Free & Cheap CNA Training In Michigan

September 2, 2011

CNA Training In Michigan

CNA Training In Michigan

If you are a resident of the state of Micigan and are looking for to futher your dream of attaining your CNA license, there are plenty of place to get CNA training in Michigan that are accredited and will put you on the fast track to getting into the certified nurses aide profession. Just to give you a heads up, at the end of the article there will be resources on how to get free training as well.

Being that Michigan is such a large state, it is almost impossible to list all of the specific locations, but there are places where they offer training in every area of the state. The below information will show you exactly where to look and where to get the best prices as well as free CNA training in Michigan.

Free & Cheap CNA Training In Michigan

Being that CNA training in Michigan can cost up to 1000 dollars or more, this shouldn’t keep your from getting your education, which will net you anywhere between 25,000 to 40,000 a year which is the median salary for a Michigan CNA. You can try to use these 4 free CNA training methods on your search:

  1. Red Cross – Free CNA training in Michigan can be found through the Red Cross which has its Michigan headquarters in Detroit. The Red Cross is heavily funded by the government being that the CNA profession is in high demand so this can be a great chance to get free training and get it through one of the most credited nurses aide programs around. These classes are offered out of the Detroit Red Cross branch.
  2. No Worker Left Behind – This is a new program in which you can take advantage of that offers free cna training to those who are earning 40,000 dollars or less annually, are unemployed or received a termination notice. This program alone in a little over a year since its inception has funded over 125,000 peoples education.
  3. Nursing Homes – Nursing homes as well as long term care facilities or those that are similiar offer you the chance to get free CNA training in Michigan as well. This method can yeild free training as many of these facilities offer to pay for your training in the event that you come to work for them after your training has concluded. This can be a great way to both get your training at no cost as well as have a gauranteed job as well.
  4. Unemployement Agencies – If you are currently unemployed, you can no doubt get funding through your local unemployment agency as they are federally funded as well and their main goal of operation is to get the unemployed back on the workforce. These agencies know that money is the main reason that is keeping your from training so they will provide you with the means to obtain free CNA training in Michigan.
  5. Community Colleges – This option provides classes that are just cheap in general. Community colleges also offer scholarships and financial aid that can apply to your situation. CNA training in Michigan through community colleges also often offers the chance to do your training through an online class which you can set your own learning schedule. Some great community colleges that offer CNA training in Michigan are; Henry Ford Community College, Schoolcraft College and Washtenaw Community College, Liviona College.



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