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August 4, 2011

CNA Training In Seattle

CNA Training In Seattle

Doing your CNA training in Seattle comes with┬ábenefits because once you get done with your training, the city of Seattle is very busy and with the high demand for CNA’s you are bound to get a job quickly, not to mention getting paid higher becuase of more volume of activity in the hospitals due to the business. If you are currently residing in the city of Seattle or anywhere near it and want to complete that training that it takes to become a certified nurses assistant, this article will give you all the CNA training in Seattle options that you can use to get certified.

CNA training in Seattle – 5 different locations

Being that the city of Seattle is very spread out, there are multiple locations where one can complete CNA training in Seattle. Because that it is so spread out, the following will give you 5 different options are all around the city so that you can figure out what option will fit your current residence the best:

  1. The frist CNA training in Seattle location is the Kamanga CNA Training Inc. This training center has been providing students with CNA education for 8 years and allows you to get your training finished within 3 short weeks. They are also known for their students earning well over 13.00 dollars an hour after the complete their class and enter into the work field.
  2. The next option when considering where to do your CNA training in Seattle is the Seattle Central Community College. This option allows students the oppotrunity to choose how they want to do their training. You can either do at on campus in a traditional classroom setting, or if your schedule doesn’t fit the times that classes are set at on campus, the online option is available to you as well, so you can plan your own learning schedule.
  3. The next CNA training in Seattle option is the Nurses Assistant Training Institute. This Seattle CNA option has been providing schooling for students since 1983 and have currently updated their textbook to all the newest cutting edge information when it comes to CNA training.
  4. Another option that is near Seattle is the Shoreline Community College which offers you the same benefits as the Seattle Community College, when it comes to taking classes either online or on campus.
  5. The last option when looking to be trained as a CNA in Seattle is the Queen Anne Health Care Center, which is a nursing home but offers you the opportunity to take their CNA training class. This is also an excellent option to make contacts at this location, which could lead to a job there.

CNA training in Seattle – Conclusion

This is a list of 5 different locations offering CNA training in Seattle or around Seattle, although there are many more outside of Seattle. Now that you know what there is to offer as well as the different CNA training in Seattle locations, you can now pick and choose exaclty what learning environment and location that you want to learn at that you think will best suit you in your learning experience, whether it being on location at a community college or institute, or online setting your own CNA learning schedule

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