basis.
  3. The thirdlocation that you can do you CNA training at in the city of Indianapolois is at Ivy Tech Community College which is located at 50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Drive. Here is a great location to either take your training on campus or online whichever suits your learning schedule the best, and being a community college there are usuall chances to get help with financial aide by inquiring with the school office.
  4. Millers Senior Living Community offers CNA Training Indianapolis classes and can be found at 8400 Clearvista Way. This location is great for CNA studetns because they are on location and will be doing minor CNA patient care during their training classes. Being a nursing home, thoe opportunity to get your training paid for by working for them afterwards also presents itself.
  5. The next CNA training Indianapolis location that has been launching many CNA careers is RESQ Training which is located at 6845 S. Madison Avenue Suite. This location also offers their students to complete their training both on location or online, this location provides its students benefits like same day certification cards when you taking your testing at their location to help you make the deadline of when you have to complete your testing and letting your choose from days nights and even weekend training times enabling students to train at whatever time that is convenient for them.

CNA training Indianapolis Conclusion

These are 5 of some of the most popular CNA training Indianapolis training locations that students have been using over the years to attain their certified nurses aide certification. By utilizing one of the above CNA training Indianapolis facilities, you will find that the yare great methods to receive excellent education as well as a structured training environment where you will be guided all the way from starting your training classes, takings your testing and becoming certified.


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